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by Kasey Michaels

When Holly Hollis oversees her company's first wedding fashion show, she's in a panic. Worse still, she inadvertently assumes hot executive Colin Rafferty is her missing male model. Before he knows it, she's yanked off his pants, put him in a tux and tossed him on the runway!

Colin was just stopping by to visit, but after getting a rather unorthodox taste of Holly's brand of sass and brass, Colin finds himself suddenly proposing to Holly the next day--over a hot dog! But model or not, Holly knows never to trust a man who looks as good as Colin. Especially if he's persistent....

Download Bachelor On The Prowl (Christmas Theme) (Silhouette Romance) epub
ISBN: 0373195524
ISBN13: 978-0373195527
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Kasey Michaels
Language: English
Publisher: Silhouette; First Edition edition (November 1, 2001)
ePUB size: 1230 kb
FB2 size: 1214 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 253
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Fun and lighthearted romance. Love at first sight with a twist.

A good quick read that will make you laugh.
Kasey Michaels is a favorite author because of her humor. This entry was light on that, heavy on the romance. A little unrealistic as far as plotting and missing character development.
The story is basically love at first sight and how boy makes girl believe it.
Manic, not very trusting, assuming, take control, what else would a man want in a woman? Yea, when I first picked up this short book I was interested, but due to the fact I had not read the first two was not sure I would like this one. Well it turned out to be alright.

Author Kasey Michaels writing is, well some may say dry humor. Well at least for this book that is what my opinion is. Don't take this wrong, I did laugh and yes some may not have gotten it. But when her character Holly Hollis undresses a good looking man under the pretense he is her late model with out even giving him a chance to say that he wasn't... well, lets just say OOPPS!! But to find out who he really is then not want to give him even a little leeway.

I finished with a good laugh but not the feeling of where or what is next. I will be checking out more of author Kasey Michaels. And I have no doubt I will love some of her other work.

So there you have it my thoughts and now my Breath of Life Rating Of:

Three Clock Rating!!

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.
Bachelor on the Prowl by Kasey Michaels
Silhouette Romance # 1552 - November 2001

Holly's filling in for her best friend and boss, organizing the highly televised bridal fashion show. Much to her panic, she's missing a male model for a groom. At the last minute, in walks the most gorgeous man Holly's ever seen, and of course, Holly grabs him and starts to undress him to put him in his tux. Collin's not sure what's happening, but he's enjoying the little dynamo's undressing attentions. He's just stopping by to give support to his cousin-in-law (Holly's boss) but finds himself too intrigued to speak up and say that he's not a model. The show is a huge success, and afterward Collin insists Holly join him for a bite to eat, all the while keeping his true identity to himself. It isn't until the next day that Holly discovers that Collin isn't a model and she's hurt that Collin would play that trick on her. Collin tries to make it up to Holly and accidentally blurts out that he's decided that he's going to marry her. This sends Holly running, and Collin fast on her trail.

This is a very fun, witty read. You fall in love with the characters right from that first "drop your pants" moment when Holly undresses Collin for the fashion show. I loved the way Holly kept Collin hopping, and Collin had Holly all twisted up in knots.

see also ~~ Lion on the Prowl ~ SR-808 ~ August 1991 ~~ for Max Raferty's story.
If you are a fan of Kasey Michaels, you will be particularly delighted with this humorous sequel to Silhouette Romance #808 Lion on the Prowl. Max Rafferty, the hero of the previous book, is the cousin of Colin Rafferty, the very British hero of this book. Julia Sutherland, the heroine of Lion on the Prowl, is the best friend and business partner of Holly Hollis, the heroine of this book.
Holly finds herself totally in charge for the very first time of a huge New York fashion show, because her partner, Julia Sutherland Rafferty, a major fashion designer, insists on staying home with her sick five-month-old son. All is controlled chaos, and Holly is proud of her management, until one of the male models doesn't show up. Holly is desperate. This is a show for bridal gowns with top models, and there is no way one of the "brides" can walk out unescorted by a "groom." When the gorgeous male model finally shows at the last second, Holly ignores her strong attraction for him and orders him to drop his pants instantly and get into his tuxedo.
Colin Rafferty has just flown in from Europe and has stopped by to see the fashion show of his new cousin-in-law, Julia, when he's accosted by a stunning little dynamo asking him to strip. It doesn't occur to Colin to say "no" to a woman who fascinates him and is obviously in distress, and he complies, in the process saving the day for the fashion show of his new relative, Julia.
This cute meet sets the stage for a wild romantic ride between two attractive, sympathetic protagonists. There are many funny scenes, and many poignant ones, as well. All of the characters, including the secondary ones, are vivid; the pace is quick, and the emotional depth is great. I found the motivation for Colin's temporary masquerade as a male model well done--quite an accomplishment, since anytime deception is used as a plot device, it can be very tricky to pull off. I also thought Michaels did a very good job with the additional, delicate feat of using the characters, Julia and Max, from the previous book in the series. They very much helped the story, and never upstaged the current hero and heroine. As part of the Silhouette Romance line, this book is, of course, G-rated, with no sexual consummation and only a few heated kisses. But the sexual chemistry is such that it still remains a very exciting romance with lots of sexual tension.
just one girl
Loved the way the couple met. Very inventive. The book was commendable in that the couple remain chaste but I confess I did miss the sex. Also the tension could have been a little bit better - a little more conflict. But a fun read. Casey Michaels did a great job.