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by Rosie Swale Pope

After her husband died of cancer, 57-year-old Rosie set off to run around the world, raising money in memory of the man she loved. Followed by wolves, knocked down by a bus, confronted by bears, chased by a naked man with a gun and stranded with severe frostbite, Rosie's breathtaking 20,000-mile solo journey is as gripping as it is inspiring.

Rosie's solo run around the world started out of sorrow and heartache and a wish to turn something around.

Heartbroken when she lost her husband to cancer, Rosie set off from Wales with nothing but a small backpack of food and equipment, and funded by the rent from her little cottage. So began her epic 5-year journey that would take her 20,000 miles around the world, crossing Europe, Russia, Asia, Alaska, North America, Greenland, Iceland, and back into the UK.

On a good day she'd run 30 miles, on a bad day she'd only manage 500 yards, digging herself out of the snow at -62 degrees C, moving her cart inches at a time. Every inch, every mile, was a triumph, a celebration of life, and 53 pairs of shoes later Rosie arrived home to jubilant crowds in Tenby, Wales.

Rosie's incredible story is a mesmerizing page-turner of the run of her life. It will wake up the sleeping adventurer in you; it will inspire hope, courage and determination in you; but most of all it will convince you to live your life to the full and make every day count.

Download Just a Little Run Around the World: 5 Years, 3 Packs of Wolves and 53 Pairs of Shoes epub
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Author: Rosie Swale Pope
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Publisher: HarperTrue (May 28, 2009)
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Having read almost 100 tales of adventure over the past ten years, this one ranks in my top five for several reasons. First, it is well-written, taking the reader along on every twist and turn of the story without indulging in unnecessary personal drama and whinging. Rosie is not one to feel sorry for herself or treat the people she encounters as alien or odd in the way that some "Westerner on a trek" stories often fall into. Second, the story is inspiring for any person who has been convinced that life is over at 25. We have lost sight of the abilities, talents, and perseverance that help make adventures come true at any age. Third, unlike many adventure tales, Rosie is aware of trying to complete her journey in a certain time frame but this does not become the sole source of interest as it does in some adventure writing. If I am ever half as persistent as this woman I will consider myself blessed. This is a phenomenal read!
Too bad Rosie doesn't have more professional publicity representation. She wanted her trek to raise awareness and funding of prostate cancer research. I heard about her only because she appeared on Martha Stewart's TV show when she was passing through NYC in a latter stage of her trek. By the time she came through Boston, the Red Sox had won the World Series so she was ignored by the media when she came through New England. I followed her website after that, and eagerly-awaited the memoir. If her tale were a novel, people would dismiss it as being inconceivable. Her indefatigable determination and strength are awe-inspiring.
I would highly recommend this book if you are wanting a great read written by a great lady. TRULY INSPIRING. There is only one Rosie. She is a gem. I hope to see her again on her travels so I can thank her for her selfless contributions to bring about cancer awareness.
An inspirational and unbelievable journey. Rosie is tough as nails. I wish there was more details about her adventures though. It seemed like each chapter was a countless amount of “thank you’s” to those who helped her along the way (which are more than deserving) but I don’t think there was enough development of her story. Still, an amazing feat, but I was hoping for more stories similar to the teaser about her encounter with wolves.
It's a great story of overcoming roadblocks in life and a celebration of positivity. I think this would have been better as a series of articles. Although she does succeed no matter how miserable the situation. I got tired of going from one hellish adventure to the next - yes she could do it - but I was starting to get cold feet about what next miserable stiuation she would have to endure. Is she a hero - no doubt - along with her indominable spirit.
good book
The book jacket says this is a book about an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things, but I disagree; she is no ordinary woman. A truly inspiring account of a person who doesn't let age limit her and shows how kindness and a positive attitude can carry you through some pretty hairy situations.
A story that couldn't be made up. Life at it's purest. Running around the world raising money and awareness for cancer. It's amazing what she went through, and that she survived!

Well written, hard to put down, inspirational!