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by Jack Canfield

"Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul" is your handbook for surviving and succeeding during the exciting teen years with both your sanity and sense of humour intact. It contains invaluable lessons on the nature of friendship and love, the importance of belief in the future and the value of respect for yourself and others. It also deals with tough issues like death, suicide and the loss of love. You'll relate to and learn from the inspirational stories, without feeling criticised or judged. Like a good friend, "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul" will be there for you when you need someone and cheer you up when you're down.
Download Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul epub
ISBN: 0439078415
ISBN13: 978-0439078412
Category: Politics
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Author: Jack Canfield
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic Inc; 1st edition (1999)
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Rating: 4.3
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This book includes the short story of my son's life and death. He was my rock and my strength. He lived a brave life of 18 years and was deeply loved by many others. He was my rock. He made a choice that caused the end of his life. He got a ride home and due to others choices the car crashed and he was killed. I never was able to speak to him alive again. Read the book and you will understand. He and I hope you read it and it saves your life and many lives. Many other stories in the book are also very helpful for everyone.
I purchased this book for my 14 yr old and she enjoyed it. It's hard to get some teens to read, but the short stories made it easier and moreenjoyable.
This is an amazing,informational book. I read as a teenager and enjoyed it so much, I bought one for my teenage daughter as well
Bought this for my teen. He found it very useful for going through a particularly difficult time. Well written, positive and encouraging.
My 13 year old daughter was reluctant to read a book "mom" picked out, but I was insistent. After just one story she was hooked. She came to me crying (real tears) about a story that was similar to our current situation of her brother leaving to the Navy. She has read almost the entire book in just a few days. This book pulled her out of her phone for once! Super good buy would, highly recommend for teens.
It is good for teenagers who go through a lot of different problems in their lives. Not good for people under the age of 13. They wouldn't completely understand the book but it is a good learning experience for people to also know how you feel/felt when you went through that. Very relaxing yet very suspenceful
Life Lessons That Will Last You Your Life
In the collection of short stories titled Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III, edited by jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger, it includes short stories about people’s life’s that will stick with you forever. It has stories of love, hate, friendship and learning. You read about real life problems and can’t stop. It teaches you lessons and informs you on how to be a better person.
This book’s chapters include: Relationships, Friendship, The Power Of Love, Family, Lessons, Tough Stuff, Overcoming Obstacles, Self-Discovery and Growing Up. Each one gives you just enough to understand what other people go through. When reading this book you start to think about everyone and everything in your life.
The writing is vivid, i’m transported into another time and place. The stories make me feel as if I too am in their position or the position of others. For example, on page 90 it states, “We were like paper and glue- completely inseparable”. This shows that this friendship was very important and special. On page 91 in the text it also states, “A clear message that she was not ‘cool enough’ to hang with us”. It makes me feel as if my new friends are ganging up on my best friend.
The book makes me feel. This book makes me feel the same amount of disappointment and sadness as the characters. Like on page 117 it states, “My sweet Bryce was killed instantly. [...]. I was left with a huge hole in my heart”. This made me sad just thinking about it. Losing someone you love so suddenly, my heart dropped when I heard this part.
The characters feel real, alive and unique. I feel as though I too love and care for the characters. For this evidence I am going the same piece of evidence I used last paragraph because it works so well. In the text it states, “My sweet Bryce was killed instantly. [...]. I was left with a huge hole in my heart” (page 117). Before this the writer actually made me feel like I knew the characters inside and out. I was reading along and then BAM it hits me with this and I felt bad, but not as bad as I know the writer feels.
Reading through all of this I know that the editor’s chose the best stories to make the reader feel as I did. Overall it taught me about life and informed me more to make me worship more things. Overall I would give this book ten out of five stars. Too amazing for a 5 star scale.
I am not a teen anymore, but a decade ago, I was. I never went to a public school, or delt with teenage dating, drugs, suicide, sneaking around, or all of that drama. I purchased this for a special teen in my life who has had to go to public school and face all of that. I read it before I gave it to her, and I think I learned some things that enter into the "average teen's" life. I hope she enjoys it, and learns, laughs and grows as I did.