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by Bonnie Vanak

When Jasmine Tristan, the adopted and "unacceptable" daughter of an English viscount, is shunned by London society, she, after an unthinkable act of revenge, returns to her birthplace to find her roots and true love. Original.
Download The Scorpion & The Seducer (Leisure Historical Romance) epub
ISBN: 0843959754
ISBN13: 978-0843959758
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Bonnie Vanak
Language: English
Publisher: Leisure Books (April 29, 2008)
Pages: 326 pages
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FB2 size: 1416 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 582
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Light out of Fildon
I really wanted to like this book. It has a promising premise, potentially interesting characters, and a real Romeo and Juliet feel---at first. Then it just all goes horribly wrong.

Lord Thomas is heir to an earldom. He is expected to marry the right sort of woman and do his duty to England. But his heart is intrigued by the lovely Jasmine, adopted Egyptian-born daughter of a business partner. He knows their worlds are too far apart, but he can't help himself from wanting her. Perhaps he shall seduce her and get her out of his system.

Jasmine wants nothing more than to be accepted into English society. She is forever shunned, though, because of her exotic birth. Dubbed the "Brown Scorpion" by Thomas' mother, she is often the target of the old woman's wrath. Plotting revenge for her vicious attacks, Jasmine begins writing a gossip column.

From here it gets more confusing. Jasmine's real father was a cruel, evil sheik. Is she evil like him? That's one subplot. Meanwhile, someone is trying to kill her. Subplot #2. Then there's the whole jaunt to Egypt for an archeological dig. It just keeps getting more and more confused and convoluted with every turn of the page.

There's no clear-cut "bad guy." When it's over, I'm not even really sure what happened. I will not be purchasing anything else from this series--one installment was painful enough to finish. It's a shame because with a few small changes, a little careful editing, and more clarity in the action, it could have the potential of being something truly enjoyable.
Set in 1894 London before the discovery of King Tut's tomb, "The Scorpion and the Seducer is the story of Thomas, the future of Earl of Claredon and Jasmine, an Egyptian girl formally adopted by an English Viscount.

A romantic thriller of sorts, Jasmine received death threats which she suspected was because of her knowledge about the death of Nigel, Thomas' brother. With a death threat hanging over her head, Jasmine also had to face the "lily white" English aristocracy who found her a foreigner at best or a trollop and unacceptable at worst.

At 25, Thomas is the man about town. As an heir to a title, he can get any woman he wanted but he wanted Jasmine but there is a big social divide between them. Raised by an abusive father and a highly social concious mother, Thomas has scars of his own as he tries to protect himself, his sister Mandy and his family from the rigours of the English society.

During a trip to Egypt, Thomas and Jasmine finally connected and communicated. It was an uneasy truce at first, but as they became closer, they realized that they cannot live without the other. But, the death threats on Jasmine continues. Thomas and Jasmine have to work together to find the culprit and be able to go back to England safely.


The writing is great and the author really fleshed out the characters very well... in fact too well because I did not like Jasmine at all. She is such a whiner and very vindictive. Because she could not be accepted to English society, she sought to destroy Thomas' family when Thomas was the only one since childhood who accepted her for who and what she is. The things she did to Amanda was just despicable! And while she accuses the English aristocracy of prejudice, she is actually worst than them. There are times when I really want to wring Jasmine's neck and tell her to grow up.

Thomas is a true product of his generation and his aristocratic upbringing. And that is a double-edged sword for him. Because of his upbringing, he can really give the quintessential stiff British upper lip. But because of it also, he cannot think of Jasmine as a future wife, only as a mistress when he truly loves her.

Still, Thomas was able to stop the cycle of violence from his father. His determination to protect his family, including Jasmine though she can a real pill at times is heroic. I give him two thumbs up for that.

Jasmine on the other hand can be mean-spirited though her mother and adoptive father raised her in a loving environment. But, Jasmine is so hardheaded that if Jasmine is a real person living in the 21st century world, she would be Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears rolled into one. She is trouble with a capital T.

The side plot about the biological fathers of both Thomas and Jasmine is the reason why I entitled this review "Nature vs Nurture." If I say more, it will be a real spoiler.

There is also a big sideplot in sensational journalism and/or tabloid press which is was developed greatly by the author. This sideplot also fleshed out major and minor characters and thus adding to the beauty of the book.

It is a serious read and I had to stop at times because I need to enjoy the nuances in the plot. It took me three days to finish the book when I actually average a day and a half when I'm reading a romance novel.

If you want an easy read, this book will disappoint you. But if you want a serious look on turn of the 19th century England, a short treatise on prejudice based on national origin though on a fictional setting and a cameo plot on the discovery of King Tut's tomb, this book is for you.
The Scorpion and the Seducer (Khamsin Warriors of the Wind)
I tried to finish this book because other reviewers said it gets better. But, I just couldn't connect or care about these characters. Jasmine is whiney, selfish, spoiled and vindictive. Not to mention hard headed and just plain stupid. Thomas is chauvanistic. I realize his patronizing and sexist attitude reflects the time period but I just couldn't find him likable. I wanted to find out the answers to the mysteries but not enough to continue being in the heads of these two.
Captain America
This book was fabulous and I had trouble putting it down. I just wanted to keep on reading. The uppercrust noble and the Egyptian beauty. The connection between the h and H was terrific. Wonderful.

And the historical facts during the book were very interesting.

Now off to find more by this author. Very highly recommended by me. And the editing was clean - a bonus.
Mitars Riders
Another book I read while on the treadmill. A great diversion. I am interesed in another one of her books in the series.
This book kept my attention all the time and I could hardly put it down to do other things that needed doing. I couldn't wait to get back to it.