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by Harold Klemp

Would you like to have personal experience with spiritual masters that people all over the world--since the beginning of time--have looked to for guidance, protection, and divine love?Are you tired of feeling you're going it alone, yet want to retain the freedom to make choices and determine your own values?Are you curious why some people seem certain that God personally intervenes in their lives? Would you like to be one of them?Then this book speaks to you. Inside are true stories that will amaze you and at the same time may strike a familiar chord in your heart. You may be one of the countless people who have been touched by a meeting with an ECK Master, or you may simply know deep inside that you are indeed special to God.These spiritual Masters of yesterday, today, and tomorrow want to share with you what they have achieved--the fulfillment of a spiritual destiny. The ECK Masters are Co-workers with God who can help you make the most of every decision you will ever face, meet your daily challenges on higher ground, and experience the boundlessness of God's love.Would you like to meet one? Look inside. The experience of a lifetime awaits you.
Download Those Wonderful ECK Masters epub
ISBN: 1570432171
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Author: Harold Klemp
Language: English
Publisher: Eckankar (October 21, 2005)
Pages: 286 pages
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*Those Wonderful ECK Masters* helped me understand an unexplained, dramatic experience I had decades ago when I was a very troubled teen. I now know who the “mystery man” (like a guardian angel) was—Yaubl Sacabi, one among the many ECK Masters, who protect and guide individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, ages, and faiths. He encouraged me to carry on, and I’m glad now that I did.
This book has many real-life stories about eleven, among many more of these ECK Masters, who teach how to improve health, relationships, and finances; interpret one’s dreams, recognize the source of and solution to problems; overcome fears, gain self-confidence, and bring more love, wisdom, spiritual freedom, and happiness into everyday living.
I found out that these ancient and modern ECK Masters work willingly, efficiently, and quietly with individuals who want to know higher truth, to discover their own mission, and to create their own destiny. I’m very grateful for these ECK Masters and for this book.
I knew when I was 4yrs old that there must be some wisemen somewhere, even if they were invisible, who knew why living in this world was so crazy. Adults were live in a dream world, even if they didn't know it - they were out of touch with simple Truth. These wisemen are known by many people.They tell their own stories in this book. Life here on earth is a school to learn the meaning of life through divine love. No hocus pocus. One learns though spiritual training and experience.
Religion/one's spiritual teaching is a matter of real personal preference. What do we as Soul "harmonize" with? Not everyone is in a place where these ECK (divine spirit) teachings make sense and bring out our spiritual love even more. I believe it takes some sincere inner practice and questing to experience the ECK Masters. And they may not be directly experienced - for now. That's fine. Genuine spiritual adventure is never proven outwardly. No point in arguing about it. All paths have their places in the scheme of things. Try the spiritual exercises - with open heart and mind. See what inner treasures might open for you.
I have found that these masters have helped me open to some unforgettable experiences of God's Light and Sound. As a friend once said in conversation, "It's kinda' subtle...." Whatever path you're on now, you can check out these teachings. See what happens!
elegant stranger
I have been fortunate enough to have had a few encounters with ECK Masters myself in the physical over the years. These are experiences you never forget.

This book is full of such stories. The stories are amazing, touching and uplifting.
The appearance of one of these Saints in your life is always a blessing and often miraculous in its timing and purpose.

This book brings home the reality of these experiences. It makes you look back on your own life to recall meetings with strangers that you may examine in a whole new light.

It also shines a positive light on the path of ECKANKAR. Anyone curious about this unique religion would be well served by reading this worthwhile book.
This is a wonderful book that introduces the seeker of God to the spiritual giants who are ECK Masters. The author, Harold Klemp, choose to mention only a few and to give examples of those who seek Truth and God. Those ECK Masters that are mentioned are known to many who have had experiences with them regardless of faith. There are many more than are in the book. But,I consider this book to be an introduction to the ECK Masters NOT a comprehensive book of all the ECK Masters. It's a wonderful book as an introduction to the ECK Masters and to the Eckankar religion. I highly recommend it.
I have this on my Kindle, which I love. Each evening at bedtime, I listen to one of the ECK Master stories and practice the exercise to meet with them. The result is a richer dream life and a greater awareness of the help, guidance, and protection that surrounds me every moment of my life.
I've worked with these masters for many years. They are real. My life changed dramatically when I discovered the Eck Masters via "The Spiritual Notebook" by Paul Twitchell. They are indeed WONDERFUL, beyond words, for the deep love, healing, insight about past lives, and protection that came to me as a result of working with them.
Wow, I love it. Combined with the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, you have a complete source of the ECK Masters that are available to assist you with Soul Travel and exploring all of the planes of existence. The ECK Masters can personally help each of us return to God and become Co-Workers with God. Wonderful stories of the Master's lives and examples of their assistance with everyday problems of life on the physical plane.