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by Robert A. Monroe

A detailed study of out of the body experiences with case studies. 1974 pages tanned, spine cocked reading copy
Download Journeys Out of the Body epub
ISBN: 0552095311
ISBN13: 978-0552095310
Category: Religion
Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal
Author: Robert A. Monroe
Language: English
Publisher: CORGI CHILDRENS; New Ed edition (1974)
Pages: 272 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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Currently my all time favorite book. The book is somewhat like a lab report for the various astral projection experiments while still maintaining a personal tone.
Robert Monroe did the best job keeping his observations informative and objective. Multiple variables were kept track of for each astral projection experience, including method of separation, position of physical during separation, elapsed time of journey, and etc. Every experience was written down his detailed journal no matter how absurd they were. He made sure to even include journeys that didn't make sense at the moment because he assumed their interpretation might be easier later on.
At the end of the book, Robert explains the procedures to actually conduct your own astral projection experience. He then provides us with statistics showing which techniques worked best, the circumstances in which experiments succeeded, which senses were existent in the second body, and etc.
If you are interested in astral projection, there isn't a better book to start your research on than Robert Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body.
Very interesting to hear Robert Monroe's experiences. Especially during a time when he didn't have the internet to turn to. I've always been interested in having an OBE, but haven't been able to. I like Monroe's scientific approach to his OBE's. For instance, if he flies to his neighbor's house and sees them sitting at the kitchen table playing cards during an OBE, he will ask his neighbors what they were doing at that exact time to see if there's any correlation.
This kindlebook that is Journeys Out of the Body; The Classic Work On Out of Body Experience by Robert A Monroe features the author’s experiences of juggling his career life and spiritual mystical life. I admit that I purchased this book over 16 months ago (May 5, 2017) and I do derive some benefit from this kindlebook while I admit to needing more time to reconcile some of the references made to what could be earth plane parallel realities. Monroe’s mystical experiences in this book sometimes touch upon sleeptime dreams relating to other planes of existence that would need to be looked at with an open mind. One of the experiences that I did find heartfelt in his kindlebook was when he recalled why he wishes he would have went to Europe with one of his friends when the chance was offered to him. Still, I am glad to have obtained this book for some of the out of body mystical experiences that the author shared for further intuitive and spiritual understanding and I’m aware that the way I feel about this book can possibly change more over time which is why I intend to keep this kindlebook.
Excellent Book for the new Adventurer, want to learn three easy methods to travel out of your body, this book is a classic and highly recommended by me. I have been Astrally Projecting since the early seventies, I documented with five witnesses two Adventist that Absolutely Prove this works and anyone who is prepared will also experience the joy of traveling outside the normal means. Forget planes, trains & autos, simply slip, slide or rotate yourself and travel for free, in real time...
“Journeys out of the Body” by Robert Monroe"

Robert Monroe's book is an easy, informative and interesting read compared to William Buhlman’s “Adventures beyond the Body” which is rather technical. It is a must read for those interested in or who wish to explore out of body experience.

Monroe’ discovery, experiments and records of his second body engaged in astral projections and viewing out of the body experience are, indeed, a phenomenon. Some may be consider them as dreams or hallucinations that appear real but are actually created by the mind.

Robert Monroe hopes that someday “our life sciences will unravel this knowledge and a new era will be born for mankind"

Astral travelling is not new. In theosophy we learn of the astral body or double permeates the physical body. At the great Vesak Festival held once a year in Lord Maitreya's residence in the Himalayas, the brotherhood travels to the meeting via astral projection.

Experiments in out of body journeys are not for the weak-hearted. The greatest fear is whether one will be able to return to the physical body. The interesting part is one can see what happens to people in various time frames and situations. Surprisingly sexual desires are heightened during the second body state. It varies in intensity with the opposite sex but the act itself is "not an act at all but an immobile, rigid state of shock where the two truly intermingle”

With so much power in the out of body experience one wonders if one can meet up with dead parents and relatives. It is not considered in the book although the author states that he finds no "evidence to substantiate the biblical notions of God and afterlife in a place called heaven".

In conclusion one may ask what is the personal benefit of all these out of the body experience? It seems it is more of a personal experience.