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by Gayle Wilson

Gayle Wilson's latest is a very emotional tale of two very real people trying to find their way to a happy ending. Abby Sterling and Nick Deandro were adversaries on the New Orleans Police force--and lovers behind closed doors. After one encounter, Nick was shot leaving Abby's apartment, an action that left him blind and unable to remember either Abby or the case that led to the shooting. Six months later, Abby--six months pregnant--asks for a less stressful assignment and is instead assigned to protect Nick, whose life is still in danger. Of course, she is reluctant to, unable to be near him when he doesn't even remember her. But she takes the case anyway, and Nick soon realizes that his new bodyguard is strangely familiar...
Download Never Let Her Go epub
ISBN: 0373224907
ISBN13: 978-0373224906
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Gayle Wilson
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin; First Edition edition (October 1, 1998)
ePUB size: 1950 kb
FB2 size: 1578 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 193
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The kindle book was not edited enough. There is lack of proper punctuational including a lot of missing periods, run on sentences, repeated words and improper capitalization. It was to the point that it was distracting. Also the story lacks heat. The hero and heroine spend too much time apart even if they are in the same house. He is hiding in his room upstairs and she is downstairs. The smex scenes were mediocre and I wished for a different ending.
Sorry, but didn't care for the book. There were some gripping moments but nothing special. Nice, happy ending for the family.
Nick and Abby are part of a special task force to rid the New Orleans Police Dept. of corruption. They've been keeping their affair secret. Nick is ambushed one night and a bullet to his temple robs him of his sight and part of his memory; the part that included Abby. When Abby is assigned to protect him while he heals, he wonders is she's the one he's been seeing in his dreams.

Another great read from Ms. Wilson!

Never Let Her Go by Gayle Wilson
Harlequin Intrigue # 490 - November 1998

From the book cover ...

He'd forgotten so much
Undercover agent Nick Deandro lost more than his vision when a shotgun blast shattered his life. Only he and the woman he loved knew the promises they'd just made: rings, babies, mortgages. Now he'd forgotten them all. Her name, her face...all but her touch.

And he'd never known about the child
Abby Sterling needed a rest. They promised her watching Nick would be just that - a safe job. But not for Abby. Because how could she protect Nick, stand close, when between them lay all that he'd forgotten? Every kiss. Every promise...and her growing secret.
Macho Nick Deandro, an undercover agent, sent to New Orleans from New York, to show the "good ole boys" how to get things done, immediately struck sparks off of Abby Sterling.
Abby would take umbrage on most things that implied a "sexist" attitude, but tried, most of the time, to shrug off offensive remarks. [can't stand that kind of insecure attitude] She could accept their gentlemanly acts at times.
Because of the abrasive atitudes she and Nick portrayed, no one would suspect their fatal attraction to each other. Their nocturnal and secret meetings and lovemakeing [ok, sexual encounters] culminated in her pregnancy and Nick's being nearly fataly shot.
It is suspected that the "Mafia" or dirty cop put the make on Nick and needed to eliminate him. His losing his sight and memory is probably what saved him eventually.
Now, being a strong minded and willed woman to make it in the New Orleans police department, how come Abby would start to doubt her ability to raise a child or be able to accept Nick, blinded and with memory lose. Where was her faith in herself and in Nick, who she claims to love. Haa!
Nick has to fight his own demons and try to win Abby all over again as he begins to remember in bits and pieces. Sheriff Blanchard did arouse a bit of jealosy in Nick and he did add to the confusion with the contratemps between him and Maggie.
Abby's boss, Rob Andrews, maintains that no one could find Deandro at their safe house and that the alarms were state of art. Andrews was hopeing that Abby would trigger Nick's memory.
No one told Abby about the mystery woman who had been calling from pay phones to check up on Nick.
The intrigue might be considered light by some but the story was attention getting and hard to put down. The strength of the main characters make it well worth reading again.
Will definitely recommend --M PMS makes the story work but --
Unlike another reviewer I could put this book down. I was just trying to understand all the animosity from the heroine toward the hero, but all I could come up with is it's a plot device. Agent Deandro is blind from an assassination attempt and has Abby for a bodyguard. Before he was shot he and Abby were lovers. They would prefer that no one knows about their affair, but when they are alone in the safe house Abby still treats Deandro with a strong dislike. She is suppose to be protecting him but she doesn't come across as a smart detective. She doesn't question things she isn't sure of. She is so busy trying to keep their affair a secret even from Deandro who happens to have amnesia. All this animosity and secrecy slows the story down.
Gayle Wilson has once again created an unforgetable story with characters who come alive. Abby Sterling is loves Nick, is carrying his baby. It should be the best time in her life and it would be, if Nick remembered her. Nick's amnesia is putting more than their love at risk, it's putting their lives at risk as well. Gayle writes of two people with real fears, real doubts, and a love that's real and deep enough to overcome all the obstacles. Never Let Her Go is a story that will never lose its hold on you. Gayle Wilson once again shows why she is a master of intrigue and love.