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by Eichmann Adolf,Jochen Von Lang,Ralph Manheim,Claus Sibyll

Translation of transcripts from the archives of the Israeli police interrogation of Adolf Eichmann.
Download Eichmann Interrogated epub
ISBN: 0370305167
ISBN13: 978-0370305165
Category: Politics
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Author: Eichmann Adolf,Jochen Von Lang,Ralph Manheim,Claus Sibyll
Language: English
Publisher: The Bodley Head Ltd; First Edition edition (January 1, 1900)
Pages: 314 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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A chilling insight into the seemingly routine business of exterminating the Jewish people. The interviewer point out inconsistencies and downright lies in Eichmann's "testimony". At every opportunity, Eichmann attempts to divert responsibility to anyone and everyone in the Third Reich other than himself for the atrocities committed against the inmates of the concentration camps. Meanwhile, he maintained he was basically "just following orders". For someone who grew up after the second world war, the vivid pictures portrayed of man's inhumanity to fellow human beings, whether they are Jews, disabled, Jehovah's Witnesses or gay, is haunting.
The substance of the book of course was fascinating. But the book arrived not as described, pages yellowed and brittle, spine broken causing loose pages.
Very precious historical collection.Without the assistance of Amazon,it was quite impossible to obtain the Book.Enjoyed each and every bit of the contents.Many many thanks,Amazon.
loads of info.
I have always wanted to read about Adolph Eichmann and his role in the Holocaust. This book will explain his involvement.
A better understanding of the depth of evil
This is a hard book to read, but highly recommended. It must have been Eichmann's worst nightmare: to find himself brought to justice by the very people he tried to exterminate. One feels no sympathy for the man; what makes the book so uncomfortable to read is to see him lie and dissemble.

Like the monstrous bully he was, he is unable to accept responsibility or to show any genuine remorse. Rather, he claims to have been a cog in the wheel, to have no responsibility for what happened. One would almost wish he just denied guilt rather than put on this snivelling performance (but then, it is the Holocaust deniers who ought to be forced to read this book because it not only makes it clear what happened, it makes it obvious, to me at least, that Hitler ordered it).The brilliant interrogation of Captain Avner Less of the Israeli police should be read by all law enforcement officers as a way to trap a suspect. Eichmann denies knowledge of a particular matter and then is shown a document on that very subject that he signed. "I can't wriggle out of that one," becomes a refrain. Peculiar little sidelights about the Holocaust pop up. Captain Less asks about Jewish Nazis, for instance (of which there were a few, surprisingly enough) and Eichmann goes through a song and dance about how they had to be sent off to the camps because they were Jews but were isolated from the other prisoners because they were Nazis. Really twisted thinking.

It was impossible for me to read this book with a lower opinion of Eichmann than I already had, but it does give you insight into how evil can dominate someone who lacks a moral compass.
In many works attempting to discuss the minds behind the Nazi Final Solution, the reader is harnessed with the task of sorting facts from assumptions and interpretations that too often color an otherwise accurate book. However, Eichmann Interrogated allows the reader to study the words of one of the most notorious actors of Hitler's plans for genocide and mass murder. While reading the transcripts of Eichmann's interrogations at the hands of Israeli police, I attempted to try and understand what would cause Eichmann, a man who in his earlier years had a fascination for Jewish culture, to turn evil and attempt to destroy a whole race of people. Although the transcripts don't provide an answer to such a complex question, they did provide a means to study Eichmann. Through out the interrogation, Eichmann consistently denied his role in carrying out the Final Solution. Rather than admit to any actual killings of Jews, Eichmann stuck to a story which maintained that he was simply a soldier following orders, and even then, his only task was to ensure that the trains containing the Jews were running accurately. I found it also interesting to read that Eichmann claims to have provided alternatives to the wholesale slaughter of the Jews, such as exportation of all Jews to the African island of Mauritius, or the strangely Zionistic support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Although the truth about Eichmann and his motivations will never be clear, the transcripts of his interrogation, although possibly filled with lies, provides an interesting historical document for those wishing to learn more about the psychology of the engineers of the Final Solution.