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by Hollie Van Horne

Portrait of Lydia ~ Grant Tyrell worked his whole life to attain fame, fortune, and power. When a Harvard professor did Grant's family tree, he was told that one of his ancestors had been Septimius Severus, warrior-emperor of the Roman Empire. So, when Grant saw Time Travelers Inc.'s web site on the Internet, he decided to take a much needed vacation and travel from 2000 A.D. to 200 A.D. What Grant Tyrell wanted was to experience total power. To decide the fate of millions! To own all the known world! And to experience the power and glory of the Roman Empire! He never suspected that the Time Tunnel would have other plans for him. That he should have listened to Wainwright. Or that a young woman named Lydia, of the house of Marcus Flavius Antonious of Rome, would hold HIS fate in her pretty hands.
Download Portrait of Lydia (Time Travelers, 6) epub
ISBN: 0967455227
ISBN13: 978-0967455228
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Hollie Van Horne
Language: English
Publisher: Time Travelers LLC (June 15, 2002)
Pages: 268 pages
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 225
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This is the 6th book in the series and even though it is considered a series, each book carries it own weight. But some actually bring up the last adventure, so I chose to read them in order.

Portrait Of Lydia is simply an enjoyable novel of time travel. When I first started reading, I wanted Grant to be punished for being so egotystical, but as I read, I seen the changes in his demeaner and what time had in store for him, I actually was happy he found what he was searching for in Lydia!

Ms. Van Horne did a wonderful job with the historical accuracy on this time travel book. An exciting and adventurous saga, Portrait Of Lydia is recommended to all time-travel enthusiasts.

There are misspelled words and no pages numbers, so if that would deter you from reading a good book - don't read it! But it would be your loss to miss this one.
I was excited to order this book after hearing a speech from Hollie in my MPC class at KSU Salem Campus. I look forward to delving into this piece of art as soon as it arrives.
I have read all of Ms. Van Horne's books and this is absolutely one of the best. Ms. Van Horne makes her characters seem so real, you feel like they are someone you have already met. When I first started reading, I wanted Grant to be punished for being such a jerk! Watching him live through his ordeal though, I ended up on his side and cheering for him throughout the book. Ms. Van Horne has done a fabulous job with the historical accuracy of this time travel book. Forget "Gladiator" (well, ok, just watch it to see the amazing actors!) and pick up this book for a more realisitc view of a gladiator's world. Amazing....please keep them coming Ms. Van Horne!!
Portrait of Lydia is the story of a man from the future who is rich in finance, but poor in humanity. He goes back in time to fulfill his desire to rule the world and finds that he cannot control anything and that destiny has other plans for him.

Strong characters, loyalty, compassion, friendship, trials and adventure, stirred together to make a wonderful story.
From the first of the series to the latest, couldn't put these books down. What a wonderful blend and continuity of characters and stories. Makes you feel it is all real.
Picture this. A Bill Gates sort of businessman, time travels to Ancient Rome and ends up a gladiator/slave.
Action, love, history, all rolled into one. Couldn't put it down.
recommend starting with Time Travelers #1 and reading them all in a row. Can't wait until #7, finally gets published.