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by Danielle Steel

An anthropologist and an admissions officer at Boston University, Brigette is having a streak of bad luck. First, her archaeologist boyfriend of six years announces that he's finally gotten his own dig in Egypt and there's no place for her there. Then she loses her job. At loose ends, Brigette goes home to her mother, who is zealously pursuing her family's genealogy. Brigette has no interest in her ancestors, but since she has nothing else to do, she agrees to help her mom with the research, and what Brigette finds out about their past changes the course of her life. Fascinated by Wachiwi, the Crow princess who married the French marquis, Brigette heads off to France to seek firsthand information about her illustrious forebears. In typical Steel fashion, two women in two different time periods each have first loves that end in disaster, but the women become stronger as a result of their loss. Steel pairs the engrossing, exciting chronicle of Wachiwi, a brave and powerful nineteenth-century woman, with Brigette's more circumspect tale of a modern woman who finds the courage to change because of Wachiwi's example in a novel that is sure to be a hit with a broad array of readers.
Download Legacy epub
ISBN: 1616646136
ISBN13: 978-1616646134
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Delacorte Press; Doubleday Large Print Home Library Edition edition (2010)
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 261
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Another winner by Danielle Steel. After reading this story I felt as if I knew the heroine Gabrielle, Gabby. She put such depth into this character that after each tragedy she insures you alternate between crying and cheering for her. It's hard to believe that this is,a novel and not a biography! I can't wait for my next one!!!
This was a very touching novel. I love Danielle's books very much and this dealt with a subject matter that most people shy away from. Child abuse can ruin a life. You hear people say you should just "get past it" but that is hard for people who have gone through it. I was never physically abused but I went through another form of abuse and I've learned that hiding it is the worst thing that you can do. People need to be held accountable for their actions and children need to be removed from abusive homes and placed where they can get the love and nurturing that they need. It shouldn't be kept hidden.
Message from Nam is a story during the time of the Vietnamese War. It is a masterpiece of historical fiction that leaves the reader enthralled and captured in the personal story of a young correspondent. Her loves and personal losses give the reader a close eye witness view of Nam at its best and its worst.

The climax leaves us still believing in rare miracles as we dry our tears. I assure you that you will never be sorry you read Message from Nam. Kudos to Danielle Steel, author extraordinaire.

Janet T. Neiss
I loved it, the story and the characters. I've read most of her stories as a young adult and thought that's who her books were written for, your adults. But reading them again now, as an adult, a seasoned adult at that I realize that I was wrong. Her books were written for all, young and well seasoned. It takes a special author, such was Danielle Steel, to write stories that have special meaning to whatever part of life you're going through. I look forward to reading and rereading all her books I can get my hands on. Thank you Ms Steel. Next...
This is my second time reading a book by Danielle Steel. The first was Big Girl which I really liked. Gave Big Girl 4 stars. This book was....ok. I did not like it as much because the first few chapters read like a synopsis you would read on the back cover of a book, not really like a story.i was disappointed that Isabel and Any did not end up together. I'm ok with Isabel and Sean, but would have preferred Izzi with me crazy, but I was hoping that Izzy got pregnant from Andy. I'm sort of miffed that izzy was the only character who slow to know what she wanted to do with her life. And she happened to be the only Black kid (I think) in the group. Why could she not have been the model as opposed to the blonde chick?

Overall, this book was sad. I'm not going to say it was realistic, but definitely very sad. Izzy ends up with Sean only because they were desperate to save each other or Izzy to save Sean. That"s like a consolation prize. Just my two cents.

I'm glad I invested time into this book. Thank you Ms. Steel.
Risky Strong Dromedary
I usually don't like historical books but the story in this one has destiny, romance, and life combined. Couldn't put it down!
I preordered Daniel Steel's Friends Forever but did not have the time to start reading this novel immediately. Before reading I decided to browse some of the reviews that were already available online. From the information I gathered from reading these reviews I was skeptical that I would enjoy reading this book. My skepticism proved to be false as I absolutely loved reading this novel. The story begins with a bond made between three boys and two girls on their first day of kindergarten. These children eventually become known as "The Big Five" to outsiders. They internally make a vow to remain friends forever. "The Big Five" all have different family dynamics which makes each character significant in their own right. At periods I was cheering them on whereas at other times they would leave me in tears. I feel as though Steel does an excellent job of capturing the current challenges that face our young adults and families today. She shows how there is not any family that can go through life unscathed in someway. She also conveys the need to overcome challenges we face throughout our lives. However her most important message is to embrace each day and live our lives to the fullest. Overall, I think this was a heartfelt story and a beautiful tribute to her son Nick. I would highly recommend this book.
I like some of DS's work, but this was too depressing for too long. Even the happier times seemed haunted and dark. It's a personal preference, not an assessment of the writer's talent. If I'm going to go on an emotional roller coaster, I'd like the highs to be as intense as the lows. The abuse was hard to read and hard to believe (even knowing that parents have done worse). Thankfully, our society has evolved to one that supports the best interests of the child enabling teachers, family friends, and physicians to look for and report signs of abuse. I also like it when authors spend more time on the endings,taking the story beyond finding a love interest. We all know that's not the end of the story! It's a good thing, and yes, I like it, but what women do with their lives after living through a trauma or disaster, is often monumental and even more satisfying and inspirational. I think Gabbie had great potential as a writer, social change agent, loving mother, or a caregiver to victims of abuse. Whatever path she chose, I would have enjoyed reading about a bit of her happier future beyond finding a man.