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Download The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children epub

by Wendy Mogel

Download The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children epub
ISBN: 0743212401
ISBN13: 978-0743212403
Category: Religion
Subcategory: Judaism
Author: Wendy Mogel
Publisher: Scribner Book Company (June 2001)
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Rating: 4.7
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One of the best books I've read lately for raising children. Even as a Christian I benefited greatly from this book and made a number of changes in how I interact with the children. Thanks to these tips dinner time has become an excellent spiritual event.

I believe every parent should read and apply these principles on a daily basis - our future would benefit.
Mogel does a beautiful job at getting you to see your kids from a fresh perspective. We can all get overwhelmed by the annoyances of our children, and she pulls us back to earth and plants our feet on the ground by reminding us that they are CHILDREN. But doesn't shy away from reminding parents that our kids are products of our parenting. Want better kids, step up your game.
I have not a read a parenting book cover to cover since "what to expect when expecting" as most books to date have not drawn me in and been as relevant. Our pediatrician recommended this book to me and as she said, even though it is based on Judaism, it can be helpful for all. We are not Jewish and don't practice any religion, but I personally want more of a spiritual centering for our kids to have them belong to a greater framework and good vs. 'it's just you alone and equal out there'.

Our kids are 6 (boy) and 7 (girl) and I finished the book with 'highlights' to reference back, strong practical guidance, situational and language to use, and overall felt 'relieved' to read that our kids are 'ok' in this crazy world. I'm a full believer in what we do/say now at this age is what matters to get them through the teenage years, so overall it was a validating book and a great reference to help with specific actions and language.

General messages in book:
deed before creed - what you do is more impt than what you think or believe. So get kids to do things/say things and it'll eventually seep into their behavior and psyche.
moderation - always a good reminder
sanctification - building a world and lifestyle where not everything is casual and on the same plane. Kids and adults are not equal. Respect and honor and traditions help define our existence and provide a comforting structure for our children to belong to a greater good and society.
celebration - i especially enjoyed how we can 'celebrate' or embrace our child's faults or worst traits as it's that 'passion' that is potentially the energy for creation and discovery if channeled properly or viewed differently. Our kids in some ways come wired the way they are.

Enjoy every page. Enjoy every moment with your children.
I got 5 additional copies of this book to give to all my friends with children.

Previously i feared having kids thinking that today's world is so different than when i was growing up. How could kids have so many issues and parenting be so difficult? what did my parents do that it seems others these days do not (my mom confirms that i was a "Good" kid - maybe just so i have grand kids for her) and as i read this i find that most of the suggestions are how i was raised, yet realize that this is NOT the norm these days. Thus clearly having such a nice instruction book at hand to remind parents that they are not in place to buy the world for their kids but rather to guide their children into becoming contributing members of an adult society will help you teach your children the manners, and work ethic, and self-reliance needed for a bright and happy future. You will learn how you can do more for your kids by being stable parents who do not burden themselves with the worries of every whim the child has.

This book seems to be a great guide to help parents feel more secure in their parenting skills as well as guide them on how to parent responsibly (not feeling guilty for not buying every new toy/etc) so your children can bennifit from a stable environment with rules and guidance that will help them be the best humnan they can be!
I bought this book as I'm a Grandma with two grandsons, 6 and 3. I have questions about all the access they have to the electronic world, kindle fire, IPhone, computer, angry birds, lego website, starwars , etc. How much is too much? The author talks about setting up quality time together as a family, away from the pull of the above, conveying values to your children and much more. I enjoyed reading the various chapters and asking questions to myself. Valuable insights. It is a book I will refer to in the future and reread again. Loved it. I'm not Jewish and I liked the Jewish principles that she institutes in her family.
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Child rearing is tough work, as tough or tougher now than ever. Mogul, a psychologist, sought to find a different, healthy approach to managing children and parenthood. She came to Judaism's traditional ways. For much of the book, the theme is simple: given three thousand years of parenthood, what are the lessons of what works? These lessons are presented clearly and helpfully. There's a bit of promoting Judaism in here, but anyone willing to read critically will easily be able to come away with some parenting gold nuggets. As the parent of young adults, I found some things that will even help me with their finishing the entry to adulthood and only the smallest number of ideas with which I disagreed. Highly recommended to prospective parents, those with youngsters, and anyone working with children.