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by John LaCarna

This book uses a powerful mnemonic technique, the keyword method, to lock 1413 SAT and GRE words into the reader's memory quickly and easily. Dramatic improvements can be made in vocabulary size, reading comprehension, and scores on verbal exams. Since standard intelligence tests have significant verbal components, a major increase in vocabulary should increase IQ scores. Here's how it works: Take the word DEFENESTRATE, which means to throw out of a window. If you already know that word, you probably don't need this book. DEFENESTRATE is too limited in use to be in the book, but we want to demonstrate the method by having you actually learn a new word. The next time you encounter DEFENESTRATE, think DEFEND THE STREET. That's called the "key." Now, to "link" the key to the definition, imagine your town invaded by enemy troops, and citizens defending the streets by throwing objects out of the windows at them. So, in the format of Build Your Vocabulary Skills!, we have the following:

DEFENESTRATE (duh FEN es trate) to throw out of a window


LINK SENTENCE: The townfolk defended their streets against the enemy invaders by throwing things out of the windows at them.

Now, answer the following without looking at the above:

DEFENESTRATE What is the KEY? What is the LINK SENTENCE? So, what does DEFENESTRATE mean?

Drill yourself on this a couple of times and you'll never forget it. We have no suggestions as to how you could work this word into a conversation, but Build Your Vocabulary Skills! has over 1400 more useful words, each with pronunciaton, definition, key and links, so don't defenestrate this book on that account.

Download Build Your Vocabulary Skills!  A Quick And Easy Method epub
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Author: John LaCarna
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Publisher: The Graduate Group; 1st edition (November 1, 2000)
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This is an amazing idea. It would've been much better if the words were categorized by theme instead of alphabetical order because it seems arbitrary that way, but I think it's worth the money.

The other issue is that it doesn't say if the word is a verb or noun so you don't know how you should use the word...

Take the word abase... is it a verb or noun?

Should you say:

"He abased him"


"His words were abase."

Can you say "abasing"?


The problem is you won't know how to use the word, although you might understand the general idea of it.
I love love love this!!! I have always had a hard time memorizing vocab terms (especially since it feels like such a menial, useless task), but I've been preparing for the GRE this summer and I needed to find a way to cram as many words as possible into my brain. This book 100% works for me, I love everything about it. The only downside to it is that I've noticed I've been memorizing the words in order (I wish there was a way to shuffle the words/pages). I would definitely recommend this book to others, though be aware that everyone learns differently, so this method may not work as well as it did for me!
I've taken both the SAT and GRE already, but I wanted a book to teach me a bit more vocabulary. I was a bit disappointed, as I already knew most of the words in this book. I know several people who are able to learn this way, but to me, memorizing an entire extra sentence seems more difficult than just remembering the definition in the first place. Still, it's a good book if you are the type of learner who wants to use this method.
Thinking Tool: PNI , Positive, Not Positive and Interesting

very important
helps pass exams
helps refine vocab and expand it

the best marketers have the vocab of a 6 year old!

if one can switch between excellent vocab and poorer one depending upon audience then brilliant
(not so easy as one integrates the best vocab)
the more vocab is associated with perception of intelligence and higher rank both subjectively and objectively

Highly enjoy !
although they try to sell you a different or better way to build vocab. i found the method a bit annoying very soon and stop reading it. didn't work very well with me anyway.
This book uses a method of associating a word with sound-like sentences. I only found about half of these to be useful. It does have a good list of words and definitions, but the memory sentences are way too long and convoluted.
It really helps on my Vocabulary, i appreciate this book, it would be more better if this book contain easy example using original wordBuild Your Vocabulary Skills! A Quick and Easy Method
I like the book because it does teach me easy ways to remember the words. I use them often so I won't forget. As I read a page per day. Then I go back to the very beginning and test myself daily. I am very impressed as I still remember the words I have learned and I am using them when speaking, and more importantly, when I write at work. Thank you.