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by Kate Rothwell

Rescued from a gang of street urchins by police officer Michael McCann, Timona Calverson, a runaway from a house of ill repute, finds a protector in this gentle Irishman who steals her heart with his compassion and kindness. Original.
Download Somebody Wonderful (Zebra Debut) epub
ISBN: 0821777548
ISBN13: 978-0821777541
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Kate Rothwell
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra; PF edition (July 1, 2004)
ePUB size: 1402 kb
FB2 size: 1489 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 443
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What a hero. Too good to be true? Certainly. Gorgeous? Absolutely.
What a heroine. Too good to be true? Certainly. Endearing? Of course.
Interesting settings - yes. Particularly late 19th century New York.
Passionate/erotic romance - yes. Frequent poster to the Amazon Second Chance Romance Customer Discussion site, B. Lim, would undoubtedly approve, but lovers of chaste HRs should avoid this story - even though the very frequent sex scenes are, IMV, well described (except when the h and H are injured, when they seem a tad more than unrealistic).
Implausible events? Of course, yet again. However, suspension of disbelief is made possible by the strength of the attraction between the lovers (even though one's rational mind occasionally inserts a dissenting point of view). Let's face it, reality is seldom able to match romance!
A 4 star debut for Rothwell. ETA: Potential readers should note that this book was first released quite some time ago. I think I may have read it on Scribd, but was tempted to buy a Kindle version from Amazon because it was on sale. I won't ask for a refund, because I enjoyed it when I read it, albeit a couple of years ago.
This review is a little different than normal because I am comparing this book to another book as a way to describe why I liked it - why this book worked.

I love a strong smart heroine, but many authors do not do it well. An example is “A Bollywood Affair.” Heroine Mili is smart and perfect. Hero has writers block but when he’s around Mili he can write again. He normally hates women who cry, but with Mili he loves her tears. He does all kinds of things for her.

“Somebody Wonderful” is very different and does it well. Timona was kidnapped but fought the guys and got away. She was then attacked by a gang of youths but saved by a cop coming by. For her it was love at first sight. She wants to marry him. But what made this good was that he did not want her. She was striving toward the goal of getting him to love her. In Bollywood, they both were drawn to each other from the beginning and there was no goal for Mili to strive for.

Timona was so open and honest in her desire for Mick that at one point he said “Have you no pride? Have you no shame?” And she was not bothered by this comment.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 302 pages. Swearing language: moderate including religious swear words but not often used. Sexual language: moderate: Number of sex scenes: about two plus several referred to. Setting: 1882 New York and Montana. Copyright: 2004. Genre: historical romance.
This is a fabulous story complete with a super sexy Irish hunk as the hero and a totally alluring woman who's free spirit and unassuming beauty break the barriers of class society had established in the 1800's in New York. These characters are so well developed and described that you cannot help but gravitate toward them. The audio edition of this book provides a 5 star performance by a gifted narrator who breaths life into the multifaceted characters written by Ms Rothwell. The vivid descriptions of the characters, their surroundings, and the detail of the plot all bring together a fabulous experience. I really delighted in listening to both of the "Somebody" audio books. Me. Rothwell is a superb writer who makes every experience enjoyable. This series is an easy one to recommend to friends! If you haven't given it a listen yet, you are really missing out! ????
This love story, Rothwell's 2004 debut HR, is quite sweet, as are both the H and h. I can't say that the way the story moves along is as good as the author's writing ability, but this is a sweet and romantic little love story.

We're in 1880s NYC. Hero Mick McCann came to New York from Ireland to send home money to family and is now a NYC policeman. He's honorable and chafes at the fact that corruption is rampant in the system and he's powerless to do anything about it. So he has to be complicit in the bribe taking, but he throws the bribe money into a drawer to be used to help others in need.

Mick is also a nurturer. In Ireland he was the one who, at 11 years of age, kept his baby brother alive when he was so weak he couldn't even nurse. Now a grown man in NYC, Mick's still at it, saving animals (you have to meet his dog) and people from physical and emotional damage, especially his neighbors in the very poor area of the city where he lives.

Heroine Timona Calverson enters his life when he has to rescue her from some baddies in an alley. She had just escaped from a brothel and Mick is just the guy to take care of her, even though he's under the misapprehension that Timona is a prostitute. So he takes her in and takes care of her and, just like that, Timona decides she is going to marry Mick. Now all she needs to do is convince him that they should be together.

She really needs to come clean about who she is first because Mick's not so sure that a hooker is bride material. Besides, he already has a sweetheart. And it turns out that Timona has a secret that should make them completely incompatible. How could a rich English heiress and a poor Irish cop find happiness together? Well, Timona's not a typical heiress. You'll have to read the book to see how very unlike the usual snobby rich b**ch she is.

But it's not just socioeconomic differences that may keep them apart. Some villains will enter the picture. Some of this story seems highly unlikely but it's still heartwarming and a lovely romance. Who wouldn't want a Mick McCann to love? He truly is somebody wonderful.