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Download The Shere Hite Reader: New and Selected Writings on Sex, Globalism, and Private Life epub

by Shere Hite

The Shere Hite Reader presents wide-ranging analysis on the individual and society from a renowned thinker on psychosexual development. The book includes new science in addition to previously published material, reflecting Hite's three decades of work probing the roots of human identity through questionnaires and theory.For the first time Hite formalizes her thinking on male adolescence, that boys feel tortured by the new social role they are forced to assume at puberty requiring a show of superiority toward females. In new detail Hite advances her understanding that sex is political, linking the expectation on women to achieve orgasm through coitus with broader patterns of oppression. Hite discusses new research on female adolescence, challenging the "virgin" hymen concept, and documenting that sexual awakening often precedes puberty. Hite also argues that pornography misrepresents male sexuality (not to mention female sexuality), depicting it as singular and silly instead of "full of intriguing, nuanced behavior involving the entire body, not just the penis."The authoritative collection of her work, The Shere Hite Reader challenges the reader to a new way of seeing.
Download The Shere Hite Reader: New and Selected Writings on Sex, Globalism, and Private Life epub
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Category: Politics
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Author: Shere Hite
Language: English
Publisher: Seven Stories Press; Seven Stories Press 1st Ed edition (April 1, 2006)
Pages: 560 pages
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I read this back in 2007 after seeing Shere Hite on the Colbert Report. It was a fascinating read, backed with data (although these studies are a bit flawed, both because of the material and the lower survey count).

Regardless, it was influential simply by prompting me to reflect on sex and gender interactions and bias. I highly recommend it.
Fascinating. One of those books which women would long to show their lovers, "See Darling, you're no the only one who is frustrated by the clitoris connection to orgasm; shall I read you what it says and chill the champagne?" -- not to mention the intense relief as to the reality of most men's ineptitude and lack of interest in women's orgasm verses natural capacity / capability. (On an aside not addressed in the book, What would happen if he had to sleep in the wet spot every time SHE did not orgasm?)

Found the definition of how men have named coitus 'penetration' verses 'enfolding', vagina = sheath (named by an Italian as in 'to sheath a sword'), etc. refreshing. These are excellent examples for many of the questions Hite raises in the traditional valuation, naming and presentation of women's physiology.

Excellent research on the male point of view - both enlightening as well as daunting. Her survey excerpts are fascinating in their depth and spectrum. Reading these could be both enraging, `Another stupid question. The clitoris is on the inside of the vagina and my penis touches it when we fu_ _.' to `My girlfriend showed me where it was and what she liked. I felt honored she would trust me so.'..... How women raise their boys, son-in-laws, and nephews will greatly affect how these men-in-training address their girlfriends and lovers, children and ultimately view their societal roles.

With the [daft] preference of conservatives to maintain women's roles in the traditional light, Hite's future considerations remain paramount for all generations, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and other persuasions.

The only downside continues to be the pervasive traditional stereotypes which can be daunting to read over a long haul. Suggest reading in topical form, which Hite presents well. WE'VE COME A LONG WAY and I look forward to a future Hite report which indicates to an even greater degree the growing and pervasive equality in relationships, sexuality, female orgasm, education and socio-economic impact.

I took part in one of her surveys after having been introduced to her via college course. Her work was required reading - no hardship to anyone!

She and her colleagues are a blessing for the earth.