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by Nitanni Chionne

Cassie James is an African American single mom who has just about given up on the idea of love. Dr. Ethan Quinn is of English descent, a widower who recently moved from Boston to Chicago with his daughter. Both meet at a tee ball practice, and realize they have a couple of things in common-they're single parents and their social lives are on life support. Hitting it off, the two decide to become activity partners-attending each other's events and helping each other out with babysitting when need be. The two become more than friends, and their past begins to haunt them both. Cassie is faced with the prospect of trusting and loving again. Ethan knows about love, and wants to love her, but also has to face the fear of having and losing love.
Download Activity Partner epub
ISBN: 1935348418
ISBN13: 978-1935348412
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Nitanni Chionne
Language: English
Publisher: Amira Press (May 22, 2009)
Pages: 258 pages
ePUB size: 1477 kb
FB2 size: 1807 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 547
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Cassie James is a single mom and Ethan Quinn is a widower. Having acknowledged how difficult it is to do things as a single parent, the two decide to act as activity partners for school functions for their kids. As they get to know each other and their lives and the lives of kids begin to blend, their friendship starts to grown into something more serious.

This was a sweet book. Very sweet. Almost too sweet at times. I like a bit more edge to my characters. They had no real internal conflict. The book just sorta coasted along. However, that doesn't mean there was no conflict. No, Cassie had a stalker. And there went an entire star for me.

Sigh. Once again I read a book where a stalker comes out of the woodwork to harass our intrepid heroine so our hero can get protective. I am so over stalkers. Seriously, in the course of my life I have known about 300 women personally and well and not a single one of them has ever had a stalker. They've had bad boyfriends and husbands, they've had awful bosses, they've had female frenemies who'd cut you in no time flat, they've had road ragers who yell at them from the safety of their own cars,-- but not a single stalker in the pile. So why is it that every second book I pick up the heroine has some guy with a big wall of crazy dedicated to her in his basement?

But that aside, this was a pleasant read. I know sometimes it is difficult to find a good IR book that doesn't flow too far over in the erotica area. This one doesn't get at all close. This is a solid friends-to-lovers book with a goodly dose of charming children thrown in
The love story of Cassie and Ethan was a very enticing read. It told the story of Cassie, the struggling single mother working 2 part time jobs to make ends meet (gee - i KNOW what that's like!) and Ethan, a new guy in town who happens to be a doctor, FINE, English-American, and such a MAN you can't help but love him. I really enjoyed the way this story unfolded, as Cassie's past experiences and inner fear kept her holding back, fearful of being used and abused again. Ehan was a wonderfully sensitive, one-woman man who saw what he wanted and once accepting this, was determined to get her. I also loved that they were FRIENDS FIRST. As two single parents (he was a widower), they built their relationship upon the kids' activities (her son and his daughter). The black/white issue was seldom mentioned except as one of many facts... it was there, but no big deal (except for his curmudgeon father -who happened to be American!).

I pulled for them, and it was a pleasure (in more ways than one) to vicariously enjoy their encounters... hot.. hotter.. HOTTEST! Cassie was a real sistagirl...down to earth, strong, vulnerable, sexy in her own 'Sporty-spice' kind of way, and a great Mom to boot. Like real life...always more laundry to do! LOL And Ethan was a surprise... under that mild mannered doctor surface was a real TIGER. Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover!

VERY well written, great plot and character development! Nitanni Chionne did a wonderful job. I highly recommend it especially for us REAL single moms waiting for OUR Ethans! I look forward to more fun with her next effort!
I really wanted to like this. It had such a great premise: single, black mom doing it for herself meets a British widower who also happens to be a responsible dad and a doctor to boon. But at 14% of the eBook, I'm out.

The writing was pedestrian in that I felt walked through each scene and shown everything and everyone in the room when all I needed was the key details of the setting and to be introduced only to the characters who actually mattered to the plot. I was overwhelmed.

And then, there were two plots going on. The first, which is what drew me to the book, was the idea of these two parents becoming activity partners to stave off the loneliness in a crowd of marrieds. But as soon as that arrangement was agreed to, we twist into another plot of the heroine wanting to win a karaoke contest that she had to drop out of last year because she was being stalked and now needed the hero to be her pretend boyfriend so the stalker would leave her alone, and the hero (a doctor mind you) starts looking at all the men checking her out and deducing whether or not they're the culprit. That's when I quit.

I really wish Chionne had simply stuck with the activity partner angle and explored all the crazy and hilarious adventures single parents go through for their kids, and how love can be found on the tball field amongst two, hovering helicopter parents.