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by Tess Mallory

Jix and her best friend flee to Scotland after Jix's prophetic dream that her friend is about to marry the wrong man, but when the two meet Jamie MacGregor and are cast into the start of the seventeenth century, they both fight for their lives and their hearts. Original.
Download Highland Dream (Wink & a Kiss) epub
ISBN: 0505524449
ISBN13: 978-0505524447
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Tess Mallory
Language: English
Publisher: Love Spell (March 1, 2001)
Pages: 320 pages
ePUB size: 1265 kb
FB2 size: 1291 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 591
Other Formats: lrf lrf docx lit

Jix is in love with Jamie, but thinks that he should be with her best friend, so she keeps turning him on & off. Jix has prophetic dreams and those make her do reckless things, such as kidnapping her best friend the night before her wedding.

I bought this book because it was a part of a series, and I love time travel books. It was funny, and had an interesting plot. The problem that I had with it and with all 3 books in the series was that the main characters have too many doubts that they keep to themselves and cause un-needed problems. Of course there should be problems in any story, but I think it carries on too long in this book. The overall plot is great, and it gets better towards the end after they finally tell each other the truth. I will say the same about the other 2 books in the series. The 2nd book is the best of the trilogy, since the characters start telling the truth earlier. After the couples unite, the story gets better because then they can face their problems together.

I choose to read romance because I like happy endings, but I also like stories with a good plot. I will keep this book along with the rest of the series (Highland Dream, Highland Fling and Highland Magic). I keep any book that I may read again. If you don't mind the conflict that their lying causes, this is a good book.
Tess Mallory really out-did herself on her trilogy on time-travel to the Scottish Highlands.From the very first page the stories grab your attention and never lets go. I got up very early in the mornings and read until I finished each book at night. If there was a rating higher than 5, I would rate the book at least a 10.
I enjoyed reading this book.
Captain America
Hysterical romp through time! I loved this story! I was laughing the entire time and wished it hadn't ended! I loved the characters of Jix and Jamie, they were funny and real. Definately one of my favorites this year!
~Jix Ferguson was determined to get her best friend Sam out of an impending wedding even if she had to kidnap her and take her to Scotland! After tricking her into the flight, Sam and Jix aren't getting along and end up stranded in Scotland in the rain after their rental car breaks down miles from the castle they were to stay for the weekend! If that isn't the worst part, Jix is convinced Sam's 'future love' is residing in Scotland they just met him standing in the doorway!
Jamie MacGregor opens the door to his uncle's castle estate that is well over 300 years old to find two bedraggled women standing in the doorway, and the redhead has fallen down on her face! When their eyes meet, sparks fly immediately. Jamie is not prepared for how he feels.
Another problem arises when Jamie shows the girls his ansestral sword and they begin to argue heatedly over it when they find themselves hurled back in time, about 300 years to seventeenth century Scotland where the MacGregor clan are outlawed by the King!
Now all Jix will have to do is marry the Clan's son Griffon and Jamie must save the clan, but all in all, it's not too hard, especially when she sings verses of 'I Will Survive' and they find themselves running for their lives! Oh yeah, and they need to find the sword and Sam before they can go home! Can they 'survive'? Will Jix be able to keep her hands off the gorgeous Scot long enough to convince Sam he was meant for her? Will Sam forgive her for kidnapping and throwing her back in time to a waring Scotland? Will Jamie fall for Jix or will he find his heart meant for Sam as in Jix's dream?
I was on the floor with this one! I loved it! Something to brighten anyone's day! A real laugh and well worth the money! And by the way, Jamie is hot ;)
Tracy [email protected]
I love to read time-travel books. So I had high hopes for this one. I can't recall reading any other books by Tess Mallory, and I sincerely hope this isn't an example of her other books. I plan to order another to get an idea of her style. Enough stuff, on to my opinion of the book.
I really thought the "mechanics" of the time-travel itself was interesting. A sword with a glowing green stone of unknown origin. I kept hoping Tess would develop more about this unusual sword and where it got it's power, but she just sort of drops the subject. I thought it was strange the characters weren't more curious about the sword's power. I know I would be!
The main character is a woman named Jix. She comes off as being immature and a bit flighty. I was really turned off by the stupid stories (read lies) she told her love interest. It really reminded me of the "head games" we used to play with our boyfriends in junior high! But she does see the light as the story unfolds.
The hunk in the story is Jamie MacGregor-or at least it was until I met the other man from the past. It occured to me that Griffin Campbell definitely had the better physical description. I had a hard time getting warm and fuzzy over Jamie. The plot...Jix and Jamie and a friend end up back in the 1600's. The friend gets separated from them first thing and we don't hear anymore about her until nearly the end of the book. During this time, Jix and Jamie are "guests" in a castle run by a man that wants his son married off. You guessed it. Jix must marry him, or the sword won't be returned to her. No fireworks fly between Griffin and Jix. Jamie and Jix play cat-and-mouse with thier real feelings. There is a tiny side plot where Jamie must rustle some cattle and nearly gets killed, but I never felt any real suspense. This whole story takes place in three months, but you never get any "meat" about what life was really like day-to-day. I missed those details.
Overall, I think it's mildly entertaining, but I wish I spent my money on a different book!