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by Ken Klein

As the world plummets toward the end of the century the momentum of historic global change is obvious. The world is nearing a climactic crescendo ushering in the new millenium. What or Who is behind the scene pulling all the strings?.
Download The False Prophet: Evil Architect of the New World Order epub
ISBN: 0963636502
ISBN13: 978-0963636508
Category: Religion
Author: Ken Klein
Language: English
Publisher: Winterhaven Pub House (April 1, 1993)
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Rating: 4.8
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Really good research.
Ken Klein in this book was the catalyst leading to all the pieces falling together for the first time with me. I had carefully observed current events, yet remained in a fog about how wars and politics were tied together worldwide.

The end result of reading The False Prophet was a complete understanding of who has carried the plan of humans providing their own salvation (rather than letting Jesus handle that part) from Nimrod of Babylon all the way to modern years.

I only veer off when reaching his theory about the bar code being the means of demanding a number for each individual. But the entire motive, method and means are on target the whole trip through this relatively small book of maybe 200 pages.

After that read lo so many years ago, I got all impassioned about studying history to complement what had been introduced in the text, Napoleon, WWI, the Catholic Church and much more. For me, I guess you could call it a life-changing event.

Thinking back, I believe it started with a comment by a radio host on a Christian station mentioning that Kline would be speaking about his new book later that day. I went and bought the book. With that one frayed and wounded from a little water spill, I eventually picked up a replacement from Amazon. End of story. Get the book before there are on more available anywhere.
Update to Ken's previous book "False Prophet". Both are execellent reads and I highly recommend.
The book was somewhat incomplete due to being some 18 - 20 years before his latest book Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.
great movie and good book. I believe he is correct in his assumptions.
This book is about the book of Revelation in the Bible. The author believes we are living in the last days and uses the Bible to prove his point.
Ken Klein has some unusual theories about the false prophet and beasts of Revelation.

He has an interesting view of world history. I wouldn't call his approach historicist or futurist. More a hybrid or mixture of the two.

Some of the topics that I found helpful were;
The Babylonian influence on Judaism.
Nimrod's role in the formation of Babylon.
The second beast as a system rather than a person.
The history of money and international finance in wars and governments.
His coverage of the financiers is commonly labeled conspiracy theory. I myself think he exposed a lot of truth on that subject.

Some of the negative aspects from my view;
The material is dated with the year 2000 for the date of a one-world dictator to appear.
Mr. Klein sees the mark of the Beast as a cashless society.
Identifies the resurrected Beast(head wound)as the European Common Market.

The appeal of FALSE PROPHET:EVIL ARCHITECT OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER will depend on what school of thought the reader has toward prophecy.
Klein takes an interesting look at the interpretation of the beasts in the book of The Revelation. In my many years of studying interpretations of the Bible prophecies, Klein seems to have stumbled upon something that no one else has thought of. Really.
I would have to imagine that the position that Klein has taken from his exhaustive study of world history and current events is one that would leave him unpopular in the present escatological evangelical climate. It is vogue to imagine that the "Christian" country that we live in has historically been the good guy. Not to say that we are thoroughly evil, but Klein puts forth an angle on world history that sees us as not the benevolent caretaker that we like to imagine ourselves, but as a tool in the hands of power brokers with sinister motives and selfish intent.
He also effectively shows how spiritual dark forces have been active since the beginning of time to bring about a political and economic system that these forces can control and how we have unwittingly played into their hands.
If you've ever imagined that there is something wrong behind what meets the eye regarding who and what we are as a nation, I encourage you to take a good look at what Klein has thoroughly investigated and see what you think.