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by Elen Hawke

Daffodils dance in a chilly spring breeze . . . a butterfly alights on a sunny marigold . . . sleepy autumn energy moves through an apple tree . . . in a winter garden, a redstart greedily strips berries from holly. And so the seasons rise and fall, the wheel of the year turns, and the sacred circle of birth, death, and regeneration goes on.

This simple and beautiful guide combines author Elen Hawke's personal accounts of sabbats and moon rites with clear, common sense instruction that makes witchcraft accessible to anyone who wishes to enter the circle.

Journey through the Moon's phases and the eight seasonal festivals; gain an understanding of Goddess and God; learn how to build a shrine, perform ritual, and collect or make magical tools. Evocative and poetic, In the Circle will take you deeper into your inner core, the place where you can connect to the spirit of Nature and to your own innate knowledge.

Tree and bird, stone and star

The spirituality of witchcraft is experienced through the world around us, through Nature and through the bodies in which we live. The sense of the divine is not remote from the world, but is part of one's own being.

To be a witch means living in harmony with the ebb and flow of the seasonal tides and the cycles of Sun, Moon, and weather; to have a love of everything that lives, a respect for and sympathy with tree and bird, stone and star, as well as our fellow humans.

This is expressed through aligning oneself with the unfolding patterns of the ritual year, and the monthly waxing and waning of the moon. Witches believe that working in harmony with these cycles will nourish the spirit of the land while aligning their own spiritual development with the soul of Nature.

-Elen Hawke

Download In The Circle: Crafting the Witches' Path epub
ISBN: 1567184448
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Category: Religion
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
Author: Elen Hawke
Language: English
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (January 8, 2001)
Pages: 192 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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If you are just starting down this path, or are curious about trying and would like to know more, this is an excellent book for that. All the basic holy days are covered along with the basic tenants of Wiccan philosophy.
I enjoyed the book and it was informative, but being a beginner with no coven around I felt out of place and the book actually put me off of Wicca. If you're just starting out and are practicing on your own I would not suggest this book. I would suggest Wicca a guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham.
This book is one of the best and most clearly laid out i have seen, with easy find lists and sections so that you can cross reference as you read. But the real strength of the book is in the depth of knowledge and spirituality and in the beautiful way its written. All the necessary ingredients are there: working with the moon and the seasons; an excellent and reassuring section on magikal equipment; the wheel of the year; goddesses and gods; how to build a shrine and cast a circle. An unusual feature is the section on sacred sites. Though these are mostly British, they are wonderfully describes and show the Celtic basis which after all is important in Wicca, though this isn't a book heavy on Celtic symbolism by any means. if you are looking for a beginners intro to Wicca then this is definitely for you, but don't overlook it even if you have been practising for years as I believe In The Circle will have much to offer and something new for all of us.
After about 6 months of looking at this book at a friend's house, I finally have a copy of my own. My friend told me she didn't want any of MY ju-ju on her study book, which I could totally understand. It isn't the first great work from Elen Hawke, she also wrote "The Sacred Round," and another personal favorite I've recently discovered called "Praise to the Moon." (But that's ANOTHER review!) This book is full of great lessons, but at the same time is very comfortable. The writing makes it hard to put down, it has ritual descriptions that are full of texture. I enjoy her questions, such as "What would the Goddess look like to a rat or a snail, or a being from another galaxy? Is she separate from ourselves?" In the Circle has a chapter describing sacred land in England, you'll never find info like this from a travel agent. It makes me want to plan a month there, magical tools in hand and power of the earth at my feet. This is a great study book that even lends encouragement to those wondering why their magic doesn't always work well the first time. Elen suggests patience and persistence, and this book has knowledge that will benefit anyone practicing either alone or in a group.
There aren't many books that offer new material on witchcraft, with many authors deciding to rehash the same material, this book has broken that trend and offers not only information but the inspiration to get up and do it. I loved the easy to read style & the sharing of her own experiences of each Sabbat.
The volume of information & ideas for celebrating the Sabbats is a rare & pleasing find. This book not only passes on information about the Craft but really helps you understand the cycle of the year that is, after all, at the heart of witchcraft. The book focuses on a natural earthy based witchcraft & offers real suggestions & ideas as to what can be done to follow the path, from the ritual side to more spontaneous simple acts.
Gods & Goddesses are rarely covered in the depth that they are in this book, and sacred sites seldom, if ever. Elen has also managed to cover the subject with not only depth but also clarity, something that is again missing in many books.
If anyone is looking for a book that will give not only detailed information but also the important get up & go factor then this is definately the book. It far excels what many like to think of as the "standards", including Cunninghams, in that it is enjoyable but detailed, we've had more than enough airy fairy books & it's time more books like this were written.
This is simply the best book about this brand of faith to come along, ever for me. No nonsense, and personable writing style, Ms Hawke strikes a deep chord in me. She is the real deal in the U.S. market filled with authors who think they can tell you a thing or two about the modern craft.

There are a few authors here state side who understand magic. However, there is no tradition of initiated witches. Forget hereditary witchcraft. Initation and actual commitment to the path means so much more to me. There is nothing wrong with American hedgewitchery. There is a risk of spiritual arrogance and some pompous attitudes.

This volume sums up the path without getting too preachy or complicated. Based in Oxford, England, I can easily see her as an instuctor at Hogworts Academy. Yet this is not a fantasy. This is real Wicca from a real English witch! What an affinity I feel for this lady. Makes me want to move there!

In this world of American everything, this is a breath of fresh air. The greatest export the Celtic Isles has to give the world is the dynamic belief system of modern Wicca. It is quickly the fastest growing religion in the world, simultaneously the oldest. Ms Hawke Brings this path to light like no other with her gentle and magical style

I feel that this brand of spirituality will spread the globe over and environmental based thinking will become more accepted in our world of corporate churches. England, probably still has its problematic witch-hunters. Im sure it is nothing compared to our new world American Inquisition.

The Basics are reviewed for many. I feel I have been practicing with Elen and her Coven. I have grown more comfortable in my English-style cottage garden. Our winter is a little more severe here in Ohio. Other than that, I feel a deep affinity with this woman and her brand of witchery. You may also.