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by Judith French

Caitlin McKenna defied her family to marry her sweetheart, Shane, on the eve of his departure for America. But years passed, with no word from Shane for Caitlin to join him. Now, after eight years, a letter comes. But the man who greets Caitlin in Missouri is a stranger. And, as Caitlin soon discovers, he is a man with a past that includes a son by another woman. A son Shane expects Caitlin to raise. But Caitlin has a few surprises of her own, as the desire that once bound them ignites anew.From the Trade Paperback edition.
Download McKenna's Bride epub
ISBN: 034540873X
ISBN13: 978-0345408730
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Judith French
Language: English
Publisher: Ivy Books (November 26, 1997)
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 932
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Great book----great author!
I must admit that I have been a Judith E. French fan for years. Her books take me away from my normal, hectic life and offer me hours of enjoyment. That is exactly what I expected - and what I found - when I picked up McKenna's Bride. I absolutely fell in love with Shane, and Caitlin is as feisty as they come! The love these two people found is just what I was looking for in a romance novel. I loved this book. Bravo, Ms French! Highly recommended!
One of the better writers - bar none!
A gripping story of wounded love and broken trust.
Caity brought about the healing of Justice and love to the children. And eventually forgiveness for McKenna. A true womanly spirit willing to make her marriage work.
McKenna developed a strong, fighting spirit to survive the harsh living conditions that he had not been born into. He overcame his misunderstandings to finally be able to acknowledge his love.
A love he was afraid to admit to - afraid of the vulnerability of love.
I loved the family ties of Justice McKenna, Gabriel Larocque and Mary Rouge and their interaction with McKenna and his family.
And especially how Derry confused Shane McKenna and yet won his love. Then to have Shane sacrifice his buckskin, Cherokee for his family was especially moving.
this book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and please Ms. French, can we follow the McKenna family and have a story for Justice????
Add this book to your library - you won't be sorry!
I bought this book based on the 5 star majority this book got in reviews. I tried not to have high hopes having read so many "great!", "awesome!" comments, but frankly, I was HUGELY disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, the plot is excellent. There's plenty of material to create a great book out of this idea. What I absolutely couldn't get over were the shallow, one dimensional portrayal of ALL the characters.

First there's Shane who doesn't believe that his wife Caitlin didn't know about the money he sent her, nor does he believe that the baby she brings with her is indeed her niece rather than her child. Ok, I'll go along with that in the beginning, but the fact that he doesn't believe her after she finally gets around to telling him (the author drags out the time to when Caitlin explains what happened in Ireland, when common sense would say that she should have told him immediately to defend herself. Instead she just takes her husband's sullen looks and meanness. Silly!) is absurd. He has no reason to doubt her, he loved her in Ireland and married her, and obviously a middle person was involved causing the trouble. The fact that he can't figure this out immediatley, either of them, made me question their basic common sense.

Next there is Caitlin who is strong and stubborn. Fine. But she borders on the edge of shrew-like that stopped me from liking her completely. I also couldn't find any strong connection to showing her Irish roots. Yes, she talked about Ireland but she didn't "sound" Irish. Have you ever read Nora Roberts' "Born" trilogy? Now that's Irish... At some point another smaller character referred to Caitlin as "a city girl" and then I was really confused. When would country person ever refer to a person with an Irish accent as "a city girl"?

Here's my last complaint: Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who gets annoyed when authors throw in cutsie children characters to try to add another dimention to the story? The baby niece is just about as annoying as you could possibly get, particularly when you add the fake baby-talk. How about this: '"Ba-ad moo cow" She said. "Chasey my duck." ' or "I wove her". It get's old, real fast.

Over all, by the fourth chapter I had to force my self to continue on, telling myself that it would get better. It just had to... . By the eighth chapter it didn't get better and I decided not to further waste my time with it.

I can't recommend that you not read it, particularly when there are other rave reviews here. But I would say think twice before you look for it. Unless you get it for free, save your money for something else. I wish I would have.
Ms. French uses words like an artist uses a brush and paints. She creates intricate plots and complex characters, setting them all among the beautiful Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. She's an extremely tallented writer! You won't be disappointed.
Dancing Lion
"McKenna's Bride" is the first book I have read by Judith French. It is a wonderful romantic story and I highly recommend that you read it. I am looking forward to my next selection by Judith French.
Excellent, Judith describes the characters so well that you don't have to try hard to imagine them. I couldn't put it down. I could feel all the emotions rushing through Emma, and I was so happy with the ending. This is deffinately a getter:)
Well written good story.Secrets and distrust.Love bestest two people.lost faith in each other.I loved the part about after 8years she travels to meet her husband and tries to work things out.McKenna is different.Stealing and killing in it.Great book to enjoy reading,