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by Michelle Belanger

No single book ever before has brought together the history, theory and practice of dreamwalking--entering into another's dreamspace, even though you may be physically at a great distance. Michelle Belanger, the author of Psychic Vampire Codex, takes readers on an adventure into the subconscious world of dreams, territory that no amount of psychology or research has fully charted. This absorbing account, beginning with the author's own first experience of dreamwalking in a school bus as a child, both explains the phenomenon and teaches the techniques of dreamwalking. Learn to set up a dream space and a dream gate. Harness your dreaming mind to visit distant family members, pass vital messages to friends, even start secret trysts with your lover! Nobody knows exactly what happens when we dream, but practicing dreamwalking can and will open a whole new world in which the connections between ourselves and our spirit selves and others, as well as the meaning of dreams and the relationship of dreaming to other energy work and magick become clear.
Download Psychic Dreamwalking: Explorations at the Edge of Self epub
ISBN: 1578633869
ISBN13: 978-1578633869
Category: Religion
Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal
Author: Michelle Belanger
Language: English
Publisher: Weiser Books (October 1, 2006)
Pages: 208 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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I read this book motivated in part by a number of very strong intentional dreamsharing experiences I have recently had. A bit of background may be in order. I can intentionally lucid dream more or less at will and have been doing this for many years. I know that among other things Belanger is a lucid dreamer and quite interested in ancient Egyptian culture. These topics resonate with me and my dream partner so I was curious what approach Belanger takes or what hints/techniques could be extracted and used?

In short, I think this book serves as a very good summary of techniques for medium (or perhaps even advanded) level dreamers/lucid dreamers. Belanger is obviously quite gifted and knowledgable about dreaming. I have used many of the hints she suggests, and somehow knew them rather intuiitively. Which I find interesting of course. I also like the fact that she challanges the reader to obtain proof or verification of dreamwalking events. A few of her stories toward the end of the book are quite compelling.

My only negative comment is that much of the early part of the book is a bit cookbook. But again, I am viewing this as a fairly experienced dream explorer. It is most certainly going to be suitable and helpful to most.

In summary though, I like the fact that Belanger wrote a thorough and intelligent book about something that is quite possible. I like the fact that she challenges what others obviously perceive as impossible. I for one know that all of the things discussed in the book are quite possible and very much within our human capacity.
Michelle Belanger is, first, an incredible woman. Well-rounded in her studies and respected in her field, she is considered by many to be an authority and historian regarding modern vampire culture. We're not talking about the Cullens, kids.

With that being said one may expect a certain amount of eccentricity to tangle itself in the webs of her writing. However I have found this notion to be quite the opposite. She is well-grounded and respectful in her approach to the paranormal, including the topic of psychic abilities/ experiences, what this means to oneself and how to go about growing within this realm.

Michelle has written several books, most of which I have in my collection because I had such a positive experience with this read. (She also created the newly-published Watcher Angel Tarot Deck, a decade-long project with talented artist Jackie Williams.) There is a refreshingly simple eloquence to her style of writing. As interesting as it is informative, Psychic Dreamwalking will empower you with the mindset and tools needed to embark on or further strengthen your travels to your own dreamspace and even that of others.

Michelle explains the preparation, actual journey, and other relavant information regarding dream walking in intricate detail, drawing from her past and her own experiences. She truly renders the subject approachable to all audiences, encouraging us to adapt the techniques she has found useful to their own style to those that feel most comfortable personally. With great attention to detail of all facets of the subject she is also careful to explain and explore the ethical relationship between the dreamwalker and those involved. Such guidance helps to create a deep sense of structure that ultimately will result in a more rewarding experience for everyone.

The bottom line: I loved this book and I am thankful for the way it has effected my mindset and life in a positive way. As Michelle stresses throughout her book wherever you seek to travel, you will find that you must first find yourself. In doing so you may discover you, yourself are truly not so different from this modern-day psychic vampire.

-Kendra B.
I wasn't sure how I would like a book with a title like this but I found myself interested and i didn't want to put it down. She is able to explain, define, unfold, reveal, de-mystify and educate while telling stories and does it all seamlessly. I really appreciate her ability to write books on what I would label " difficult to explain" subjects..I'm just glad she has decided to share her gift with the rest of us
Another wonderful book by Michelle Belanger. This has answered so many questions and helped me with so much!
Great product!
The book is really very well written. The author has a way of explaining things so you can completely understand and almost invision it in your mind. Excellent information. I would definitely recommend it.
Love this book!
A bold exploration of a little explored field. Found the content intriguing and valuable for personal use.