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Download Painted Bodies: By Forty-Five Chilean Artists epub

by Roberto Edwards

Download Painted Bodies: By Forty-Five Chilean Artists epub
ISBN: 0789202689
ISBN13: 978-0789202680
Category: Photography
Subcategory: Photography & Video
Author: Roberto Edwards
Language: English
Publisher: Abbeville Press; 1st English-language ed edition (November 4, 1996)
Pages: 335 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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One of the best collections of photographs I've ever seen. I'd heard about it for years, but this was my first chance to see the entire work at my leisure. Marvelous is the collaboration among models, artists, and photographer.
Delivered promptly as described
Caution: This book primarily contains images of female and male models, including one pregnant woman, who are mostly adorned only with paint. If such exposure offends you, avoid this book.
If you buy only one photography book this year, you would probably be very pleased with this one!
Painted Bodies is a unique art book in my experience. The vision began with the photographer, Roberto Edwards, who persuaded 45 Chilean artists to paint human models in honor of Columbus's arrival in the New World in 1492, where he found Native Americans wearing body paint. But the heritage of painting bodies goes back much earlier than that.
Skin, hair, and human protuberances accept paint in ways much different from canvas. Some of the artists sought to create a canvas-like experience, while others built on the uniqueness of the human base. The designs were everything from literal internal body parts to faces, to literal objects (including simulated clothing), to calligraphy, to various abstractions. In some cases, props were added to transform the model into a magical being only remotely related to a human. Some designs sought to obliterate and obscure the body, while others used parts of the body as a visual pun (turning a nipple into a nose). In some cases, the body became a sculpture. In other cases, the body was a dancing performer, caught in poses like what a strobe light potrays of motion.
Some of the models have unusual bodies which become part of the artistic appearance. In other cases, the models are remarkably beautiful and are transformed into idealist creations and concepts. Some models have personalities that burst forth from beneath the paint, and add an important note of acting ability in other instances. For example, many of the models are portrayed as mimes . . . and are shown in the characteristic poses of mimes.
To all of this variety, the photographer added another important layer of art. He has arranged the images starkly against large white and black negative spaces to help focus your attention on the creation. The models are usually followed through for at least 5 pages, and sometimes as much as 8 pages to show a flow of the artistic expression. The order, angle, and superimposition of images are quite interesting of themselves. So there's also the design of the book's layout to enjoy and consider.
What is most impressive is that all of these layers of art are well done, culminating in very fine paper and reproduction quality for the images.
This show originally appeared in 1991, and was remounted as a series of large murals. Traveling in the latter form, over one and a half million people had seen the show by 1996 when this third edition was created.
The essays could have been stronger, but the images speak so eloquently that not much introduction is needed. So just glide onto enjoying the images!
I thought that all but four of the artists did a remarkable job. Many really impressed me including the work by Roberto Geisse, Francisco de la Puente, Jose Basso, Lucia Wiser, Benito Rojo, Ricardo Maffei, Cristian Abelli, Paulina Humeres, Eduardo Garcia de la Sierra, Gracia Barrios, Gonzalo Mezza, and Carmen Aldunate. If you are like me, you will be interested in learning more about their work. The book contains brief biographies of each artist.
I also came away very impressed with the quality and variety of art that was represented by these artists from Chile. I felt encouraged to visit Chile so that I might see more of that country's art, which is seldom included in shows that I visit in the United States, Canada, or Europe.
How else can the arts interact with one another to create additional levels of refinement? I came away wondering what could be done with a video version of this concept, to include original music as well.
See the full potential of creativity around and within you!
This is a must have coffee table book for anyone even remotely interested in body painting. The book itself is huge and packed with spectacular photographs on glossy paper. There is a 4-page layout in the middle.
Each of the 45 artists has done one body painting, then posed the model in several positions. Both nude females & males, as well as all races are used. Biographies of all the artists are in the back.
It is truly amazing how imaginative and talented the artists are. One woman in painted white on the front & black on her back. Asian style characters are written on both sides in the opposite color.
One of my favorites is a woman with a paitned on corset. Other females have eyes or faces painted on their chests. I also fell in love with the golden metallic man & woman.
With 45 artists, there are bound to be a few misses, but in this case there are _very_ few... the painting is first-rate, the models varied and expressive, and the photography captures it all perfectly. Body art is unique in that painter, model, and photographer are (or should be) all artists, and the collaboration is not easy (witness failures like Buis' "Body Painting".) The combination is very well done throughout, and as a bonus, there's a lot of it - this is a good, hefty bit of work. My only complaint is the relative lack of text (after a short initial essay, there isn't any.) It would have been worth brushing up on my Spanish to be able to read some of the thoughts of the individual artists about their work.
This collection of body paintings reveal incredible skill, and also lots of luscious ideas and provacative thoughts whether or not you have any special interest in Body Painting. Each model has been painted in unique ways which reflect the depth and richness of talent of each artist who painted them. Some take a whimsical approach, and others move in the world of political statements, and then there are those who really move off of this plain of existence into imaginary worlds of the spirit and the soul. This is book not only for body painters and make-up artists, the work here is for all of those interest in contemporary visual art, dance, costume, image, and more. In time, this art form will stand alone as a truly "new" form of cultural sculpture.
An excellent book showing a wide variety of full body painting images. The entire body has been used as a canvas. The painting itself tends to display a course nature, in that there is a lack of crisp and sharp lines, the painted segments tend to merge. The images cover the entire body of the models and are shot in a variety of poses. There are about five pages of arranged photographs displaying the model for each artist. A must for the coffee table and one to definitely weigh it done.
The book is very good value. Printed on high quality glossy paper, the pages display much more art than eroticism. Although the works are painted on nude bodies, the art is imaginative and very colourful. The models are mainly very good looking Latin women,(a couple of males are used) but the paint does obscure their natural facial beauty to an extent. Various "scenes" are painted on the bodies e.g., jungle, circus, Japanese, and abstract with a number of props used in several cases. In general a very pleasant and enjoyable book.