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by Philip Singerman

Red Adair is now a multimillionaire, but he has worked his way up from a poor childhood in Houston where he spent years on the railways and on bomb-disposal before becoming an expert on oil-well firefighting. This is an account of his heroic life fighting fires all over the world - the 800-foot Devil's Cigarette Lighter in Algeria, fires in the giant wells of the Awaz Field in Iran, the sabotaged wells of Sumatra and Libya, and most recently, the Piper Alpha explosion in the North Sea.
Download Red Adair: An American Hero epub
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Author: Philip Singerman
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC; 1St Edition edition (November 2, 1989)
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I remember my father talking about Red when I was a child, and he told me about his trips working as an engineer/supervisor in the oil fields of Texas and the Middle East. It took me many, many years to read this book, because my dad spoke of Red as a friend and as a man for whom he had absolute respect for, and I was afraid of reading words that would not show the man how I had come to know him. I'm happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed this biography and was not in any way disappointed by what I read; it took me back to a long ago time with my dad, and also reminded me of the dangers of the job he did while away from home for weeks or months at a time. Red Adair was the best wild well fighter : my dad knew that, and told me about him before the rest of the world got to know him. This book gives a good insight into the world of oil wells and the people who work them, the politics that ruin them and the bad decisions that risk people's lives to save money... But most of all it gives us Red Adair in all his humanity, courage, kindness, honor, bravery, dignity and respect for others.
My entire family has worked in the "Oil Patch" since the 1930s. Red Adair is not only a hero, he invented the equipment and methods to put out oil well fires. My family knew him well. This exciting biography begins with the horrible well fire and blowout of an offshore rig in the North Sea. The rig was the Piper Alpha. The year was 1988.
At one time in the oil industry, there was no one who could even deal with blowouts and fires. Many died horrible deaths. Ever since oil was discovered late in the 19th century and people found out it was a source of energy, great efforts were made to extract it. The industry grew all over the world but the technology exceeded safety measures.
Then along came Red Adair. He was known worldwide as the first to create measures to put out well fires.
I have personally seen a blowout and well fire up close. I can say it is the scariest and most horrible thing I have ever seen. Red's methods were amazing. He was in such demand worldwide that he had to train other crews.
When the Iraquis set all the wells on fire in Kuwait, people said it would take years to quench the fires.
Red came in with his crews and put the fires out in less than 6 months.
The Piper Alpha was a beautiful rig but when the gas erupted from the sea bed and engulfed the rig, there was a horrible explosion and many could not escape. Red's ingenuity was amazing.
Read this and find out what happened. I love this story.
I looked for this everywhere,it was not easy to find. Shipment was quick and I was really happy with the quality.
My entire family knew Red. What a character. He came from a poor family. In those days the Texas oil fields provided the jobs. Oil provided a living for most people in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Things were scarce for a while. Then oil well fires started breaking out in the 1960's.
People were killed and this had to stop. The oil fields were just getting too dangerous even in the mid-east such as Saudi Arabia. Red had been thinking for a while about how to kill these fires safely. Finally the chance came with Piper Alpha an enormous North Sea rig in 1988.
This story is so hair-raising the I couldn't stop reading it.
Red invented so much equipment that death on the rigs greatly decreased. There are stories of great huge, very scary fires from all over the world.
Red worked hard and he played hard. But he saved lives. This book describes the equipment to prevent fires and put them out. I personally saw a blowout and huge file in Oil City, La.
We were pretty far away (so we thought). We got out of our car and it was so hot that we couldn't breathe and the paint on our car started blistering. I think the rig was almost a mile away. The fire was so hot that the derrick had sagged into the well. Awful!! Scary! I will never forget this for the rest of my life.
This book is a wonderful story of a very inventive man. He also played hard. Remember Kuwait?
The Iraquis had set all the wells on fire. People on the news wailed that it would take at least a year to put the fires out. Ha! They didn't know Red Adair or the Texas Oilmen. I forget the time but it was well under a year.
There is so much more but folks, this is an incredible story of a true American Hero. This should be taught in every school. Americans do not celebrate our heroes enough.
Red Adair's personal history is as fascinating as his long resume as an oil well firefighter. Also recommend "Into the Inferno: The Story of Red Adair." His battle with the Piper Alpha Fire and especially The Devil's Cigarette Lighter are especially thrilling.
After personally knowing Red over several years and hearing some of his stories directly, I found the book to tell the story accurately, of course covering much more of his life. The book is well written and true to the character, not leaving out some of his less admirable acts and traits as well as his good humor and enjoyment of people in the "patch". I was happy with the bookseller and with the condition of my "collectible" copy of the book.