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by Amanda Grange

A Regency Romance. Tenth Anniversary Edition When poverty forces Sarah Davenport to take up a position as a governess, she is warned that Lord Randall is arrogant and overbearing. But no one warns her that he is also devastatingly handsome and that she will find herself falling in love with him. Or that, when danger threatens, she will find herself having to trust him.
Download A Most Unusual Governess epub
ISBN: 1477554459
ISBN13: 978-1477554456
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Amanda Grange
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 6, 2012)
Pages: 236 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 937
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The story/plot of this book made it an okay read.
The characters made it not such a good read.

Three children have lost their parents and are living with their snooty Uncle James. He can't keep a governess because of his arrogant way of treating them.

Enter Sarah...and within weeks the children are happy and well adjusted. Even the snobby James starts to change.
I felt that these changes happened too quickly and were therefore unbelievable.
Should have been more of a build up of the character's personalities.

I especially did not like one part of the story where Sarah(who supposedly does not like being judged by her station in life)gives the impression of being uppity and snooty while giving her judgment towards Miss Yardley to James.
Made me dislike her and James even more.

The subplots of the story is what carried this book,imo. Not a great read...but will pass as okay.
This little romance was just right for a summer read. The characters were appealing and the plot moved along. I missed the clues to the "big event" and was delightfully surprised that I had. My only wish is that the fall in love stage was drawn out a little longer so it was more believable. Silly me, this is a ROMANCE novel.
The Georgian setting as well as the characters beautifully depicted. A marvellous plot of romance and mischief.Fully entertaining.
This was a lovely Traditional Regency Romance involving a destitute young lady searching for a position and the guardian of the children she becomes hired to care for. There is not a lot of background information given about the characters. But the plot moved along nicely and the interactions between the main pair were interesting. A nice, light, fluffy, country-setting regency. Recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.
It was a quiet distraction from the hectic schedule that has become my life. It is a nice read - enjoy.
Sarah Davenport's parents are dead and her two brothers have been adopted by an uncle and aunt. There is no place for her and she is sent away as a companion. When her employer dies Sarah goes for an interview as a companion to another lady and finds that her outspoken nature gets her a job as a governess. Lord Randall is an arrogant aristocrat who loves his nephews and niece, but has forgotten what it is to be young. His initial displeasure at her appointment turns to unexpected respect and a change in his well-ordered world.

Sarah speaks up when things are important to her and shocks Lord Randolph. He is entirely unaccustomed to being questioned, not to mind being challenged. He is intrigued by this most unusual governess. Sarah is angered by his high-handed attitude and yet drawn to him. The book follows their attraction with other characters adding danger and intrigue. The dialogue is lively and the plot moves at a pace that keeps the pages turning.
This is the first book ever written by Ms. Grange and, to a certain extent, it shows. She makes some minor mistakes such as referring to a baronet as a "Lord" when his correct title is "Sir." She also refers to James' (the hero's) late wife by his title, when he didn't come into the title until after her death, thus she never was the Countess of Randall and would not carry that title. There are a few other, equally minor, issues with the story, but you get the drift.

There was also the fact that I could not, at first, figure out how it was that James inherited the title, and not his young nephew William. It wasn't made clear that James was the eldest son, not his brother. I mean it was natural to assume that James was the younger son, seeing as he was the one who had joined the army. I confess I spent a good deal of time pondering this particular issue--crazy I know, but there you have it. I'm obsessed with details! LOL

The main issue I had with the story is the fact that Sarah and James never spend any time alone together with the children--no picnics, dinners, outings, etc. Considering that she supposedly had such a changing influence on James' relationship with his niece and nephews, it would have been nice to see them all interacting together as a family. Instead, this aspect of the story is presented wholly in the abstract.

As for the romance itself, it is really very sweet. In true Regency style, the interactions between James and Sarah are, for the most part, fairly subtle. There is a lot of sexual tension between the two, much eye connecting, and even a couple of near kisses, which is all results in a sweet romance. Nonetheless, I wanted to see more one on one interactions between the two.

Despite these deficiencies, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It's just as well written as Ms. Grange's other novels and the characters are quite nicely developed. Sarah, the eldest of three children, is a gentleman's daughter. When her parents died, leaving her and her brothers in financial straits, their wealthy uncle stepped in and adopted Sarah's younger brothers. Sarah, who was left to fend for herself, went into service. Sarah, a young woman, who is extremely outspoken by nature, gets hired for the position as governess to the hero's niece, by his great-aunt.

James an earl, is extremely arrogant and overbearing. He also has unrealistically high expectations not only of himself, but also of those in his employ. Couple that with a stern demeanor and the end result is that James has terrified away a number of Lucy's governesses. James is a former soldier, who inherited the Earldom when his father died. About a year previously James' wife, brother, and sister-in-law were all killed in an accident. Thus, when his father died, James not only inherited the Earldom, he also gained guardianship of his niece and two nephews.

When Sarah interviews for the position of Lady Templeton's companion and proves to be too young, she is offered the position as governess to James' niece, Lucy. Lady Templeton, James' aunt, is impressed by Sarah's outspoken nature and is convinced that she is just what Lucy needs--a governess that will not be cowed and scared off by James!

When James and Sarah first meet, she has already been Lucy's governess for several weeks. James at first confuses Sarah for a housemaid and is quite rude--in my opinion. Sarah, of course, puts him in his place. From there the story quickly progresses to it's conclusion. It's a typical governess/lord romance. Sarah supposedly teaches James how to love and interact with his charges--although, as I said earlier, we really don't get to see any of that--and in the process the two fall in love.

There is some excitement added to the plot by way of the boys' obnoxious tutor, and there is even a kidnapping towards the end of the story.

Overall, this story made for an entertaining read. From a technical aspect, the writing is good, and Ms. Grange does a fairly good job of developing her characters. Furthermore, she keeps her writing true to the times in which the story is set--a fact which makes it especially enjoyable to read. I've read other books by this author, and she definitely improved with time and experience. For me this story was a 3 1/2 star read. FYI, this is a clean romance. Happy reading!