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Download No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook To Starseed Awakening (The Sirian Revelations) (Vol 3) epub

by Patricia Cori

As we move ever-closer to the closing of the Mayan Calendar, the prophecy of the Ancients is playing out, uncannily, in the political and geophysical events of contemporary life on Earth. We are at the apex point of our species' evolution and it is a challenging time for us all.

This compelling work exposes the covert mechanisms operating in the global arena, calling us to shine the light of truth into our darkest fears - and emerge victorious. We are shown how our mutating DNA, the fundamental manifestation of our imminent ascension, is preparing the way for our star-filled journey - a climactic moment in human and celestial evolution.

Channeled teachings from six-dimensional beings, the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, this is the third volume in the trilogy: The Sirian Revelations. In it, the Council is joined by light beings of yet higher dimensions - a powerful vehicle of attunement and a way out of the maze of fear and powerlessness that has kept us from fulfilling our starseed legacy as harbingers of the Awakening.

Download No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook To Starseed Awakening (The Sirian Revelations) (Vol 3) epub
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Category: Religion
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Author: Patricia Cori
Language: Italian
Publisher: LightWorks Press (March 1, 2003)
Pages: 226 pages
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Posting the same review as I shared re Cosmos of the Soul. ALL these books are life changing:

I have read every one of Patricia Cori's books, and all resonate deeply with my core beliefs and with the frequency of my own soul. This material is sometimes difficult to absorb, and i find myself going deep into meditation sometimes, while reading - then returning to awareness a few minutes later, having absorbed a multilayered and interdimensional truth. I recently had the privelege of attending one of her workshops - a life changing, and LIFE affirming week! I have read all of her books more than once. Each time, the work offers deeper and more profound comprehension of what we are, really. And why......
Want to know the REAL TRUTH? Read this book, it opened my mind and raised my DNA activation, it's a book of Hope that there really is a Grand Plan, not the one 99.5% of the human population believes (or wants to believe), but Hope that We can change this Earth. We will Know All, yet the message is WE NEED TO KNOW NOW. Thank you Patricia for writing all your books, although this is my favorite.
I was in the process of reading "The Cosmos of Soul: A Wakeup Call For Humanity" when I arrived in Sedona. I believe this book along with a visit to one of the sacred vortex sites, facilited a deep level initiation. I find that nothing is the same, and there is no such thing as coincidences, look all around you and you do indeed find that the matrix is rapidly disentegrating, unless you are one lf the few left that is stuck to your teevee watching Faux News....sorry folks I HAD to give you up and yes, there really are no more secrets, no more lies....not that any of the ever increasing numbers of awakened are going to buy into any if you are one who has found your way to this series of books....welcome home, you are not dreaming and this is not a coincidence. Thank you Patricia Cori for your service to the Light ....Namaste!
Sirians from the star Sirius and Pleidians from the Pleiades Constellation are waiting, and helping us to do so, for us to wake up to the future. According to Cori and other authors like Barbara Hand Clow, humans were seeded by them thousands of years, ago, perhaps 500,000 years ago, on this planet called Earth. Besides humans, animals and plants were also seeded from animals and plants from their planetary systems. The earth has been considered one of the lushest, most fertile planets in the galaxy, which is why those from other systems have come here to develop life. So we are all descendents from them. Please don't confuse these beings with the grays who abduct individuals and originate from a different planetary system. These Sirians and Pleidians are our friends. Barbara Fifield
"Secrets" is Cori's most assertive call to action from her Sirian Revelations Triology. With no text wasted, she immediately jumps into the historical lies and manipulations that she holds have rendered us unto the control of a secret government. From fear to food to war to water, this ride is fast and hard. Hang on.

"Secrets" pulls no punches when discussing governmental and political puppetry, church deceit and the true face of the "enemy".

Writing in her most adamant voice channeled yet from her High Sirian Council, the first half of this book can lead the reader into fear, despair, and the feeling of hopelessness for the entirety of Gaia and humanity. It's intentional.

The Sirians make their point that life can be much better than this.

She energizes us in the book's last half with a rally call to action, the reminder of who we are, how there is still power within each person's grasp and an introduction to the Children of the Violet Oversoul.

If you liked Paticia Cori and her Sirian pals before, you will love "No More Secrets No More Lies". It's Cori fully in her element and at her best.

Take a deep breath and dive in.
I read alot of metaphysical material ranging from psychic mediums, to Zecharia Sitchin,to Dolores Cannon, almost everytime, I come across the mention of the Anunnaki, in my ignorance, I once thought the anunnaki was an ancient indian tribe, but now I understand why they are NEVER mentioned in any Classroom or History book, I have to say, there is alot of hidden important history behind the anunnaki, who they are, what hand did they have in human civilization ? I tip my hat to Patricia Cori and this book, she does a great job putting into words that I can understand of the true story of human civilization, If your just a researcher of the anunnaki only, I would recommend that you read this book, so that you can understand they dynamics at work behind the scenes and understand that there is something much greater going on at metaphysical level's that is soon too be part of the " Norm " as we know it, and this is a great source to educate yourself and gain awareness, truth is not an easy thing swallow. I look foward to reading more of her material !