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by Baker

Based on the premise that all writing involves arguing a thesis, this classic, authoritative rhetoric presents the essential tools for writing graceful, persuasive essays. Emphasizing thesis and the structural integrity of the essay, The Practical Stylist provides a variety of organizational techniques to help students create sound essays, while the expository modes such as description, narration, and exposition are presented as strategies for supporting a thesis. Numerous essay models are provided to illustrate the principles of organization and explore the dynamics of language. A research paper chapter discusses online sources and the computerized library, and a brief handbook section provides help with grammar issues.
Download Practical Stylist with Readings and Handbook, The (8th Edition) epub
ISBN: 0321011821
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Author: Baker
Language: English
Publisher: Longman; 8 edition (June 27, 1997)
Pages: 540 pages
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I used (an earlier edition of) this book in an English composition class at the University of Kansas in the late 70's and have kept it with me ever since.

This book has so much to recommend it, it's hard to pick out one thing to emphasize, but the best advise I came away from the book with was Baker's admonition to give your writing the "Argumentative Edge." Like so many students, I found writing exceedingly painful: to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and begin writing inspired me not at all. I thought that I had to sound like Encyclopedia Britannica to write well.

Sheridan Baker slaps you around good to get that notion out of your head. To make your writing interesting (and as a bonus easier), he insists that your writing take a position, express an opinion, argue a point of view. Ditch "fairness" and objectivity--at least to get you started--and all of a sudden, writing becomes pleasurable.

I've never read this advice anywhere else (not even in Stunk and White), and it, along with many other jewels of wisdom have stuck with me for 20 years, making my writing life so much more fun than it otherwise would have been.

Good work, Sheridan.
Book looked brank new. No creases from it ever been opened it appeared. Shipping was quick. It showed up earlier than expected.
This is an excellent volume for
teaching quality literary criticism
to collegiate-level students.
In primary and secondary school,
the emphasis is on sentence
construct.i.e. A good sentence
must have a subject, verb and

Although students may learn
the mechanics of writing,they
do not pick up fine nuances
in literary expression. This work
forces the student to develop
a basic idea or theme.

Once developed the point of view
must be defended persuasively.
The thesis of the work is
contained somewhere in the first paragraph. Sentences should be
simple and stated actively.

Finally, each work should be developed in successive drafts from the first
to the final draft. I've found that students have a problem differentiating literary criticism from a simple regurgitation of what they read.

The Practical Stylist helps to
focus each student's attention on enunciating criticism of a person
nature or within the experiential
domain of a first hand knowledge.
It's painful to learn to develop
quality literary criticism because
the primary and secondary education simply does not focus on this
aspect in any meaningful depth.
I first encountered this book as an undergraduate in Australia in 1981. When I taught mathematics in Zimbabwe I gave my copy to the English Department. I have owned and given away (one stolen) several copies since. So I must think it's the best book in its genre.
I first used this book in 1967 when I was aboard ship taking a course in Expository English offered by The Harvard-M.I.T. Commission on Extension Courses. It has everything one needs to know to become a clear, concise writer. Easy to understand and enjoyable. I used it for many years, then it was stolen. I have been looking for another copy ever since and was afraid it was out of print. I'm about to order my second copy.