by Bert D'Amico

Did a lost population of feral people dwell in the darker recesses of the N.F.D. in Kenya's remote north? How was it possible to communicate over vast distances without the benefits of modern technology? Why did the Yanomama who lived deep in the Amazon rainforest practice female infanticide as part of their cultural survival? How was it possible for these so called primitive people on two continents to produce a designer poison using only one of the millions of insects that abounded around them? Do elephants have a sense of impending death? Who were the 'white' men the nomads encountered on the plains of Kenya in a forgotten and desolate wilderness? These are but a few of the stories found in 'A Touch of Africa,' and Part II 'Onto the Amazon.' My journeys have taken me to Africa, the Amazon jungle, and the sub Arctic in Canada's far north. I fished with lepers on the Amazon River in the blackest of nights, walked the slave route in central Africa, and stood on the ground where Stanley presumed to meet Livingstone. The characters encountered in the backcountry were unique, each with their own fascinating tale, and over the years they became unwavering friends. I came to know the smell of famine and buried the dead, came down with malaria and later, black swamp fever. While on safari the unexpected became the norm as roads disappeared and the elephant assumed the right of way. It was in Kenya, East Africa where I experienced a way of life without the benefits of all the creature comforts we seem to believe are necessities. I started off teaching African students in a 'bush' school. My timetable included weekly forays into backcountry where as a novice, I was expected to hunt enough game to feed the school's nearly three hundred students.I was fortunate enough to meet a group of Italian old timers who lived and worked in some of the remotest areas of Kenya. Through these newly acquired contacts, I was able to safari beyond the tourist line and back in time to an Afric
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Author: Bert D'Amico
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Publisher: AuthorHouse (June 21, 2005)
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Wow, what an exciting read of African and Amazon stories for readers of all ages! There were creepy and eerie tales, funny, and sad ones too. Don't overlook the Crocs and the Safari Ants or you will be sorry - literally. A real roller coaster ride with great pictures to accompany the saga of this author.

If you want to take an unusual world tour right from the comfort of your own home, grab a copy of this book now.

~ Brenda Nixon, author of Parenting Power in the Early Years and The Birth to Five Book: Confident Childrearing Right from the Start
A great book which starts off innocently enough with a couple living in a bush school in Africa. Hilarious and enjoyable. The story quickly takes us in the remote NORTHERN FRONTIER DISTRICT of Kenya and back into another Africa of long ago. Fascinating tales and with myths and legends abound especially the 'walk' up the forbidden mountain to find a 'white god.'

The author then brings us to the Amazon jungle and his experiences with the 'invisible people' who live in a world shrouded with spirits and joyful at the same time. Incredible stories and hilarious at the same time.
Though a series of short, engaging chapters, A Touch of Africa chronicles Bert D'Amico's adventures, first in Africa, then in the Amazon Jungle. But the book is more than simply an interesting memoir, as D'Amico blends in discussions of mythology, anthropology and even theories of animal behaviour into his storytelling. If you enjoy National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, then you will find this book a truly enjoyable read!
When I first started to read this book I had my doubts about it. However after the first page I was hooked. It is a truely amazing story of one mans journey into the unknown. The stories that the author relays to the reader on each page are amazing and amusing. The book is a great read for anybody, and will capture your attention along with your imagination.