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by Susan Kearney

cradle will rock
Download Cradle Will Rock (The Sutton Babies, Book 1) (Harlequin Intrigue Series #586) epub
ISBN: 0373225865
ISBN13: 978-0373225866
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Susan Kearney
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (October 1, 2000)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 534
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I really received the shipment very quickly. It was here just in a few days-almost before the order was received. Thank you.
Susan Kearney begins a new trilogy called The Sutton Babies in "Cradle Will Rock," a book that really has nothing to do with babies. Two years ago Laura Embry ran from Colorado, believing she'd killed the brother of the man she loved, Chase Sutton. Now Chase has found her. He wants her to go back to Colorado to face her crime. When new danger surfaces, can Laura keep her child and the man she loves safe from harm?

If that summary sounds vague, it's because I don't want to ruin any of the plot twists of Kearney's story. They're the best part of an otherwise unconvincing book. Of course we know there will be more to the case than it first appears, otherwise there wouldn't be much of a story here. "Cradle Will Rock" is a very fast and energetic tale that might remind some of Kelsey Roberts and Amanda Stevens' books. It's a fast, fun book. It's also one with far too many narrative excesses and unlikely elements that keep it out of the realm of believability. Too often Kearney's characters don't behave like real people would in the same circumstances. Their reactions seem false. For instance, Chase has learned Laura was pregnant when she disappeared. For all he knows, he was the only man she's slept with. But when he finds her living with a child who looks just like him, he never asks her if it's his. He doesn't say a word about it. It is not believable at all.

The most objectionable part of the book is the manipulative title. The series is called "The Sutton Babies." The book is called "Cradle Will Rock." The story has nothing to do with babies! Books like this are why I object to the secret child plot. The baby has no impact on this story. Chase could have found Laura childless and the story would have remained exactly the same. It's clear the child is here for no reason but to offer the book its much needed plot hook, not to add anything to the story. The only purpose he serves is his predictable role in the climax, the burden of secret children in romantic suspense novels everywhere. From what I've read from other people, the appeal of this plot is seeing a couple fall in love and find forgiveness over such a deception. "Cradle Will Rock" doesn't even have that. As far as I could tell, Chase and Laura are back in love from the beginning. There is no developing love story and no real growth in their relationship over the course of the book.

With no romance, the appeal of "Cradle Will Rock" is limited to its action, which is entertaining until the plot contrivances go too far. I had a little too much fun reading "Cradle Will Rock" to give it a negative review. I also rolled my eyes too often to give it a positive one. "Cradle Will Rock" is a fun book. It's also pretty shallow and annoying.
Early Waffle
This is the first book about the Sutton Family, called the Sutton Babies. This book begins with Chase finding his lover, who fled two years before, after the murder of his eldest brother Brent. Laura Embry's fingerprints are on the pitchfork that killed him.
He not only finds Laura, but learns he has a fifteen month son, whom he knew nothing about. He returns home with Laura and his son and then the two try to find out what really happened on the night that Brent was murdered.
Lance is the middle son of five sons that the very powerful Senator Sutton has, and as soon as Laura returns, his second son is in an accident, and all signs point to Laura. So everyone is trying to figure out who is trying to kill off the Senator's sons and trying to blame Laura.
As the twist and turns in this book comes to a close and the true killer is revealed, you then learn that he is not working alone and that this person will not be happy until all the Sutton's are dead, so we have to read the next installment to try and figure out who is behind all this trouble.
This is a very good book, and I can hardly wait for the next book, "Little Boy Blue", which will be the next book in this saga, due in the November Intrigue series.
I read Harlequin Intrigue (HI) because I like mysteries and I like love stories. These books combine the best of both. I also appreciate how these are a quick read that doesn't require a lot of thinking.
Susan Kearney is one of my favorite HI authors. She does a credible job of making a realistic mystery that throws two people together. Very good.
This set about the Sutton twins were some of my favorite stories by Susan Kearney. The twists and turns in the plot are well written and interesting. They keep the book going. Many of the HI books about babies dwell too much on the baby part of the book. This book does not do that. The baby only adds to the drama and suspence.
Enjoy! I did.