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Download Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot (Part 1) epub

by Rachel Pollack

Download Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot (Part 1) epub
ISBN: 0809570254
ISBN13: 978-0809570256
Category: Religion
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
Author: Rachel Pollack
Language: English
Publisher: Thorsons Pub (August 1, 1986)
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 800
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Not a book I'd buy for a beginner although I bought it when I was pretty much a newbie. I read it back then and now that I've been studying the Tarot for several years I've picked it up again and the depth of her commentary is much more impactful. Really a cool book when you want to get in to the history of the Tarot and different reasonings behind deck design or arcana meaning and flow. Almost a bit much for beginners that might just want to learn key words and phrases to attach to cards to get going. For that I'd recommend, "Learning the Tarot" by Joan Bunning.
In-depth, thoughtful, book on Tarot. Well-written and scholarly. The title is apt, because Pollack wrings every DROP of wisdom from each of the cards, presenting you with myriad possibilities and points of view. Yet she never takes an authoritative, know-it-all tone. This book is a presentation of relevant information and beliefs that you must choose to integrate into your understanding of the cards (or push aside for now).

What this book does well is bring to light a fascinating array of connections and valid ideas about Tarot in general, and specifically suit by suit, card by card. Rather than tell you what interpretation is "right," 78 Degrees presents what most occultists have considered correct--in addition to the intuition they tapped for each individual reading. Pollack recognizes that Tarot is a living, evolving occult practice which requires an intelligent system of meaning as well as an intuitive, experienced reader.

BUY IT. Definitely worth it.

A few books you'll probably enjoy if you study Tarot:

1) The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings (by Brigit Esselmont) [***It's an e-book written by a Tarot expert in Australia. Search for Biddy Tarot and you'll get to a site full of free info on Tarot, plus links to her books. Pretty amazing. One of my top three favorite books on interpretations so far. Down to earth, in-depth, and accurate.]

2) The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals (by Mary K. Greer)

3) Who Are You in the Tarot?: Discover Your Birth and Year Cards and Uncover Your Destiny (by Mary K. Greer)

4) Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts (Donald Michael Kraig)

5) Tarot & Magic (Donald Michael Kraig)

6) The New Encyclopedia of the Occult (John Michael Greer)

7) Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth (John Michael Greer)

Happy reading! :)
I really enjoyed this book and use it constantly. It provides a great information on the history of the tarot and is the only book I've found to really show the interconnections within the tarot on so many levels (between major and minor, number associations, and much more). In actuality, it is fantastic that they author does not directly assign word meanings to each card - it gives the reader the information needed to develop your own connection to the tarot. Probably the best book I've read that helps one read intuitively - rather than moving back and forth between each card and book like a your searching for a dictionary definition. Thank you for recommending this book!
An excellent book for adding depth to your foundational reading skills- truly a classic in it's genre. It's intelligent and insightful, with cogent, lucid explanations. It really helps a reader to understand the Tarot symbols in the context of the culture they evolved in, and relate them to how we see our world within the readings we give. There is a strong, useful psychological aspect to the writing, that helps to expand one's point of view. Gestures and body language of the figures are explored with a new profundity. Roles become more fluid, and invite the reader to enter the scenes and situations with greater immediacy. All this gives extra flavor and texture, as well as depth.
A wonderful book on the subject of tarot. Really, you only need this one book and a good deck, and you're off and running. Her approach to the subject deeply resonates with me and I believe that if you agree with her following quote, you'll feel the same way about her books. " There is a famous Chasidic proverb that says “God created humans because God loves stories.” Story allows us to enter the cards and become part of them in a way unlike anything else, not study, not meditation. Story seems to me the basis of readings, with the querent the hero, the question the springboard of the plot, and the cards in their places the action."
Whatever level of Tarot knowledge you have, this book will offer lots of food for thought and important information. It is not a quick keyword reference book, however; there are plenty of books on the market for that. Pollack's book is an in-depth analysis of the imagery, esoteric meanings and background, etc. of the tarot deck based on Rider-Waite-Smith. In my opinion, it is one of the best tarot books out there. Though it is not light reading, it is completely accessible and is certain to add more understanding and depth to anyone's appreciation of and work with the Tarot. It is a must-have for any Tarot library!
I had a copy of this book years ago when I first started reading Tarot cards, but it got lost during one of several cross-country moves. I'm so happy that I was able to find it still in print on Amazon and purchase a new copy, because it is by far the most complete book of card meanings that I've read!
An amazing book that brings the tarot to life... Full of occult history and an elegant writing style, Pollack gives traditional meanings for the cards, but also speaks to the imagination by inviting the reader to explore their own intuition in regards to the cards.