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by Dane Sanders

When photographers try to make the jump to the professional ranks, it is tempting to believe that a good approach is to mimic existing photographers who are perceived as successful. It turns out this approach is short sighted and can lead to some really bad habits that ultimately stunt the growth of enthusiast photographers. In Fast Track Photographer, author Dane Sanders makes the case that a far more effective approach is to get clear on the gifts and talents you as an particular individual bring to the table and build a vision from that starting plot point. The trajectory of that vision needs to be informed by the evolving landscape of service based businesses globally and wedding photography in particular but the starting point remains consistent. Start with your most powerful resource: You. To help identify your talents and strengths, Dane provides a powerful self assessment tool called the Photographer DNA (pDNA) that both describes your gifts and prescribes a road map to individual success around your personality, raw abilities and circumstances. By the end of the book, the reader is empowered to not only navigate the exciting waters of the wedding photography industry, but do so with grace and dramatic speed. In sum, Fast Track Photographer gives you powerful tools for discovering your core strengths and a foolproof plan for maximizing them in the flat new world we live in. If you want to build a recession-proof, competition-proof photo business in the 21st Century, you need to throw out the old rule book. You need to get on the Fast Track.
Download Fast Track Photographer: The Definitive New Approach to Successful Wedding Photography epub
ISBN: 0981745504
ISBN13: 978-0981745503
Category: Photography
Subcategory: Photography & Video
Author: Dane Sanders
Language: English
Publisher: Cut Frame Press (August 8, 2008)
Pages: 224 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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This book truly gives you the 'BIG PICTURE'. Dane is acutely aware of the times we live in and how technology is changing. He gives practical reasons for why those elusive few are so successful and what that means to you. Typical? No. Useful? No doubt. This book isn't a nuts and bolts of having a business (though that is referenced for beginners), it's really about something more. And it will change your business and your life if you're on board. It's already changed mine. Incredible advice and some really amazing tools you can use to work out your dream on your own so you can actually live it. I can't thank Dane enough for his willingness to share such valuable things with the world. Not everyone is willing to tell you the truth about success. So if you want it, get this book.
This is a great book that will change the way you think about and approach your photography business.

The book could be considered to be a bit over-priced given that it's fairly short and you can probably finish reading it in 1 or 2 days. On the other hand, photo DVD workshops can be hundreds of dollars and I learned at least as much from this book, if not more.

This is not a 'how to' book but rather a 'why' book. Instead of telling you how to do something in your photo business, Sanders delves into the 'why' you might want to do something a certain way, based on your own personality.

The bottom line is that I would recommend this book to any professional photographer. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you can learn and benefit from reading this book.
I was a bit skeptical about reading FTP at first. These days, everyone has SOMETHING to sell you and buzzwords/trends abound. The result is too many people running around in circles (or backwards) putting a ton of energy into "looking the part". Feeling the part and being driven by the need to say/present something personally compelling is where the magic happens. Dane offers a break from tradition by serving pie after pie of humility. From personal stories of "big shot" bravado to sobering stories of beign brought back down to earth. We have all been there but Dane took the courageous leap forward and admitted it. His self-reflection and willingness to share these thoughts are what make the book so "alive".

Any good book should make us ask questions. Fast Track Photographer forced me to confront the question of "What am I really offering ?". In the midst of being "busy", I found that a part of me had disconnected with the joy of photography. It was very relieving to learn that my own short-comings and insecurities were experienced by others. We are not alone out there and reading this book helps to explain how we can all be better photographers, artists, professionals, humans and friends. Case in point, if all you want is money...there are a ton of other careers worth pursuing and other books worth buying. However, if photography is your calling, I would gladly recommend this book to you. Enjoy!

Parris Whittingham - New York Wedding Photographer

p.s. The book shipped to me in less than 24 hours...impressive!
I went through the book in a couple of sittings. It says a lots but doesn't mean a lot which reminds me the time when I sat through a 2-hour infomercial on how to buy real estate without money down. Then they ask you to spend additional hundreds if not thousands to buy their tapes, CDs, DVDs to get started. What? Sorry, I don't get this book and I have many similar to this.
This is a very fine book, written by an obviously intelligent and thoughtful guy. I agree with other reviewers about the book and especially its applicability to professions far distant from wedding photography, BUT ... If you want to get the full benefit of the book, DON'T buy the Kindle version! Two problems; one annoying and the other serious: First, the formatting for the Kindle is about like a text file dumped into a word processor. The chapters run together, there are no links from the table of contents to the locations in the text of the book, and the tables (important tables to understand the main point of the book) are totally unusable. Second, the whole book orients itself around a concept he calls "pDNA" which others have discussed. With a print copy of the book you get a code which allows you onto the website which the book describes as an essential part of the book. You don't get the code with the Kindle edition, and they (the author's website) won't give it to you if you ask and explain that you bought the Kindle edition of the book. You can buy the code from the website for $20. That makes your $9.99 Kindle book cost $29.99. There is now a warning on their website that you don't get the code with the e-book, but you do with the print or audio versions. I don't know if that was added after my complaint or before. It was not a part of the advertisement for the Kindle version.
So, it's a really fine book, but the e-book version is incomplete and defective.
Like most of the people who recommend this book, I agree. This book can be turned into a Fast Track series for just about any creative business endeavor. Can't be said enough that you won't learn how to shoot a wedding from this book (shooting a wedding is the easy part, right?); rather, you'll learn about some of the more important aspects of running a business as a wedding photographer.
This is one of those books you'll want to keep coming back to, but will end up buying multiple copies of because you will keep loaning it to your photographer and designer friends. I've just finished Fast Track Photographer and it really does live up to the press that surrounds it. Dane has created not just another book of advice and tips, but rather a blueprint for being a more successful and creative professional as well as an efficient marketer of your own unique brand. I found myself underlining passages, and taking notes in the margins of this wonderful resource. The principles are clear and inspiring, and are totally centered on what You bring to the table. Brilliant!