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Download Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their Real Feelings Will Solve Your Guy D epub

by Amber Madison

What if everything you've been told about guys your entire life has been a lie? And what if your approach to sex, dating, and relationships is completely wrong, because it's based on false assumptions about how men think and feel?

The idea that guys are "only interested in one thing," may help comedians, TV executives, and "dating gurus" make money, but it's not the truth. That's right-guys care about more than just sex, they don't have to be coaxed into relationships, and they deeply value emotional connections with women. How do we know? Because sex and dating expert Amber Madison asked them. She grilled more than a thousand guys in ten cities through interviews and surveys. She examined every stage of romantic relationships-from meeting a guy to getting serious with him-in order to find out what men really think, and why they do the things they do.

Why do guys stop calling after a few dates? How can you tell if a guy actually likes you? How soon is too soon to have sex? Based on actual research, Are All Guys Assholes teaches you how to decipher and navigate any dating, hookup, or relationship situation. It explains the roots of some seemingly asshole-ish behaviors, and teaches you how to tell the good ones from the assholes once and for all. By the end, you'll never look at guys the same way again.

Download Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act  Like They Are, and How Understanding Their Real Feelings Will Solve Your Guy D epub
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Author: Amber Madison
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Publisher: TarcherPerigee; Original edition (September 29, 2011)
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Disclaimer: This review also applies to women who are prone to the behavior(s) described in this book.

Given that we graduated from the same university, I wanted to give the author the benefit of the doubt. I was going through a "all men are awful human beings" phase and happened to run into this book, and I truly, truly, truly wanted to believe in the author's thesis. Unfortunately, this book only reaffirms the stereotype--even worse, by using anecdotes that make you lose all faith in humanity--that the title to this book is true.

The author's conclusion rests on a very narrow definition of the word "a-hole." She assumes that the term only includes guys who are maliciously out to get girls and actively make them feel bad. Under that definition, yes, this book is true in all aspects.

But the author misses the point. Time and time again, the author reaffirms the fact that the guys she interviewed are insecure, selfish, and always looking for better waters. I'm not saying that they have no right to be, or that all men are evil. But if you're looking for a book that says, "hey, guys are human beings with feelings just like you," this probably isn't going to be that book. It's a book that drives down the fact that men are human beings with feelings that are misunderstood by society, and because of that, we should excuse every single thing that they do because it's not their fault. Uh, no.

Two redeeming things about this book: 1.) it's very well written and a fun read; and 2.) it tells us to chill out a little and not take things so seriously, as we should. However, I don't think that excusing a-hole behavior -- adhering to "the game," lying to get sex, ghosting -- is a productive use of our time. This book makes a point about how girls and guys all work the same way, and that the difference between how we think is attributable to "nurture," rather than "nature." I agree with this. However, we shouldn't start excusing common human decency just because men are insecure, selfish, or changed their minds.
Funny book and great read.
Enjoyed the book. Sell shipped promptly.
This book asks the question that many women find themselves asking at one point or another. Madison interviews 1000 men about dating and relationships and finds that many of the ideas we have about guys are untrue. Guys and girls both assume that men only think about sex, but these interviews show that most men actually want relationships. This book breaks down myths and makes relationships much easier. Like, guys are nervous on a first date too, and asking a guy out is not a turn off. Are All Guys A*** is also filled with funny stories, great quotes from men and really interesting stats on what men really think! Reading this has challenged many of my assumptions and has helped me see that men and women are really not that different. I give it a 5 thumbs up!!!
This book is especially helpful when trying to rethink perceptions, and how they can be utterly and completely wrong.
There were also fascinating facts about womens sexuality and how we perceive ourselves to be so different - its just not true.
Well worth the read!
Repititious with statistics. Thought it would have been much better. Found it to be repititious not only with stats but with story/info. Got bored 1/2 way thru.
This book disappointed me from the start with a preconceived notion that all guys are supposedly taught to be jerks. Regardless of this idea, the fact remains that most, if not all, guys are indeed jerks, are very superficial and seem to only want one thing: sex. If we go into a date/relationship, thinking to change someone that's supposedly brainwashed in this way, it'll be wrong, especially with how a lot of guys act these days. Too many of them are high-maintenance and arrogant beyond words. Though not a misandrist, I read until I lost interest shortly into the book. This author is definitely a devil's advocate for the male sex, despite being a woman. I quickly got bored of her defense of men and their inexcusable behaviors. If you're looking for an unbiased book, don't bother. You're much better off, looking up Patti Stanger's books with her Millionaire Matchmaker success for useful information.
I found this to be funny, well-written, and very down-to-earth. It was fair to men and as a 33 year old single woman who is FAIRLY JADED in the dating process, this book helped bring the perspective back about how men are actually human beings and not vipers. Definitely worth the read, in my opinion.