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by Vicente Fox

The charismatic former president of Mexico offers a candid and provocative perspective on the state of world affairs. As president of Mexico, Vicente Fox brought true democracy to the country after seven decades of one party rule. Elected as a political outsider with a message of honesty, change, and hope, he is truly a hero of democracy, and this vivid book interweaves his inspiring personal story with his hopeful new vision for the future of the Americas. President Fox candidly reveals the ups and downs of his relationships with world leaders from George W. Bush and Tony Blair to Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, and Hugo Chávez. He also speaks out on hot global topics such as immigration, the war in Iraq, racism, the United Nations, free trade, and the moral imperative to heal the global divide between rich and poor nations. Outspoken, impassioned, sincere, and engaging, Vicente Fox embodies a quality that seems all too rare in world politics these days—the moral character of a genuine leader.
Download Revolution of Hope: The Life, Faith, and Dreams of a Mexican President epub
ISBN: 0452289939
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Author: Vicente Fox
Language: English
Publisher: Plume; Reprint edition (September 30, 2008)
Pages: 400 pages
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Billy Granson
I loved this book! It is a well-written and interesting story of Vicente Fox's family history and the influences that made him dream of bringing the first Democracy to Mexico. This week I was in Mexico and stayed on the original family land, visited the Fox Center and Presidential Library. I was able to meet President Fox and his lovely wife and participate in the start of a new program for feeding malnourished children. I'm happy I knew so much about him and his history because of this book.
An excellent book with a different view of Mexico's history than I have seen before. His political views are very much form the Pan and anti PRI but probably accurate. He some very good ideas about what the US/Mexico relationship should be and how immigration should work. I think it is a book all US politician should read.
Yellow Judge
I agree that most of the writing is anecdotal and seen through his perception. Yet, that is what makes the book fascinating. I will never be able to share the experiences that he had with world leaders unless I read his book. His account of his visit to the Kremlin is fascinating. I have been drinking with Russians, toasting over and over in turns in Suzdal and they are really combat drinkers like Fox said. He traveled around the world for a 30 minute speech and to be upstaged by Putin's macho, and pretentious attitude. I have seen that Russian attitude. The Russian capital is indeed full of BMWs and Mercedes but also of prostitutes from Ukraine that drug their customers to steal their money. When Fox wrote that the Russian and Ukranians, especially, are poorer than Mexicans, he probably knows what he is saying. Also, I witnessed Moscow's cops on Crown Victoria patrol cars extorting money from motorists driving beat-up, really austere Ladas and Moskvitch cars from the Soviet era. I like it when Fox tells that Tony Blair came out to the street to welcome him, while Putin made him wait in several rooms before seeing him. When Fox was promoting the book, he was interviewed, or maybe more likely interrogated by O'Reilly in the "No-Spin Zone", he was quite stupidly asked, why is Mexico not doing more to stop the flow of illegal aliens to the US? Fox answered brilliantly: because Mexico is not Cuba and its citizens can go wherever they want. He should have added that if Americans do not like to be lectured on immigration reform by Mexico like Calderon did in 2008 while addressing the California legislature, they should stop hiring illegal aliens. Senator Tony McClintock interviewed after the icy, applause-less reception to Calderon's address in which he said: you need immigration reform", the senator said "it is not any of Mexico's business [..] it is improper for a head of state to come to our nation and lecture us". My point precisely, Americans should not need to be lectured on immigration, human rights of illegals, land-mines banning, Kyoto protocol, or the death penalty. Would illegals come if they could not find a job? However, as Anthony Bourdain, a restaurateur, once said on television. Without illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, the restaurant industry in the US would collapse. Most Americans want to ignore the fact that according to Bourdain at most restaurants, from the dishwasher to the Sous Chef, the staff is mostly Mexican and mostly illegal. When asked, why can they only go up to Sous Chef and not chef, Bourdain answered: racism, besides you do not want to know that your delicious lasagna was actually cooked by a Mexican sous chef and not Mario Batali. Also, I want to praise Amazon and its customers for keeping the language clean in the reviews. I have seen postings on YouTube that are way too dirty to be flushed down the toilet and also way uncivilized. By the way, you can find Calderon's speech on YouTube somewhere among all the filthy comments. I agree with another review here: Fox and Calderon irritate people by being candid, decent, progressive and telling the truth. When Calderon was asked in an interview why he did negative campaigning, effectively swift-boating his opponent, he candidly said: it was my party. It is most likely true, because he was not in the paid TV ads that scared people from voting for AMLO by comparing him with Hugo Chavez.
A seemingly candid account of one of Mexico's most honest politicians. Well written and an interesting subject matter.
President Fox is without a doubt Mexico's smartest politcian. He took on the old guard PRI political elite, and the Mexican left and everyone else who does not want Mexico to prosper and won. I have been impressed seeing the President often answering insulting questions from ignorant journalists and conducts himself with dignity and grace. In the end we ignore Mexico's problems at our own peril. America spent billions rebuilding Europe after WWII and we have given the red Chinese all our factories but we have often ignored our neighbor to the South - I am afraid we will live to regret this decision.
Great advise and heart to heart. I believe Vicente is a men of honor and Is a believer in human rights.
Wonderful! Great vision combined with history plus compassion! President Fox is so bright and we'll read. Shares a poignant point of view everyone should read.
a gift-I read this book and enjoyed it