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Download Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know: Find Out How They Really Feel About Women, Relationships, Love, and Sex epub

by Barbara De Angelis

Here's the book you'll wish you read before your very first date. Renowned relationship expert Barbara de Angelis, Ph.d  reveals:-Secrets about sex that men will never tell you-Which men spell trouble from the start-How to get the man you love to open up-The six biggest mistakes women make with men-The five biggest mysteries about men-What men say versus what they really mean-Why men always want to be right-Men's top twenty sexual turn-offs-How to get as much as you giveHow much do you really know about men and sex? Take the quizzes and see. Here are exercises, checklists, dos, dont's, and proven-effective tools and techniques that can turn you into a more powerful woman and absolutely transform your relationships with men.
Download Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know: Find Out How They Really Feel About Women, Relationships, Love, and Sex epub
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Author: Barbara De Angelis
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Publisher: Dell; Mar-91 edition (February 5, 1991)
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"When a man does not feel good about himself, he will become less loving to you." ~ Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis is obviously an expert on male-female relationships and as I read all her books I realize how much she has gone through to write such helpful guides. She bases her ideas on surveys and personal experience.

The start of this book is mostly about changing yourself so you become more confident, stop mothering your man and stop nagging constantly. By irritating your man less you get a better relationship instantly. Then you can work on deeper levels of communication because your guy will actually be more interested in talking to you. Barbara De Angelis gives very good advice in this area too. She especially advises you to tell a man what you like to talk about and then stick to a plan. Basically leave the aimless conversations for when you are with your female friends or with a man who has a large corpus callosum. I personally find it more easy to talk to a man who is artistic.

"Like most women I've done all the wrong things to try to get a man to love me, and I`ve had to learn the hard way." ~ Barbara De Angelis

This book has some good tips on how not to rescue men and how to allow them to grow and evolve because they want to, not because you force them to. Barbara talks about how you should get your own life and seek support amongst female friends. As she says: "Men will never be women."

Some of the surprising things in this book include the topic about reasons men want to have sex. You should also avoid asking a man what is wrong and asking a man how you look - especially if you want details.

Barbara DeAngelis did men a favor when she wrote this book almost twenty years ago. This is an excellent pep talk for women who are fed up in their relationships. It gives women the power to change their relationships for the better all while allowing men to be men. This is not a book about changing men but rather a book that seeks to explain why men react the way they do. By making slight adjustments women can gain the love they need and deserve.

Reading this book made me appreciate my husband more. I especially liked her advice on being straightforward with men. She suggests that when you are feeling upset you tell your man exactly what you want from him at that time. This saves hours of wasted time and gets you a faster result, especially if you want to avoid fights. Barbara DeAngelis encourages women not to think of men as mind readers.

For the most part this book seems to be quite accurate so the only problem I had was that some of the solutions didn't take temperaments into consideration. A more outgoing partner may find it easier to plan events or take charge in various ways. This book does tell some secrets about men but it also explains how women act and react in relationships. I thought the section on sexuality was enlightening and men will love the advice when it is put into action.

~The Rebecca Review
Zeus Wooden
I have begun reading this book. Hoping to better understand my husband and improve my love for him. So far, I have seen her samples in other's I have known, but little applies to my husband and I. We have not had multiple relationships with others outside of our marriage and I'm not sure how helpful her findings will work for us. I'll have to let you know when I finish the book.
A must-have guide for understanding your relationship! Suddenly, you will realize that all those things you thought were uniquely annoying in your significant other, were, ahem, pretty standard gender-based behaviors. Makes you feel very comforted and really an eye opener into ways to interact with someone you dearly love but sometimes fail to understand!
Dancing Lion
Great insight is given from both sides of the fence. Well written and easily comprehended. Not your typical, dry Self-Help read.
While dating my husband, this book REALLY helped me to stop being so insecure about my imperfections. Long story short, my boyfriend fell deeper in love with me as I became more self-assured (without turning into a bitch) and he eventually asked me to marry him. THANK YOU DR. BARBARA!!!!
This was an interesting read and mostly common sense though. It helps reaffirm the ideas and opinion you may already have about your past and current relationships with males. It is worth borrowing from a friend or reading from the library, but I wouldn't pay again, at least not more than $7. It would be most helpful to younger woman who have had less life and romantic experience.
The book has great information but it is things we already know. I thought it was going to be more in depth information so I found this book very boring. I would recommend this for a young girl just starting to seriously date but not for someone who has been married for sometime
Not the best in guidance, but secular speaking, okay.