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Download The Highest Altar: Unveiling the Mystery of Human Sacrifice epub

by Patrick Tierney

Download The Highest Altar: Unveiling the Mystery of Human Sacrifice epub
ISBN: 0140139745
ISBN13: 978-0140139747
Category: Politics
Subcategory: Anthropology
Author: Patrick Tierney
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Books; 1st edition (September 1, 1990)
Pages: 480 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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I have finally struggled to the end of this book that normally I would have cut my losses and abandoned. However I was intrigued to see how bad it could get.

The author is obsessed with the subject of human sacrifice, particularly in Peru and the surrounding area. Even in his brief and unsubstantiated review of Judeo/Christian accounts he weaves this content into his experienced in Peru. Due to his obsession, his research methods are problematic to say the least

Were there human sacrifices in pre-Incan days. Yes. Are their currently an overwhelming number of regular sacrifices? The support comes largely from bribes to give him stories of human sacrifice. In his personal fantasy as something of a one man CSI adventure, every suspect death becomes a sacrifice - religious, political, drug trafficking. Questionable translation of terms and events.

The book concludes with comparisons with his new interpretation of a human sacrifice filled early Jewish history based on assumptions based on assumptions based on stretches in translation based on more assumptions. Christianity fares little better.

The only thing positive I can find is that I was able to get the book used. I was greatly dissapointed because a quality book on the topic is greatly needed.
very happy
The Highest Altar by Patrick Tierney is an amazing first hand account of human sacrifice why it was and is still being done in South America,and around the world all ancient cultures have their stories of a spilling human blood payment to the gods, all wars can be called human sacrifice as well it is an offering to our bloody alien gods....who have done a great job of hiding their existence, but deep research will bring them to the forefront of your consciousness, but many will fight this awareness today in church the pastor talked about the jewish blood sacrifices to god, he described how the perfect unblemished animal was cut up, (in human sacrifice the most perfect beautiful children were sacrificed by the Ancients ), I was stunned its the exact way that human victims are cut up....the pastor said that the blood is the life force that god demands from us, I say not "God" but fallen angels/demons or extraterristial beings who feed off human beings energetically and physically because they have cut them selves off from the Eternal Source. Why don't people get it any bloody sacrifice needed by a god is not the true God.

The Highest Altar is the most important book I've read this year the way he writes its like you are there with him on the adventure of a lifetime, he is a very courageous man who has given me the information that I have been seeking for a lifetime as I am Aztec and was horrified at their sacrifices, and couldn't find any information that answered my question which was WHY hurt other human beings, through my research now I know that they the people who did and do this are terrified of the "gods" who have demanded blood sacrifice for thousands if not millions of years using the upheavels of Nature to get people to murder for the good of all.
This is one book that will hold you until the end. Whether you are fascinated with human sacrifice, with ancient cultures of South America, with mountain hiking or with little known clues to the Bible, you will find all of that in Patrick Tierney's book.

The author gives a good historical background on the ancient Inca custom of taking children or young adults to the top of high mountains to sacrifice them to the gods. He then visits places in Chile and Peru where shamans allegedly practice human sacrifices even to this day. Tirelessly going from one shaman to another, to victim's families, police and anthropologists, he is able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, in a part that reads like a detective story.

The last part deals with Western civilization's own involvement with human sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity. In fact, claims the author, most if not all religions hide the skeleton of human sacrifice in their closets. Human sacrifice used to be an important element of religious practice that was eliminated in reforms in Judaism only to be brought back to the forefront with the ultimate sacrifice of Christ. Although interesting, that part makes so many various interpretations, most often hastily that it is difficult to digest it all and to take seriously. I thought his interpretations and detective work in the first parts of the book made more sense because they were more carefully articulated.

It is an out-of-print book but, knowing that human sacrifice is still going on in South America now well into the 21st century (look at the news), I think it is an important read, especially since so many books on the ancient Incas are mostly mute with regards to the extent of human sacrifice. This is, all in all, a very thought-provoking book and worth to seek as a second-hand copy.
This exploration of human sacrifice meanders a bit, but maintains interest throughout. Perhaps it should have been organized into three parts. Parts 1 and 2 are very anecdotal as author Patrick Tierney gives a first-person account of his adventures in the Andes as he investigated his subject. Part 1 is as much about mountain climbing as human sacrifice. He scaled various peaks to investigate mountain burial sites of Incan child sacrifices. In Part 2, he spends time in the company of modern-day shamans to uncover the truth behind present-day sacrifices, culminating in a lengthy interview with Maximo Coa, a man who is famed for committing many human sacrifices. Part 3 shifts gears completely. Referring to the patterns and motifs of human sacrifice and the mythology surrounding it, he makes a provocative and fascinating case that sacrifices were an integral part of early, developing Christianity and that sublimation of and guilt over this fact has resulted in hundreds of years of anti-Semitism.