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by Maurice Nicoll

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ISBN: 0722400624
ISBN13: 978-0722400623
Category: Politics
Subcategory: Philosophy
Author: Maurice Nicoll
Language: English
Publisher: Stuart (Vincent) & J.M.Watkins Ltd (December 1959)
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Rating: 4.4
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Nicoll studied under Ouspensky.
They and another of his students, Rodney Collin, explicate the mystery of time similarly.
They say our ordinary concept of time, which is linear and calendrical, is an illusion.
That Time like physicality has three dimensions, but which we cannot clearly sense.
This touches on the concomitant mysteries of birth, death........and rebirth.
Essentially in the Platonian sense phenomena do not exist in the straightforward temporal way we assume it does.
Reincarnation is a perversion of Recurrence, which is the idea that experience exists outside of time in a sense, independent of it.
A vague sense of recollection of identical or nearly identical experiences is about the only connection we can have with any awareness of the real nature of time.
Indian theology introduces the concept of Maya, or illusion, as also addressed by Plato.
Therefore we can only have a very fragmentary glimpse of reality, of the totality of experience.
I really like nicoll he is one of the few people who came out of the gurdjieff groups that has that divine energy , It comes out in his writings . "He gets it "so to speak.
If your thinking of getting this book know one thing about it This book can be a great help to anyone trying to understand them selfs .
Think Krishnamurti meets Jung Ramana Maharshi and Gurdjieff over for tea at Einstein's house thats what this book is .
I wont ruin it for you you have to do the work when you read this book. I wont tell you a thing about it. Come to it first and on your own, not through someones acid-nine review of it.

As for the high price. Its a question how much is understanding your life and your freedom worth?
Arabella V.
This is a beautiful piece of writing about time and consciousness. If you are interested in Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, you will almost certainly love this book. I simply can't recommend it enough.

If the price seems high, just wait until you see the product, a very lovely hand-made book. You can tell how much the publishers care about their work. Regardless, if you are interested in this writer, you will probably not be worried about the price of such a valuable piece of writing that would be hard to come by otherwise.

I'm very grateful that Eureka Editions is keeping Maurice Nicoll's work in print. He remains my favorite writer from that school of thought.
Wonderful book. I have read it cover to cover ten times at least over the years and always find something new!
Nicoll is the best summary of the work of Gurdjieff.
We know how to run the tips given by all the great avatars of humanity, which today are partly expressed by various thinkers.
This wonderful book is one part of the path to true consciousness, mapped by Nicoll books.
Great book but not his best, which to me, is The Mark
Beautiful, dazzling and timeless.

This book is a psychedelic trip on paper. Imagine being able to rip out of your biology and access the platonic world in this life? You will be the same person, but the heebie-jeebies will be gone.

I read once that Arthur Schopenhauer died with a smile of his face. He cracked the secret of Time.

Maurice Nicoll also reached the understanding and for my money, he can explain it better than Schopenhauer, Heidegger or even Plato could!

This is a book one should keep until the end!

This book is old but offers a meaning of like. Probably not THE meaning of life, but an escape at least. Hubris and her minions (the journalists and the masses) had better duck for cover; Maurice Nicoll is in town!

Maurice Nicoll argues that scientists have failed to heed wisdoms advice and conclude that the fruits of science are meaningless gimmicks.

The truth is that science doesn't hold the key to the gate to the inner essence of things. As mere scientists, all they do is chase appearances to infinity, moving without an end or a goal, like a hamster on a wheel, until tired at last, whether on top or bottom, they stop at some random point and want their minions (the journalists and the masses) to respect them for it. Indeed, we respect the exceptional scientist the most because it is they who run the hamster wheel the fastest, to win a Nobel Prize.

A slammed gate will one day reach the stars, but the gate is still slammed. This is why people mistake science for liberation, or quantity or quality, because the illusion of 'this is all there is' is powerful. But the path of truth is the true path within. Science is the path 'out there', in the world of 'this is all there is' (maya). But looking out there will make you even sicker than you feel now. The real key is inside. So seek within!

The inner eye is the key to seeking within. At first you will struggle, then you will be startled, then you will wonder why you didn't see the obvious.

The real truth is the Ultimate Reality, the thing beyond five sense reality, the thing your technology will never detect because the technology we so revere is brain stuff and the truth is outside the brain. The Ultimate is what happens when you're brain is dead.

Sure, scientific materialism will one day lead to the stars, but you won't be there.

Maybe before you go, the ad man promises, materialism may well give you a Beyonce hologram to spread, but in the long run, you will still be dead.

Is there an alternative? Yes there is, there has always been an alternative to this world of number and measurement, a world that kills and bleeds and straps us on a harness of emptiness sh't.

This book is old but Maurice Nicoll predicts our world today, with the busy hamster wheel existence they call progress and the meaningless overload of technology that only gets normalized and trivial because this is alien to our real essence.

Near the beginning, Maurice Nicoll quotes a scientist from the 1920's talkig about what sounds like M theory. This is because M theory is an obvious fantasy and it is only hubris and the masses that allows the charade of materialism to reign over our lives like a crazed bondage madame!