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by Asma Gull Hasan

Part memoir, part polenic, it represents the side of Islam that is left out of the daily newspaper. For Asma Hasan being a Muslin is not merely a matter of birth, but a matter of choice.
Download Why I Am a Muslim epub
ISBN: 0007175337
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Category: Politics
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Author: Asma Gull Hasan
Language: English
Publisher: Element Books Ltd.; First Edition edition (March 25, 2004)
Pages: 192 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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I first came upon Asma's work when she was speaking about her book,"American Muslims", at a university here in Denver. I monitor a great deal of right-wing talk radio, and Asma's presentation (spoken and written) has been so useful in countering all the stereotyping and fear-mongering going on. Asma certainly isn't doing the sort of work that US military propagandists, like Michael Savage, want to see. Savage and many others (like Robert Spence, the author of "Onward Muslim Soldier") are spending a great deal of time on America's airwaves talking about how evil Islam is. The result has been Abu Ghraib, 17,000 dead civilians, a country littered with depleted uranium and cluster bombs, and so forth.

If I had the funds, I'd ship boxes of Asma's books to soldiers in Iraq. I imagine some military personnel would think twice about dropping another 1000 lb. bomb on Fallujah, or busting down the door of some family's house. Maybe some soldiers would even go AWOL!

And Asma is the sort of cultural ambassador that provides some space for hope in an era of detentions and deportations.

She's very funny, too.

I'm sending emails to Air America Radio to have her on as a guest. They'd be nicer to her than the hosts at Fox News, and the critics on this forum.

Keep up the great work and peace be with you Asma.
Balanced portrayal of Islam by an appealing young normal Muslim. Approved, moreover, by the Muslims I have shown it to. Not recommended for either Muslim or Christian extremists, for whom it will not satisfy, but for those interested in general in getting on with life.
First, it was written by someone who believes in her faith, and successfully shared those in her book. As a volunteer history lecturer and teacher, was in years past developing a course on "The History and Understanding of Islam". Miss Hassan's book was a valuable resource as well as through e-mail communications. It is a read that every American should read!
I have just finished reading Asma Gull Hasan's book, Why I Am a Muslim, An American Odyssey. It is beautifully and simply written in the American vernacular, easily understood by all. Asma Gull Hasan is an American Muslim as I am. Asma presents a wonderful understanding of Islam through vignettes of her life, by quoting the Quran, by teaching about the Prophet Muhammad, by clarifying misconceptions and misinformation about Islam, by explaining how cultural biases got mixed up with Islam, and by showing what the true Islam is, the one, which our Prophet, taught and lived.
I loved this book!! Not only is it an easy read, it is a comprehensive look at Islam from a real life, pragmatic point of view.
If you want to learn about the REAL Islam without all the political nonsense and extremist bulls**t, this is the book for you.
One of the best books on Islam I have ever read!!!
I often get a laugh out of people who think they know someone else's story and tells them that they are wrong. I have already seen that in one review. As a historian that studies Race/ethnic relations and has spent a lot of time in race/ethnic comparative studies, I would highly recommend this book. It gives a real account of her personal story of what it is to be an American who is also Muslim. So on a anthropological, ethnic history, Literature (Which this book would be perfect for an undergrad lit class) side this book has its value. On a personal side and someone who maybe interested in personal antidotes on how to deal with the world around them this book has value as well. What does this mean? It has appeal on multiple areas and is not so big and cumbersome that a person would get bored or lost in it thus never finishing. It is not a historical fact book nor it is not a political fact book and if that is what you want you will have to look else where. I have had to slim down my book collection by several hundred, this one is a keeper.
I thought the book "Why I am a Muslim" is a better read for Non-Muslims than Muslims. Muslims already know within themselves why they have chosen to follow Islam and don't need to read her opinions, since they are probably similar in many aspects. The book seemed to drag for me at times.

The book is more important for non-Muslims to read since it may show them that there are strong woman in our culture. Perhaps it will make them realize that not all women of Islam are oppressed and brutalized like they show in the media too often. We also have outspoken and educated women, like Hasan, in our culture as well. By the way, they are not rare.

The book also, maybe inadvertently, gives a few lessons about Islam to non-Muslims, which could lead them to do further unbiased research about Islam. By doing there own study of the religon, with credible sources, they themselves can learn what Islam is truly about.

The only major disagreement I had with Hasan's viewpoints was the fact she seems to think that the wearing of hijabs (headcoverings) is a sign of oppression against women. Many Muslim women I know wear it and it is not by force, but by choice. I have seen in many cases wear the Mom does not wear it but the daughter does. What does that tell you?

As for the men who came up to her after one of her speeches and asked her why doesn't she wear it, I would tell them to back off. What she is saying in this book or in her speeches is not diminished by what she is or isn't wearing on her head. It's her choice and it is not your place to ask. That was the best question you could come up with after she was done speaking? C'mon.

Overall a quick decent read. Four stars if you are non-Muslim. It will be more interesting for you.