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by Susan Stephens

Desert King, Pregnant Mistress by Susan Stephens released on Aug 12, 2008 is available now for purchase.
Download Desert King, Pregnant Mistress epub
ISBN: 0373823649
ISBN13: 978-0373823642
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Susan Stephens
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Presents; Original edition (August 12, 2008)
ePUB size: 1108 kb
FB2 size: 1400 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 879
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Really? First, the author said the heroine's FULL 3 PART name over and over again nonstop through the book. Why could she not be just Beth? Second, the heroine started out bubbly and full of life and completely changed after the hero asked her to be his mistress the first time. Next, the hero was nice at first then became a butthead and was mean and cruel. He kicked her out because she said no to being his mistress 5 seconds after having sex with her and then left for over a year with NO contact. Then he does come back and forces the heroine, with their daughter, back to his country to keep them "safe" but he threatens her repeatedly and tells her she can remain with their daughter in another home when he decides to marry a princess. That brings out another terrible point. He still had plans to marry anyone else and LET the heroine be his mistress up to 93% through the book!!!!!! This was after something had almost killed the heroine twice and he thought he loved her but still would marry someone else. Let us not forget how romantic it was for him to drop off the heroine and their daughter at the airport and leave them there without saying goodbye and then to show up AS SOON AS they arrived at their new home in England and tell the heroine that she needs to come back because he will "submit to her rules on their relationship"! That was his marriage proposal and the heroine MELTED!!!! She was a walking doormat with Stockholm Syndrome or something. After he had treated her like crap and left for over a year and threatened her about their child, she then sleeps with him repeatedly all while he keeps bringing up it is just for that night because he cannot marry her but he will buy her a house separate from the palace so he can visit any time he wants. This is while he says his daughter will stay at the palace and be raised by him and whoever becomes his wife. He was the best example of Prince Charming to me (sarcasm). I hated him with a passion and have decided he is one of the worst heroes ever and that this book goes through so many plot lines and character rearrangements that it HAD to have been passed around to various people to add onto the story instead of being written at one time by one author!
It's been a while since I've read this but I know I love it and it deserves 5 stars because I read it years ago, loved it so much that I went to re-read it and realised I didnt have it anymore so I described the story over at Goodreads and a helpful person gave me the title and the author :) I described the first chapter and wallah!!!!
Love anything pertaining to the Desert men and their loves.
This book is explosive! What a handsome and strong sheikh Kahl is........proud, firm and arrogant and he's smitten by a young woman from Liverpool that will blow any reader away! Kahl is bound by duty and at times ignores Beth Tracey Torrance and what's important to her. After their brief time together, she returns to Liverpool only to find out she's expecting the ruling sheikh's baby!

The shop girl from Liverpool is charming, strong, fierce and proud. She adores Kahl and when she returns to England and finds herself pregnant, her only thought is of her daughter Hannah. She misses Kahl but is determined to be the best mother ever!

This was a "feisty" read and at times very sad but it's another wonderful sheikh story by the incredible Susan Stephens and you won't be sorry you've read it and most of all you will never forget Beth Tracey Torrence!
Feisty an funny heroin and alpha male with with a stone heart. i like hero,s that make me mad and Khal sure did that. if he asked her one more time to be his mistress i was gonna hit my head against a wall. i loved that she gave him such a hard time on that issue. These were very well written characters and the dialogue was great, so were the secondary charaters. I wanna thank Marilyn Shoemaker for her review, she and I seem to like the same books and her review is the reason I bought this book.