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by Ralph Fletcher

Is the writing workshop the only way to teach writing? No. There are a variety of approaches or programs, but none of them matches the writing workshop when it comes to growing strong writers. That's why, despite the pressures of testing, the writing workshop has endured and even flourished in thousands of schools across the country.

Today we face a time when as many as ten million new teachers are entering the profession. It is for these teachers, and others who are unfamiliar with writing workshop, that Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi wrote this book - as a way to introduce and explain the writing workshop . . . to reveal what a potent tool the writing workshop can be for empowering young writers.

Above all Writing Workshop is a practical book, providing everything a teacher needs to get the writing workshop up and running. In clear language, Fletcher and Portalupi explain the simple principles that underlie the writing workshop and explore the major components that make it work. Each chapter addresses an essential element, then suggests five or six specific things a teacher can do to implement the idea under discussion. There's also a separate chapter entitled "What About Skills," which shows how to effectively teach skills in the context of writing. The book closes with practical forms in the appendixes to ensure that the workshop runs smoothly.

Fletcher and Portalupi's twenty-plus years working with teachers have convinced them that there is no better way to teach writing. This important book is the culmination of all their years of effort, a synthesis of their best thinking on the subject.

Download Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide epub
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Publisher: Heinemann; 1 edition (September 14, 2001)
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Writing Workshop is a well-organized and easy to understand book that informs educators about the implementation and process involved in a writing workshop. Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi lay out each step in the writing workshop process, including the foundational classroom principles necessary for a successful writing workshop. This book is definitely well suited for teachers in the K-8 classroom who have limited time for researching how to implement a writing workshop in their own classrooms. Ultimately, this book will be a quick read with very applicable suggestions for your own classroom.
The idea of implementing writing workshop into your own classroom can often seem daunting, however Writing Workshop provides clear examples and answers to many teachers’ questions and concerns about this teaching method. Fletcher and Portalupi address the importance of time to write (3 days a week minimum), in addition to the question that almost all teachers ask now-a-days: “How can I assess my students during writing workshop?” Writing Workshop provides specific assessment strategies, in addition to instructions and suggestions for conferring with students about their progress in the writing process.
Writing Workshop also addresses the foundational classroom principles necessary in order to launch a writing workshop. Fletcher and Portalupi make it very clear that reading and writing must go together, and that specifically, using mentor texts is vital for the success of a writing workshop. They also address the principle of acceptance: all students must feel accepted and safe in their classroom environment.
While this text is very useful for k-8 teachers, it would not be as helpful for high school teachers, as many of the examples are focused toward elementary and middle school age students. For teachers who use a very rigid curriculum, the implementation of the writing workshop outlined in this book may seem unrealistic. However, I do believe it is still worth reading, as some of the ideas posed in Writing Workshop could be implemented within or as a substitute for some of the rigid curriculum.
Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide is a valuable resource for developing and maintaining a writing workshop in the classroom. This text is part of my writing methods class in my senior year of an elementary education undergraduate program. Writing Workshop provides exactly the information needed for teachers who are interested in making a writing workshop work in their classroom in a straightforward and easy to read manner. As someone who is planning to teacher either elementary school or middle school, the content in this book is extremely relevant. High school teachers may have less to gain from reading this book than elementary or middle school teachers because of the content and examples that Fletcher and Portalupi choose to include.

What I appreciated most about this book is that the authors recognize and acknowledge that doing a writing workshop every day in your classroom might not be realistic. Even better, they provide advice for incorporating it into your instruction, even with limited time in your schedule. The focus isn’t on making time to incorporate a full writing workshop in your classroom, it is on creating a consistent amount of time for students to write each week.

Writing Workshop consists of twelve chapters, beginning with an introduction to the concept of writing workshops in classrooms and concluding with methods of troubleshooting specific issues within the workshop. The book closes by providing a timeline for a year of successful writing workshops. Each of the eight chapters in between the introduction and conclusion detail how a specific component of the writing workshop looks, functions, and is taught – both in the ideal situation and with limited time and/or resources. These include the time and space required; short-term goals for the workshop; how to launch the workshop with students; what conferring with writers looks like; how to incorporate literature in the workshop; what skills to teach; and how to assess and evaluate. Each of these sections is less than twenty pages and covers the major questions and concerns that a teacher may have who is looking to begin a writing workshop in his/her classroom.

Ultimately, this book is one that I plan on keeping and using as a resource for my instruction as I have my own classroom next year.
What can I say about this book? If you teach writing, you need to own it. Fletcher's style is very accessible and engaging, you feel like he's sat down to talk writing with you over a cup of coffee. It is all well-researched and field-tested best practice, but also a pleasant read that will give you much to think about in how you structure your own writing workshop with any age group of children, or even working with adults--supporting and respecting your writers no matter where they may be developmentally.
Writing workshops are a teaching strategy that aren't utilized as much as they can! This book outlines a lot of strategies and ideas of incorporating writing workshops into the students daily schedule. it also shows how to set this up in your own classroom, and be successful! A strategy you should incorporate into your routine!
Really good review if you are starting back up with Writer's Workshops. I recommend this book for sure.
I chose this book to generate ideas on how to design a writing workshop for a high school classroom; however, much of the content and examples are geared toward elementary or middle school students.

This book, like many educational books, seemed only to offer common sense advice rather than something new. You can read the entire book in one sitting because it's written in such simple language.

Great ideas for elementary or middle school, but don't buy it if you teach above 8th grade!
Terrific book for teaching writing workshop. Fletcher is the guru for effective writing instruction.
Very useful if you would like to do word study in your classroom.