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Download Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark : Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold. epub

by Laurence Gardner

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark : Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold. [paperback] Gardner, Laurence [Jan 01, 2004]
Download Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark : Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold. epub
ISBN: 000714296X
ISBN13: 978-0007142965
Category: Religion
Subcategory: Judaism
Author: Laurence Gardner
Language: English
Publisher: Element Books Ltd; New Ed edition (2004)
Pages: 416 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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First of all, must comment on the vendor from which I purchased this book: heavy tail in Illinois - I was very impressed with the condition of the book (excellent), the packaging (also, excellent) and the timeliness of delivery (faster than I expected) - will look to purchase more from this firm - now, as to the book, I was led to it by my previous reading of "Map of Bones" -

since I have a special interest in ancient history and pre-history, I was in great anticipation of learning more about some of the issues with gold portrayed in the book - the book, as sold by heavytail, was in excellent condition - almost like a seldom-read library book - the subject matter as portrayed by the author is everything I hoped for - I'm only a short way into the book but already know it was an excellent purchase - now, to attempt to find more like it
This book will give you insight into long gone history. Why much of it was covered up by world nations of the most powerful thing on earth. The powders of metals. When looking at the stories told and looking at it in terms of metallurgy it all makes total sense. If you have a mind to wonder about the past and what the future holds this is a must read book.

However some of it is quite boring on topics I could care less about although I did read through it all because you never know when you might miss something. All in all reading this book will really make you think about the powerful truths that have been hinted at but mostly covered up and kept from the public by the powers that be that have always been at least in the past few thousand years. The good thing is what they did in the past we are doing today with todays tect that will soon be the norm. The end of the world is here as we new it and a new far better world is beginning to come alive to replace it. The new stuff coming out now like the transformation of elements like they crudely did in the past will be known to all in the next few years a billion times more advanced. It’s too big to stop!

The Arc was simply an electrical power source used mostly for metallurgical purposes. Where it first came from for there were many, my guess from off planet.
I'm not a fan of the author. He smells too much like a guy who rushes to publish fringe ideas with the hopes of making some money and to claim the ideas as his own as soon as possible. Much of this book ranges from interesting to downright silly. The only thing I find interesting is the strange gold powder that--like other reviewers pointed out--deserves some genuine investigation by more people. Although the author has brought more attention to the powder, it was not his discovery. My problem is that he splatters his name on it too much, giving the impression he is trying too hard to make it his very own discovery.

This monoatomic gold is a fascinating subject. We need more people with genuine credentials and integrity to really study this stuff. Do a web search on this stuff and you find quacks with snake oil. It's unfortunate that something with some legitimate potential has been fouled by false prophets and greedy peddlers.
This book turned out to be a revelation to me - it explains so much of History as well as previously obscure Bible stories in an understandable way. It is extremely well researched, and covers ancient history from the time of Moses use of the Ark of the Covenant to the time of King Solomom, to King Herod, to the Knights Templars of the Middle Ages all the way to David Hudson's Modern Day re-discovery of the secrets of monoatomic Gold. I found this book not only informative, but highly enlightening, casting a new light on events described in the Bible. Not only does ancient history look way more exciting than conventional scholars (and churches!) may want you to think, in this book the science behind it is also thoroughly covered and explained. A fascinating read, and I highly recommend it. This should be an important book for times to come - not just for those interested in ancient and Bible History, but also for those looking to the future: it looks like the use of monoatomic elements is the key to fuel cells and the propulsion of the future.
Remarkable book! Found things here, pulling together info across the ages, yet well researched & documented so one could confirm or dig further on one's own. If this topic interests you, this book is a must read.
A masterful examination of the many mysterious aspects of gold and related metals, and the applications of monatomic gold. Gardner's writing is excitingly precise and he is able to keep the reader on track as he unravels the meanings and movements of the Ark of the Covenant. The many references to Old Testament verses and passages MAKE SENSE of material otherwise overlooked by most. This reads like an intense, complex novel that won't let go of you until the stunning and elegant conclusion!

Dr. Greg
Having read his previous books I was compelled to purchase this one solely on the strenght of the author. I must conlude that I was not disappointed by any means. As the title implies this edition traces the use of monatomic gold known as (Mfzt to the egyptians) by the royal bloodline extending to the ancient sumerian epoch until today. Beautifuly backed up by a description of the Hudson experiments dealing with gold transformation, the ideas in this book trace the origin of the ark and its likely use as a medium containing the tablets of destiny and its use as a possible converter for gold transformation. This book is a definite must-read for Gardner fans even though some of the information is repeated from previous works. Nevertheless the focus is definitely shifted to the above.
For those interested in the foundations of this source material, this is a GENUINE and excellent place to start.
It shows that the ancients were a lot more advanced than we are led to believe.
They would have needed a great deal of knowledge of chemistry to do these things.