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Download Hippies From A to Z: Their Sex, Drugs, Music and Impact From the Sixties to the Present epub

by Skip Stone

Hippies From A to Z is an overview of the personalities and events of the Hippy Movement, how they influenced the course of history and transformed American society. The first part of the book contains a general discussion of the impact of hippies upon society including the major achievements of the Hippie Movement. The second part is a reference work covering the details. The book includes chapters on: Philosophy, Activism, Sex & Love, Drugs, Music, Fashions & Lifestyle, Old Hippies, Young Hippies, a Hippie Timeline, Landmark Events, Famous Hippies and an extensive Glossary. Hippies From A to Z answers all those questions about hippies, their philosophy and lifestyle including who did what, when and why.
Download Hippies From A to Z: Their Sex, Drugs, Music and Impact From the Sixties to the Present epub
ISBN: 1930258011
ISBN13: 978-1930258013
Category: Politics
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Author: Skip Stone
Language: English
Publisher: Hip Inc; 1 edition (December 10, 1999)
Pages: 176 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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This book was enjoyable to read, but I don't believe in taking drugs especially psychedelics. I think it is up to a person what they want to take but it isn't my thing. Used to be. It seemed back in the 60's and early 70's being a hippy was in, but a certain number of hippy's didn't have a philosophy other then they wanted to find something to get high on. This book explored some of the hippy philosophy. I also found a lot of interesting information about hippy philosophy on Wikipedia, that is how I got inspired to buy this book. It gave me an overall idea what was going on back then, and an insight to the music which I listened to all the time and still do. I would have given it 5 stars except for the drug issue.
While engagingly written, this book doesn't quite know what it wants to be. If a historical analysis of the hippie generation, it is lacking, with only a few rehashes of well-trod territory: the Summer of Love, Altamont, the 1968 Democratic Convention. If a resource book for present day hippies, it doesn't give enough information: publishers of books and songs, birth and death dates in the biographies, etc. I suppose that spontaneity and informality are the trademark of the hippie lifestyle, but they are sometimes a drawback for people looking for information.
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It has become my go to for information regarding hippie life and style. Amazing research tool for writing.
While writing an undergraduate term paper at Harvard University on the Counterculture of the '60s and '70s, I used this book as a refference. I had a good time with reading it and it was a good start to my research. Stone's own experiences and opinions as an "old hippie" help to give this book a very friendly and personal glow. It truely made me wish that I had been born a few generations earlier (not that I didn't already wish that). The first half of the book is a more in-depth account of hippy philosophies, drugs, sex, fashion, activism etc...and the second half of the book serves as more of a list of events, people, places, music, literature etc... which helped to shape the counterculture. I would suggest this book for pleasure reading purposes rather than as a source of refference mostly because it is a biased perspective (the perspective of a true and full-blown hippy) and because the accounts of people and events (all of which are extremely essential to the understanding of the hippie movement) don't go into great detail...rather they are more like extended summaries. However if you are researching the counterculture, you aren't already very familiar with it, and you need a place to start, this book will serve as a great starting point with every aspect of the counterculture nicely summarized and topped off with the thoughts of a true hippie who was there, lived it, loved it, and wants to share it with the world.
I found Hippies From A to Z a very fasinating book filled with lots of information that I ( a hippie ) was unaware of. The music facts were mind-blowing, showing that Mr. Stone had done his homework on the subject of music during the 60's and 70's. The overall read was easyand everythig flowed like msic itself. I have turned on other friends to Hippies From A to Z and they too are as impressed as I am . I give this a 5 star review and recomend it to all those interested in learning more about the hippies.
Mr. Stone has compiled the most complete handy reference guide to the hippie culture that one could ever expect to find. Past and present, no detail is overlooked. This will be of value to not only the sociologist and student, but also the perrenial flower child and neophyte.
I found Hippies From A o Z a very enjoyable book with much information that I have never heard about before. I read it at one setting and when I finished it, I felt like I wanted to be a hippy too. Very good book, even for the younger generation.
This book changed my life by telling the TRUTH about the hippies. Not only does it offer a complete history of the movement's beginnings (WoW! the stuff I learned that wasn't taught in schools was amazing!), it offers a detailed analysis of why and how the movement began. What is truly amazing about "Hippies From A to Z" is the author's associated website,, which has evidently been operating for years with a HUGE family of hippie followers. I really like the way Skip Stone has included information gathered from the site, and the real hippies that support it. This book is full of truth, and really defines the question, what is a hippy? Skip takes it one step further, and offers timely and sage advice to new and old hippies as a reminder of why we are all hippies at heart. The book is well-written and nicely designed, making it a valuable book for your library, or or the dashboard of your VW camper-van.