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by Stephen Greco

"Stephen Greco delivers a book of stories so steamy it would be easy to mistake The Sperm Engine as cutting-edge porn. But the witty, street-sassy pieces in this smart debut collection defy pat description. In the bulk of these, a brutally frank narrator haunts '90s back-room Manhattan, giving us seemingly autobiographical portraits and observations that read at times like intimate, explicit dispatches. At other times he's strictly literary, even biting. 'The Trout' is an All About Eve-style story in which a beautiful cowboy stumbles into a literary career without writing a word. Between this and the breathless, bravura 'Men and Their Issues,' readers will recognize a writer who ranks with the likes of Andrew Holleran."  --OUT Magazine
Download The Sperm Engine epub
ISBN: 1931160112
ISBN13: 978-1931160117
Category: Politics
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Author: Stephen Greco
Language: English
Publisher: Green Candy Press; First Edition edition (October 18, 2002)
Pages: 240 pages
ePUB size: 1739 kb
FB2 size: 1262 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 914
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It's a great read! But I may be prejudiced; my cousin wrote it.
A very unique book, to say the least. Definitely not for everyone. It was very well written, and although some would call it pornography, that is not its aim, and I don't believe it was written with prurient intent. It shed light on things that most people would never read about or know about.
This book is so boring that doctors should recommend it to those with insomnia because it'll put you right to sleep. Billed as an erotic book of essays, it did not succeed with its task.
The author seems to dwell in his promiscuity, but bores us with stories about his furniture and odd stains on his upholstery instead of telling us how those stains got there.
In another essay he tells of his dying lover in the hospital and the last time they performed together, then, at the funeral, his lover's nurse comes to tell him that he was "with" the lover several times--and the author thought that was comforting. Yet there were no details of any of these couplings.
There is a point when trying to write erotica intelligently, which I am all for, that the writer inadvertantly eradicates all hints of passion and heat. The author completely leaves his readers cold and unmoved and still not in the mood, which is unfortunate. This book could have been very steamy and still maintained its dignity had the writer moved into the scenes and relived the physicality of his sessions. But no, we are to read about distant memories that have no feeling or touch attached.
Instead of this book being labeled and marketed as erotica, it should have been listed as autobiographic...and if these are the highlights of a life, I feel sorry for the subject--how can one lead a life so boring?
Ah - The Sperm Engine - Stephen Greco's debut success! This nasty little treasure, is a compilation of erotic journal entries, short fiction and narrative essays, with enough dirt for your inner voyeur to feast upon for weeks. After all, what else do you do with your inner voyeur? Offer to play a game of catch?
Greco certainly is an acquired taste for those who prefer the memoir/essayist, David Sedaris. But for those for decide to take the risk, they will find that Greco is as witty and creative, if not a lot more risque. Alas, one shoud not catagorize this as plain erotica, though many of the chapters contain greatly detailed sex acts and thoughts. Greco tends to tell a greater story using erotica as a mere literary tool to help push his story along. His first chapter, gives an intense testimony to meeting his partner in the cruising grounds of a Brooklyn park and is handled very bluntly, where the reader mouth will drop open in pure shock and amusement. However other chapters confess darker tones, such as a story devoted to a character's last act of intimacy with his dying lover in a hospital bed. Greco explores more of the human frailty and conflict through sexuality. Not only does he share some of his most intimate secrets, but some of his wizdom as well.
Of course, memoir and fiction certainly do interwine within this book and it can be difficult to distinguish which stories are fiction and which are not. One particular fiction piece, "Men and their Issues", follows the storyline of about 15-20 different characters over the course of one evening - some of the characters being humurously created and others more tragic.
The "Sperm Engine" is a truely excellent read, blending in dramatic memoir, humour and erotica together. This may not be a book to read through in one sitting, but perhaps to be savored over several nights and reads.
I never thought I would get addicted to this book in the way that I did. As a hetero female, I assumed I wasn't the target audience. And I'm not. But that's besides the point. The stories are so engaging, so honest and funny that they transcend gay porn or erotic fiction. They're fascinating stories--a truly spectacular entree into the world of the penis.