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by Winslow Pinney Pels,Freya Littledale

The classic tale of the kind fisherman and his greedy wife. . .
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ISBN: 043967154X
ISBN13: 978-0439671545
Category: Politics
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Author: Winslow Pinney Pels,Freya Littledale
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic (2004)
Pages: 32 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 403
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"The Magic Fish" is Freya Littledale's retelling of the classic Grimm's folk tale about a kindly fisherman, his greedy wife, and a magic fish (actually an enchanted prince) capable of granting wishes. Naturally, the wife is the villain in this tale, who is ultimately taught a hard lesson about greed and limits - a lesson that many in our modern era apparently need to learn. Having adapted many folk and fairy tales for her children's books, Littledale uses her experience to retell the tale in simple, straightforward language that is easy for young children to understand. Her retelling of this tale also lends itself to being read aloud, and parents will no doubt enjoy reading it to their children.

I was, however, slightly disappointed with the book's illustrations, which were created by veteran children's book artist Winslow Pinney Pels. Although I do appreciate the medieval woodcut-like style that Pels has chosen for this book, the colors that he uses in its illustrations are so subdued that they sometimes seem a bit washed out. More importantly, the book's namesake - the Magic Fish - is drawn throughout the book with this spooky, dead expression on his face. The Magic Fish looks less like an enchanted prince, and more like today's market special, ready for a garlic-butter sauce and a twist of lemon. Pels is adept enough at drawing facial expressions, as one can see from the weary look on the fisherman's face whenever he has to deal with his wife, or from his wife's increasingly haughty and imperious demeanor as her increasingly outrageous wishes are granted. It seems as if Pels should have been able to make the Magic Fish seem a bit more...magical.

Although "The Magic Fish" isn't perfect, it is still worth reading to the kids as a bedtime story. It avoids the cutesiness and smarminess that plagues many modern renditions of fairy tales, including the "happily ever after" endings that were absent from the originals. Here, as in the original tale, character flaws and vices have definite consequences, which one can regret for the rest of one's life. It's a moral worth teaching to young children, even if you have to explain to them that the fish in the story isn't some weird zombie carp.
I selected this book for my son because of the wonderful illustrations and the familiar story, to support his more independent reading. The book arrived, and I was completely delighted by the illustrations - and then I saw the ink spatters on two of the pages. Thinking that it was a defective copy, I contacted Amazon, and they were great about exchanging for another copy, which regrettably had the same ink spatters. It only affects two spreads in the book, and it just looks like the printer accidentally dripped some ink which smeared on a couple of the pages, but it came as a surprise. So my score for the book would be a 5, but reduced not because of the quality of the writing or illustrations (which are wonderful), but because of the printing error. We're enjoying reading it just the same.

I really appreciate how gracious Amazon was in working through the return. I love good customer service!
Error parents
Even though a smallish book, the emotionally-accurate illustrations are large enough for distant listeners/viewers to enjoy the attitudes expressed in the story. The theme of greed becomes obvious quite soon. The students can easily predict the fisherman's wife's response to her good fortunes, and will eagerly recite her dissatisfactory refrain at the proper time. This is a very brief tale and an ideal read for that "little time" so many teachers seem to have. My 1-3 student audiences are very sympathetic to the fisherman and hold disdain for his wife.

Picture Book Folk Tale: Grades 1-3

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Love this book. My parents read it to me when I was a child and now I read it to my children.
I love this story, used to read it to my 5 year old son b4 bedtime, if I tried to skip a page, he'd tell me, "mom, that's not how it goes". He's 40 yrs. old now and loves fishing and still remembers this book!!! Thank you so much, so happy that I bought 2 of them!
I was hoping for a bit more out of this story than what I found. It has a good message, but it was kind of a boring way to express it. It became obvious early on where it was going, and the repetitive approach kind of ruined it for me. But that's me.
Read this book to my kids, they loved it. Now I just bought it again for my granddaughter!
I LOVED this book as a child, and I now get to share the wonderful story with my children. It teaches a great lesson about being thankful for what you have in life.