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by Richard Johnson-Sheehan

Technical Communication Today epitomizes the shift in technical communication from literal-linear created to visual-spatial created documents. This evolution, which has been provoked by the ubiquity of the computer as a communication tool, is changing fundamental writing and reading processes. The text has been designed using the idea of “chunking,” where readable portions of text are combined with graphics. Not only does this concept facilitate learning, but it models the way today’s technical documents should be designed. Its presentation of teaching readers how to write integrates a new awareness of how documents are read—by “raiding” for the information needed. The author wrote the text with the presumption that users are researching, organizing, drafting, designing, and revising directly on their computer screens. By mirroring these processes in its content and structure, Technical Communication Today offers a higher level of accessibility for readers.
Download Technical Communication Today (2nd Edition) epub
ISBN: 0321457587
ISBN13: 978-0321457585
Category: Reference
Subcategory: Writing Research & Publishing Guides
Author: Richard Johnson-Sheehan
Language: English
Publisher: Longman; 2 edition (January 7, 2007)
Pages: 784 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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I have twelve years of tech-writing experience and nine years of proposal-writing experience. I just finished this book, and my primary reactions are incredulity and embarrassment for the author.

The book contains many sample documents, and almost all of them violate basic concepts of technical communication or are inconsistent with the guidelines presented by the author. Issues include inconsistent and incorrect punctuation, paragraphs that are WAY too long for today’s reader, sections that begin at the very bottom of a page, blocks of text screaming to be bulleted or numbered, lists with non-parallel structure, excess wordiness, lack of hyphens to help the reader parse long phrases, ridiculous font-size choices, misused words, misplacement of "only," idioms, etc.

Also, while the book is copyrighted 2015, much of the material is outdated. It mentions MySpace, recommends looking at newspaper classifieds when job hunting, and, in the Presentation chapter, says, "Overhead projector with transparencies... is the tried-and-true method for giving presentations.... Overhead projectors are commonly available in workplaces..."

And some of the ideas and examples are completely unrealistic. My favorites:
- Identifying a task’s sequential steps by “logical mapping,” which is drawing a bunch of circles on a piece of paper? Uh, no; open a Word document and create a list.
- A telecommuting proposal stating that employees will need eight hours of training to learn how to access the network from home? (“…your employees will simply need to attend two four-hour training sessions on using the LAN.”) Just, wow. Has the author, who is a professor, ever spent a day in the real business world?
- When putting together a portfolio, "You might even include photographs of places you have worked... and people you have worked with." LOL.

While I’m an experienced writer, I was hopeful that this book would challenge me or teach me something new, but I found it to be a complete waste of time with no redeeming value. If you’re forced to read it for STC certification (like me) or a class, take all of its contents with an enormous grain of salt. Everyone else is advised to steer clear, because it's likely to do more harm than good.
Has all the pages that the regular bound book has. I would suggest paying a place $2-3 to put it in spiral binding for you. Still, you'll save a lot more money this way than you do by paying the extra $20-40 for the softcover version of the book.

As for the content, I won't go too in-depth for that. It's not my favorite English book. It applies the exact same writing process for various types of workplace documents, so it is fairly practical--but let's just say that if you've read one chapter you've read them all when it comes to this book. If you're like me, you had to get this book for a class you're taking, so it really doesn't matter what you or I think about the content of the book. It is relatively up-to-date material, so it includes info on social media and texting and things like that, but really it's pretty dry material.
This book is the study guide for the STC Certified Technical Communicator credential. Also an excellent reference guide for all forms of technical writing. Highly recommended for a Tech Writer's library.
It was in okay came in all bent and covers are so bent they won't go back to sitting flat, but I needed it for a one time course. Be aware the content is the same pretty much to the fifth edition (which most professors want) and the chapters are WAY off, so just make sure to know the name of the actual chapter you have to read to find in the index. Overall it did the trick and was much better than buying the pricey 5th edition for a one and done course
This book was required for my technical communication class and my professor suggested that we make the investment and purchase the textbook instead of renting it so we could have it around in the future - turns out, my professor was right. I purchased this textbook and it has been incredibly helpful when it comes to any business related writing I have to do. I never realized how necessary it is to know some of these things until I finally had easy access to all of the information and could turn to a page to help write a document. I definitely recommend this book for job-seekers new and old, as well as anyone who ever has to deal with cover letters, resumes, business memos or e-mails - or any formal business writing for that matter.
Learned nothing from this book. My teacher hardly ever referenced it, and when he did most of the material was common sense. If you don't have to buy it then I wouldn't.
I bought this book for an online Technical Writing course. I was surprised to discover this book to be an immense wealth of useful knowledge. The book has real, functional examples of business writing. I don't like keeping textbooks, but I kept this one as a reference.
Solid textbook. My students really enjoy this text!