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by Liliana Hart

Dr. Eve Lovegood is an expert on relationships. Deemed the "Love Doctor" on a national radio show, she gives daily advice to all those baffled by the opposite sex. But none of her listeners would ever guess that her own painful marriage has left her bitter and disillusioned towards the institution. After all, who would take advice from someone who doesn't believe in love? Jake Murphy has tried for years to be a success on his own—without the aid of his trust fund and despite the constant disapproval from his parents. He's proud his construction company is something that shows his real worth. When he hears a voice that sounds like sin and sex on his answering machine, begging for help with her crumbling historical home, Jake pushes Eve Lovegood's project to the top of the pile just so he can meet the woman who belongs to that voice. Jake knows it's love at first sight, and that's hard for him to admit considering he's done his best to never get caught in the marriage trap, but softening Eve's heart is a challenge he never expected. She wants nothing to do with the man who shows so many similarities to her dead husband—a man she came to hate in the end. But Jake takes his love to new levels and romances Eve on her nightly radio show, ultimately making her fall in love with him in front of millions. Other Romantic Comedies by Liliana Hart: WHISKEY REBELLION
Download All About Eve epub
ISBN: 1469924692
ISBN13: 978-1469924694
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Liliana Hart
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 21, 2012)
Pages: 202 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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This is a light easy read. While it is fairly predictable it has nicely drawn characters and a fairly simple yet endearing plot. This is not like her Whiskey series or JJ Graves Mysteries. This is a light hearted Romantic Comedy in which most of the conflict is emotional rather than physical and even the unknown stalker turns out to be fairly harmless though not benign.

While I am not her normal target audience for this genre(I am older and Male), I picked it up to get an idea of some of her other writing. I have enjoyed the Whiskey Series and JJ Graves Mysteries. I did the same with Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Bond and felt like it gave me a better appreciation of their writing style and I could see the beginnings of their more mainstream mysteries. So I picked this up to see what Ms. Harts more traditional romance read like.

I was surprised at the review that thought the book was in the Fifty Shades of Gray realm. This is a tame book with a small amount of adult language and a couple of pretty low key sex scenes. Both the language and the sexual situations were tame compared to almost any night on broadcast TV. I must admit I haven't read Fifty Shades of Gray but this seems pretty tame compared to my understanding of that book. There was certainly no bondage.

The book may have resonated well with me as I decided on the first date with my wife that I was going to marry her. I proposed on the second and it took me three weeks to wear her down. We were engaged on Valentines day and Married on Good Friday a little over three months after we met. We have been married for 38 years and still celebrate the date of our first date as our primary anniversary. That however was not as quickly as my parents who were married two weeks after their first date and were married for 56 years when my mother passed away. For those of you who may think it doesn't happen that quick...Just Saying.
Eve is a Love doctor, she helps people with love and relationships. But doesn't believe in Love anymore after her disastrous first marriage. Jake owns a construction company with a partner, he listen to a message left by Eve to restore her Victorian house and moves her to his top of list so he can meet her. And when he does he falls in love with at first sight.
Eve tries resist his attentions but she melts for him. But she has doubts about him and doesn't trust him because she sees similarities between Jake and her dead husband. Jake is determined to win her heart and spend the rest of their lives together.

I love this book. It was so sweet,hot,and romantic, also had a thrill in there from a threat. And great humor, sharp wit and gotta love the banter. I absolutely love Jake's grandmother Ruth, she was a riot. I can't wait for more. Liliana Hart is an awesome author.
I love Mercedes
I'm a new Liliana Hart fan (third book I've read by her). This one was only OK. It held my interest, but only because I kept expecting something more--something that didn't materialize. I think I got hooked on the Addison Holmes series. I purchased professional narration for the Holmes series and was immediately hooked when I heard the narrator's voice. I had professional narration for this book, too, but the storyline just didn't live up to my expectations of the book. I did love the hero's grandmother. She brought quite a bit of humor to the book. I give this book a 3-star rating and a mild recommendation.
Just finished reading this book. This is an absolutely amazing book. I loved the how for Jake it was love at first sight and he has to work to get Eve to fall in love with him. I love how the man is so understanding and caring of her feelings but doesn't back away from the challenge. More men in this world should be like Jake. He fights for what he wants and he does it so romantically. Plus I just absolutely love Ruth. She is so hilarious. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth or what she is going to do. For a good laugh to go along with the romance, this book is a must read.
Eve Lovegood is a radio show host that is a proud owner of a broke down house of ill repute. And don't know if she could ever love again.
Jake Murphy is a owner of a construction and restoration company. And believes in love at first sight.
Ruth Murphy is a 90 year old woman who believes in love at least 6 times and is a force to be reckoned with.
With all the antics and twists in this book it will be hard to put down. I hope there will be more to come in this series.
A truly enjoyable Read! Great characters, full of depth and dimension. I loved the storyline. It was well written and just a little different from the other books of hers I have read!
Eve? she finally let go of her past but what is next for her is surprising.
I must be honest and say I was disappointed with this text. I loved the McKenzie series and expected the same from all about eve but it fell short for me. It had some tapping holes in the storyline which I was desperate to be filled. I guess I just wanted mire richness to the tale.