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by Roberta Grimes

Most Americans believe that an afterlife exists, but unfortunately mainstream religions teach a generic faith-based view of it and mainstream science ignores the topic altogether. So people are hungry for concrete facts about the afterlife, and afterlife-related books are perennial best-sellers. Just this year, HarperOne published Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry, and Harper Collins published Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination With the Afterlife by Lisa Miller, both to much acclaim. But neither book answers the basic questions: Where is heaven? What is it like? and How does it feel to die? Nor do any of the many books about the afterlife answer three more basic questions: How is a solid afterlife possible? Who will make it there and who won't? and What are the rules that we must follow to have the best chance of getting there? The Fun of Dying offers detailed answers to all these questions and more in an easily read hundred pages. It also presents two study guides one brief, and one much more detailed so readers can follow the author in learning these eternal truths. It turns out that for most of us, death is the best time of our lives!

If you wonder whether death ends life, how it feels to die, or what heaven might be like, this book is for you. If you worry about a lost loved one or fret about the death of a pet, all the answers to your questions are here. And if you are afraid of death, if you worry that your life has no meaning, or if you have given up on religions, then let this book ease some of your fears while it brings new meaning to your life.

Nothing in The Fun of Dying is based on the teachings of any religion. Instead, it draws on more than a century s worth of evidence to explain how dying feels, how it happens, and most importantly what comes next. Accounts of near-death experiences are just a small part of the afterlife evidence! A lot of the best death-related evidence was produced in the first half of the 20th century, and it has been ignored ever since by mainstream science and mainstream religions. When it is put together with more recent discoveries, it tells a consistent and amazing story.

The Fun of Dying is a complete account of how dying feels and what comes next. Read it, learn the truth, and apply its lessons so you can enjoy your best life forevermore.

Download The Fun of Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next! epub
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Author: Roberta Grimes
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Publisher: Greater Reality Publications; 1 edition (September 14, 2010)
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I still question the title, but it is an easy read with a good overview of what much research has pointed to as to the nature of the death experience. If her's was a lone voice making such assertions, then I too would dismiss this book as garbage. I guess the title serves to grab your attention and challenges you to read it , perhaps by adding a little shock value. I think that it is potentially a very helpfu resource, especially Chapter 9, entitled "What Can Go Wrong." Roberta Grimes gives many sources that the reader can follow up on if he chooses to. The scope of the book is very limited in that it is intended to give the reader some instruction on what to expect and what to look for when you initially separate from your body. As for the most critical review, the book by itself can not stand on it's own substance alone. But, if a person chooses to consider the sources mentioned in the appendices, and the information garnered over the last several decades, it is anything but garbage. Taken by itself, it does make some broad generalizations . Because I have read much of the literature to which she cites, I accept most of what she has written, but ONLY based upon a foundation of credibility built by more scholarly works. Roberta Grimes is a lawyer and I liken this to an opening statement in a trial. It is not meant to convince you that there is life after death. It is not meant to explain karma or reincarnation. If you have an open mind and some curiosity about what dying may be like, it is an invitation to explore the topic further.
If I were the director of a hospice, I would make sure that every patient had a copy of this book. I could recommend many other books for hospice patients who might want some assurance that death does not mean extinction or want information on what happens after we die, but this book would be a great introduction to all the others.

Roberta Grimes, the author, is a lawyer who is clearly familiar with the rules of evidence. After all, the best evidence for the survival of consciousness falls into the area of courtroom science, not laboratory science. "The testimony of the best evidence received [through deep trance mediums] is such that if mainstream science had not a century ago already been dogmatically atheistic, the fact that you will survive your death would long ago have become common knowledge," she states, going on to say that atheism may have been useful in protecting science from religious interference but has now become an impediment. She points out that quantum physicists have found the place where the material meets the non-material. The problem is that not enough of them have come to terms with it and do not venture far enough to see what apparently underlies everything.

"Death is the best time of your life!" Grimes writes. "Wouldn't it be good if more people knew that? She goes on to summarize the credible reports that have come to us through mediums, near-death experiencers, people on their deathbeds who have reported veridical visions, and others who experienced various paranormal phenomena. She discusses how it feels to die, entering the tunnel into the light, entering the afterlife, having a life review, and awakening on the Other Side. Of course, it is not necessarily a pleasant experience if one is not prepared for it and Grimes discusses the risk of becoming earthbound.

"After we die, we cannot fake anything," she continues. "We are drawn to the vibrational level to which our spiritual status suits us, and while we can easily visit lower levels, it seems to be unbearable to go to higher."

Grimes points out how this modern revelation is easily reconciled with biblical teachings if one has an open mind and is not handicapped by the need to accept everything literally. "Having been a devout Christian all my life, I am amazed to see how much better my new certainty is than the deepest faith, and knowing so much about the afterlife trumps all my old belief in a generic heaven," she offers.

The appendix lists many references, both new and old, from which Grimes has drawn. Having read nearly all of them and many others not listed, I know that her summaries are accurate.

One does not have to be a hospice patient to benefit from this book. Anyone who has any doubts about whether consciousness survives death or wonders what happens immediately after consciousness leaves the physical body should read this book. It is interesting, intriguing, informative, and inspiring.
I appreciated this book a lot.

After reading a lot of NDE literature and loving Ebon Alexander's book "Proof of Heaven", reading Roberta's book was quite a breath of fresh air. The concrete information that she provides from her research provides a bit of structure to a book like Dr. Alexander's. She encourages further study and she lays a good foundation so that the book is properly understood.

The title chosen definitely garners a reaction :-) The author goes on to explain that the process of dying and moving from this earthly life into the next is a relatively simple thing and that we need to follow our guides.

Faith and science aside, she offers a synopsis of her years of research (from literature that spans a century). The visuals given in the book are encouraging and the overall message is strong and clear. Learn to love and forgive in THIS life and make the transition into the next one a little easier.
An easy to read and well documented book that allows for the religious person, the atheist, or just a scoundrel to get a better look at the after life. I have given this book to friends and family and constantly recommend it as "must" reading for people who are confused, don't have any direction in life or are suffering from some catastrophic loss or tumultuous situation. Taking the fear of dying out of the equation makes life much easier to live and eliminates one of the nagging worries we often have as we age or face debilitating illnesses. Roberta Grimes is a very qualified researcher and because of her training and years of practice as an attorney she is able to succinctly and clearly assemble the vast amount of information that encompasses this topic and bring it into a format that is understandable and easy to apply to our every day lives.

Her companion books [Liberating Jesus and The Fun of Growing Forever] take you to the next step in making the most of this lifetime on earth toward your spiritual growth. Trust me --- you want to jump on this task ASAP and make it the highest priority so that you have the smoothest transition and the most productive use of your time here.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I and everyone I've every recommended it to have enjoyed it. Happy Reading and see you soon on the other side!