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by Lionel Giles

Download Sayings of Confucius epub
ISBN: 185958523X
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Category: Religion
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Author: Lionel Giles
Language: English
Publisher: Senate (November 7, 2003)
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I am still reading this book on my kindle and find it every intersting. I have heard the "Confucius said" all my life but never really knew much about him. This book tells about his life, his students and the things the Master taught his students. I would recomend it for all who are interrested in the religion he taught as well as his belief.
I'd say this was enlightening, illuminating and just plain wise. Confucius was definitely a man ahead of his time when it came to philosophy.

Unfortunately, philosophy can be extremely dry, and this collection of sayings proves to be more for someone who is intellectually interested in what Confucius said than for someone who wants an enjoyable read. I found it tolerable in small doses, but like other books I've read involving Zen, this book just didn't hold my interest. There are some very wise things being said, but the bulk of the words are dry exposition and they often obscure the wisdom hidden within.
The truth, scholars emphasize, is the truth, no matter what its source, even if the speaker is of a different race, religion, sex, or culture. This being true, people should pay attention to The Sayings of Confucius.

Confucius was born in 550 BCE. The Jesuits who carried his teachings to Europe called him Confucius, although his name was K'ung Fu-tzu. This book's introduction describes his turbulent time and the people and rulers of the period. It was a time when the country was broken into independent empires, each virtually powerless. Confucius held some government positions, but spent his later years in study and teaching, and gained many disciples. He studied history with the hope that he could find a way to help his people and country, and wrote books called Book of History and Spring and Autumn, and edited Book of Poetry. He died in 479 BCE at age 71.

Confucius did not write The Sayings of Confucius. Some scholars think that it was composed by a disciple of his based on what his teacher actually said. However, there are passages that speak of events long after his death. The general consensus is that the book was composed by students or admirers around 400 BCE. The following are a sample of sayings:

* Smooth words and fawning looks are seldom found with love.
* Put faithfulness and truth first; have no friends unlike thyself; be not ashamed to mend thy ways.
* A gentleman that does not seek to eat his fill...may be said to love learning.
* Not to be known is no sorrow. My sorrow is not knowing men.
* A gentleman puts words into action first, and follows them with words.
* Learning without thought is naught; thought without learning is dangerous.
* To know what we know, and know what we do not know, is wisdom.

Not all of the sayings are wise; some are trite. There is some repetition of thoughts told with different words. Some thoughts are difficult to understand. But these facts should not stop people from reading the book and gainig new ideas.
blac wolf
Very good read but like many aspects of Confucius, you have to be in the right frame of mind to appreciate (or even understand) what he's saying. I've been studying Chinese culture for many years and even I have to step back and take breath sometimes. Still, in today's hectic world? It's a good break and puts you in a different state. It's also a free download on Amazon's Kindle, so definitely get it.
This book consists of a series of conversations by Confucius with someone else...a loose after the other. I was expecting words of wisdom expressed in English with a philosophical meaning...without having to dig it out of a dialog that meant little to me. I was not enough of a scholar to get anything from it.
Was interesting
I received this wonderful little book as a freebie but I would have paid for it because I love Confucius. Easy to read. I love getting little books like this for free on my Kindle.
this is an enlightening book one that could change many peoples way of life if it were read.