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by Gordon R. Dickson

The Childe Cycle, also known as the Dorsai series, is Gordon R. Dickson's future history of humankind and its ultimate destiny.
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ISBN: 0441237762
ISBN13: 978-0441237760
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Author: Gordon R. Dickson
Language: English
Publisher: Ace (October 1, 1985)
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Rating: 4.8
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This review is for the kindle edition only!! Dickson was a great author, and the Childe Cycle was his masterpiece. The Final Encyclopedia was the climax of that cycle.

But it didn't end where this bastardized ebook ends. Only one half of the book is included. Worse, there doesn't appear to be any kindle version of the rest of the book. This was a rather large paperback (~700 pages) when printed. I had hoped to replace it with this ebook, but that's not possible as it stands. Amazon should update this ebook to include the remainder of the book.
If you are familiar with Dickson's "Childe Cycle" novels, this will be a worthy addition. It also works as a stand-alone story, but not quite as well. There are numerous incursions into the protagonist's mind and mind-set, sometimes quite convoluted, which is the only reason I did not give it higher marks, because these excursions are not always germane to the story or the character(s), are are even sometimes quite tiresome. Dickson died before he could complete his series, but you can probably imagine what would have taken place in his final novel if you have read most of the other ones. It is what we used to call "hard" science fiction, so if you are looking for a fantasy story, look elsewhere. If you have read any of the other "Childe Cycle" novels, you also enjoy this one.
I really wanted to like this book. It is Gordon R. Dickson, which would normally be a good recommendation. And I did like it, for about the first two thirds of the book. Then it took a weird turn into internal introspection, philosophizing and rabbit trails of thought which don't gel together. I slogged through it in the hopes that somehow everything would come together, but it never did. I ended up feeling that the book had been written by two different people with two different skill sets and two separate visions of where the story was going. Perhaps some judicious application of an editing pen might have saved it for me, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Try as I might, I couldn't even finish reading it, giving up about two chapters from the end. I gave it two stars on the basis of the first two thirds and Dickson's name.
The story starts well enough, but in the middle there is a really long and rather tortuous wandering about to justify the hero's ability to spontaneously reincarnate, and why he and Bleys Ahrens can't kill each other, and a lot of other things. I sort of lost track, and the whole part about convincing two otherwise very prosperous cultures to sacrifice it all for some rather nebulous goal of the full spectrum folks was not believable. I originally read this in my teens, and it didn't work then either, but I thought now that I am wiser, or at least older, it might make more sense. It didn't. I am no longer motivated to read the rest of the series.
Of the books in this series that I have read thus far, this one is by far the hardest to stick to. There are certainly some parts that have rousing interest and adventure, but the rest falls off in overly-wordy and metaphysical wanderings. While the end theme is to build toward a future of change, the author drags it out to the point of losing his reading audience. I will continue reading the series, but I issue a caution to other readers....It is easy to lose focus when the "wanderings" begin.
Of all the Childe Cycle this is the slowest read. So many ideas competing for attention. I hope you have read most of the chronologically-previous books before tackling this one because you need them to set you up for this one.
Good story, but it's dragged out to at least one more book. I liked the earlier novels in the Childe Cycle better, more to the point in each book without cliffhangers.
I have read this book 4 times now as well as the Childe Cycle never gets old. The first time I read this series I was in my twenties. You cannot beat Gordon R. Dickson....Loved all of his works.