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by Yehuda Berg

The Sages of Kabbalah understood that seemingly harmless envious glances and looks of ill will the evil eye are, in fact, anything but harmless. They have tangible physical effects and can actually halt progress toward one's potential in every area of life. In this unique book, Yehuda Berg explains the technology powering the Kabbalistic antidote to the evil eye, the Red String. The book shows how and why this simple tool of healing and self-defense has worked for 5,000 years. The book includes a free Red String and a mail-in offer to ward off the Evil Eye.
Download The Red String Book: The Power of Protection (Technology for the Soul) epub
ISBN: 1571892486
ISBN13: 978-1571892485
Category: Religion
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
Author: Yehuda Berg
Language: English
Publisher: Kabbalah Publishing; First Edition edition (October 5, 2004)
Pages: 100 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 937
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I thought this tiny book was un impressive. I love Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism and indeed own a decent library of SEFERS and ALL volumes of the ZOHAR. But this little book was boring elementary and lacking in any real thought provoking substance. It seems to me that it could have expanded on the actual ritual of Rachel, maybe included photos of her tomb and shown how this blessing is actually performed. It seemed to me of an rather worldly approach to Amulet protection- mind over matter, but not mysticism. If all the words in this TINY book were all typed into a standard font and page size, this TINY book would probably only contain a few pages of work.. Surprising to me that this LITTLE book was indeed so unimpressive, I have great respect for the BERG family and the teaching lineage that they come from- ( Rav Yehuda Brandwein). And in no way think that this small piece of work should count against there legacy in any way! They have helped so many people out of darkness and helped Illuminate the minds of many curious people. Putting a FREE copy of a ZOHAR into the hands of 3.5 MILLION people WORLDWIDE!!! , in turn sparking a fire of self improvement, spirituality, and study world wide. I believe they have done a great deal to lessen the ignorance and hatred toward the Jewish people, I think it is a shame that they kind of distance them selves from there own Jewishness which is what brought me to the purchase of there materials in the first place. But agree that Kabbalah is for ALL Zion Religions. This little book could be good for helping explain the red string to your family and friends who maybe have never even heard of kabbalah I guess. But again, this is just my opinion...
The Red String Book really is two very general and very simple short discussions. There is a discussion on Kabbalah itself - the basics, the purpose, the science and the philosophy. This is fairly well done, and as a long time student, I believe provides a good if very simple overview of Kabbalistic thought. The other part, the middle section of the book, covers the red string itself. My teacher has always taught me not to mix corporeality and spirituality - and the physical mitzvot were a reminder for our spiritual efforts. The Red String Book certainly views the red string and evil eye as a corporeal thing as well as a spiritual one and intomates that kabbalah is a physical as well as spiritual science. Believe what you will, the book is at least easy to get through and gives a clear message - even if you don't agree with all of it.
I bought this book after reading a borrowed copy. The book came good as new. It's a short book, straight to the point, with a great message.
It is a small book but it have such a great knowledge. I must to have in this difficult times.
Easy reading yet profound and clear instructions, an excellent description of the forces of judgment, thank you for making this knowledge public
I really like this book. It really helped me ???
I returned this book because the red string never came, and that is pa big part of the book...
Great book, and fast shipping!