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Download Forbidden to His Touch (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) epub

Download Forbidden to His Touch (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) epub
ISBN: 026322662X
ISBN13: 978-0263226621
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Mills Boon; Library ed edition
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 355
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There was a lot of story packed into these pages and I read every single word. It's not necessarily a happy tale but it sure is a compelling one. Seven years ago Sophia left home to escape from her controlling father and from Rafael who refused to acknowledge his love for her. Sidebar - I hate separations that last that long. They serve no useful purpose. Anyway, during that time she grows up, gets a career and tries to live a satisfactory life. Well, dad dies and Raf, in order to keep his promise to his mentor and fulfill the terms of his will brings Sophia home. Sophia is made aware that Raf, who has always been a tortured soul has now added extreme unhappiness to his list of character traits. Being a woman, she sets out to find what ails him and save his soul thereby earning herself a world of emotional hurt. Honestly, Raf's intensity is a little frightening at times. Only the story moving to his pov saved me from becoming scared. He was seriously troubled and stubborn. Of course they eventually work it out and have their HEA but not without some serious stress. There's a sneak peek into the future which I always enjoy.

Ps: Hooray for another hero who is not a super rich, cold, unfeeling, manipulating, playboy (for want of a better word) jerk!
Elastic Skunk
I felt the character of this book was a blockhead, truly. Being stubborn is one thing, but for the entire book? Got old.
Dante Turino had found Rafael Chaves badly beaten and bruised by the roadside when Rafael was just a boy, he took him home and kept him and brought him up like a son. Dante's Daughter Sophia had loved Rafael from the start. But he kept her at a distance his back story was horrendous. Rafael felt he would never be good enough for Sophia, she had left home to live and work in London Seven years ago, sick of being boxed in and treated like a child by her Father who refused to allow her any freedom and despite her best efforts to try and get Rafael to acknowledge her in the way she wanted him to, she now realises that she has to move on and make a life for herself. Now her Father Dante is dead and Sophia has returned for the funeral. Raphael is still as distant as ever. Returning to London after laying her Father to rest. Rafael suddenly turns up at her workplace it seems her Father with whom she had not had any contact since she left home seven years before, had left her a half share in the vineyard. How could she return and be in close contact with Rafael when she still loved him as much as she ever did.
This is a a M&B that is well worth a read, how Natasha Tate has managed to write a passionate and emotional story in a 186 pages is amazing. This is a rollercoaster ride from the first page to the last. The reader is immediately drawn into this story, the emotion is so well written you can feel it. The characters are brilliantly drawn, I read a lot of M&B books but not too many are of this standard. The writing is descriptive flowing and well paced. Highly recommend.
sunrise bird
Rafael Chaves was a most unusual hero in Forbidden to His Touch. I had to hold my breath while reading the first chapters of this brilliant love story as is was so unique for this "tortured" man. He would do anything for Dante Turino, anything as there was an unspoken agreement between them because Dante had saved Rafael's life, had given him a home. However, poor Rafael was tortured by Sophia, Dante's daughter. Honestly, they were both tortured from the time they were teenagers, they both wanted each other but it was forbidden.

What can one say about Sophia Turino? She had been spoiled all of her life by a doting father. However, she loved Rafael with her entire being and he broke her heart, each time she tried to approach him and share her feelings. In the end, in a fit of rage, she left her father and home and moved to London. Each time she tried to approach her father; he disowned her so when he died she returned home to California and the family business, a successful winery.

Natasha Tate is an amazing author and she takes their journey to so many levels. For Sophia her painful journey of loving a man who refused to love her back. Her father, who she felt never, loved her. Especially during her adult years when she pushed herself so hard to make him proud of her, to notice her. Time and time again she felt the two men in her life, Rafael and her father, what would it take to get their attention? Leave?

What was hardest for me to read was Rafael's painful childhood and how much he loved Dante, the man who rescued him, gave him a new meaning for living. Raf was devoted to Dante and the winery and had helped to make it a success. Now that Dante was gone, he had to deal with Sophia's return and her desire to work side by side with him and it drove him crazy. This part of Forbidden to His Touch was painful to read because Raf didn't feel he deserved Sophia and Sophia, in the end, was determined to get the man she loved, the man who deserved to be loved.

So, with that all being said, prepare yourself for tears and a little heart ache while reading this extraordinary love story; especially when Rafael bears his soul to Sophia.