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by Natalie Rivers

Billionaire Nikos Kristallis is shocked todiscover his orphaned nephew is beingraised by personal trainer Carrie Thomas.When Carrie refuses to give him the babyNik whisks her away to Corfu, where he'llseduce her and then claim her as his bride!Carrie isn't prepared for the intense feelingsNik arouses in her, and the gorgeous Greek isonly interested in a marriage of convenience.Then Carrie discovers something that couldchange everything…
Download The Kristallis Baby epub
ISBN: 0373234066
ISBN13: 978-0373234066
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Natalie Rivers
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Presents Large Print; Original edition (May 29, 2007)
ePUB size: 1476 kb
FB2 size: 1660 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 176
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The book was somewhat boring. Many themes are rewritten endlessly, in interesting ways. This book is not! Parents die, relatives fight over custody, lovers "hate" each other, lovers reunite, enemies become lovers and happily ever after. These topics are covered but without freshness and spark. The attempt is not the worst I've read, but certainly it lacks life and warmth. (If I could give the book 2 1/2 stars I would. The review allows only whole numbers.)
I agree with other reviewers here. I'm not sure where the "love" comes from in this book. The hero falls out with his brother and does not attend the funeral. The hero's father does come to the funeral but makes it clear in no uncertain terms that his family wants NOTHING to do with Danny (the baby). The heroine cares for the child when, out of the blue, the hero shows up DEMANDING access and telling her how unfit and unacceptable her life and "flat" are for an heir to a rich family. The heroine stands her ground, even after some stalking (understated, surely, but stalking and threatening, manipulative behavior nonetheless), she refuses to let her adopted son out of her sight. Eventually, the hero manipulates teh heroine into leaving the country and REFUSES to let her leave (unless she wants to go alone- without her son), even though he is NOT the guardian and says, almost verbatim, that he can do whatever he wants. The hero literally won't let the heroine, after he's blackmailed her into marrying him, leave his mansion (even after she pretty much begs to just go shopping and get a pregnancy kit). He gets her pregnant and the, at the very end of the book (and I mean the VERY end) he sees her crying and they declare their undying love, with not big issues resolved. I'm not sure where the "love" comes in in this story. I didn't feel it or buy the HEA. The heroine will still be miserable and the hero is still keeping her prisoner.
The book is the debut of Ms. Natalie Rivers a new author to the Harlequin Presents series. I have to say it wasn't one of my favorite reads, it had some high points but as a whole it was lacking. I thought that the main characters of Niko and Carrie only had sex and child that wasnt even theirs biologically holding them together. Niko was arrogant, a liar and a real pain in the butt all this canceled out his physical attributes to me and it was the only thing that Carrie kept coming back to in so many words.

Niko storms into Carrie and Danny's lives (the baby) and proceeds to take over, after being astranged from his now deceased brother and Carrie's cousin Sophie who is also deceased, whose baby Carrie is now caring for. But wait did I forget to mention that prior to Niko's coming in and "taking over", Carrie gets a visit from Niko's father on the day of the funeral basically telling her he won't acknowledge the child and threats her if she ever tries to make a claim of it. Ok fast forward 6 months after the funeral which Niko himself NEVER attended. Niko finds Carrie and in some many understated ways starts stalking Carrie and finally kidnaps her and the baby, taking them to his private Greek island where he proceeds to hold her prisioner, bullies her into marrying him and then gets her pregnant.....I would just like to know where any of this makes her fall in love with him I'll never know. In the last 2 and a half pages these two declare their undying love for eachother.....and it just didnt ring true....In my opinion not a good first attempt by Ms. Rivers, hopefully she'll strike gold next time.
This is pretty standard fare for the presents series. Not bad for a first try though I thought the ending was particularly weak.