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by A Escalona

Enduring twelve years of misery was more than he could handle, and as the last resort, frustrated by his inability to redirect his life, he pleaded with God to take control of it. Soon after his request, to his disappointment, he found himself headed to prison. A few days later, to his surprise, he woke up in the middle of the night inside his dark and solitary cell to receive astonishing revelations. “One of the most prosperous companies in the publishing industry is about to collapse and, in the process, unveil the antichrist’s identity.” But not being enough, this augured downfall also validates the author’s other predictions—his complete testimony, even the revelation of the most ancient secret: the mysterious nature of God…time. The Last Prophecy: The Antichrist and the Dramatic Fall of a Publishing Empire, is the title of this new book of nonfiction. In it, through an open, narrative style, the author shares a raft of personal experiences while exploring specific topics that are dividing believers nowadays. He analytically examines how Christianity has functioned under doctrinal censorship for centuries, and substantiates his arguments with tangible facts while investigating those questions that are most controversial for contemporary Christians. Should we address our prayers to God or to Jesus? What is the cause behind our sufferings? Is the Bible really a book of contradictions? Who goes to heaven? And, among many other questions, a universal concern—are we doomed to perish in 2012? All these questions have been answered before, but what it makes this book different is that the author answers them from a bilateral perspective and, thereby, a more realistic approach.
Download The Last Prophecy: The Antichrist and the Dramatic Fall of a Publishing Empire epub
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Author: A Escalona
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Countless texts have been published regarding the sources of sin. Not surprisingly, the origin of sin has been a topic of debate and curiosity--especially in younger generations--for millennia. One point of view suggests that God is all powerful, but wants to test his children through suffering. He will never test his children more than their tolerance level. Another school of thought suggests that sickness and suffering are attributed to Satan's temptations.
The audience will be relieved to know that A. Escalona's The Last Prophecy: The Antichrist and Dramatic Fall of the Publishing Empire dedicates an entire chapter to discussing the "immaculate source of sin." The primarily conundrum plaguing society is this idea of good men falling prey to suffering. A. Escalona states, "I could not understand why, apparently without any reason, persons of unquestionable conduct became victims of other peo¬ple or of natural catastrophes." In other words, Escalona argues that the commonly used phrase "everything happens for a reason" is not enough to justify these occurrences.
As a result, Escalona digs deeper and concludes that using the principle of Manifold Wisdom, there are essentially two answers: "One answer for everyone to believe and follow and another for those selected by God to have wisdom." The established belief is that the Devil within the individual gives rise to sin and evil. Escalona suggests however, that God himself is the creator of evil. To supplement his claims, he alludes to Isaiah 45:6-7, where God states, "I am the Lord, and there is none else" (v7). "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil."
Ultimately, Escalona proposes that everything that occurs is a part of God's plan; however, human beings are not restricted to being puppets. In fact, Escalona notes that although we are a part of God's plan, one's attitude toward life and God is within the individual's control. As a result, we do have a say in shaping our destiny. More importantly, God's intent is never to hurt his children, but rather to love them and make them stronger. He desires to eliminate the "covetousness" from his children and be content with what they have. In a nutshell, if you are chosen to suffer, it is only to prepare and strengthen you for future trials and tribulations.
From discussing the difference between Jesus and God to establishing God's love for his children, The Last Prophecy answers many questions that most believers would be fearful or conflicted to ask anyone else.
This book is a worthless except as entertainment for end times fans (are there end times fans?). It is written from the imagination of a non-scholar. It belongs in the science fiction or (hard to believe) memior section. It "teaches" nothing. The author has no expertise or credential. It's just an entertaining set of speculations afrom an imaginative person. he gets credit for that. Readers who wish to learn about religion and the book or revelation are recommended to read works by real scholars.